Length: 30:49
Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Surrender To Denim

  1. Andi_S

    What man doesn’t love to see women wear tight, beautiful jeans? I certainly do which is why I chose Mistress Mia’s ‘Surrender to Denim’ as one of my VIP claims in July 2020. The imagery and the scene that Mistress Mia makes play out in our minds in this session is mindblowingly sexy. For instance she will sit on your face wearing her favorite pair of jeans that is so tight and sexy that she only wears it in the bedroom. Oh my goodness… Since women in jeans are absolutely everywhere, this session will have a very sexy impact on your day to day life. Even after just one listen I started to have a more intense reaction to seeing women in tight jeans. I think it’s a very fun, very sexy, lighthearted session that I am very happy to have in my library. I definitely recommend everyone check it out if you haven’t.

  2. Abe

    Its wonderful to know that I helped bring this unique and uncommon fetish into the hypnocommunity. A legendary Hypnodomme, Ava Longhard in 2013 and our Mind Mistress, Mia a few years ago. This session, for us with a denim fetish will lead us into an interesting landscape of the jeans fetish, to understand why we find this arousing in the frist place. How sexy denim truly looks when a sexy powerful women wears it to take us down into complete surrender and admiration of the female form covered in jeans. Mia sets the perfect setting paiting sexy images in our mind that will slowly take us in her bedroom in which we have no choice but to follow along with her game and to pay tribute of cum all over her sexy jeans. Itsn’t that sexy?

  3. Orella

    This session helps me feel such arousal and desire to submit when I see beautiful female curves encased in denim. Mistress Mia’s irresistible beautiful commanding voice taking me deeper and deeper into trance moulding my mind and making me an aroused obedient toy for women wearing denim to play with as they desire.
    My mind journey tales me into Mistress Mia’s bedroom as she teases me, showing me her beautiful body as she dresses herself seductively and slowly in only skin tight jeans, I am so aroused as I helplessly watch in total adoration, desperate to obey any command.
    Worshipping Mistress Mia’s denim clad ass as she decides when to release the pressure on my face and allow me to breath, worship continues as I use my tongue to please Mistress Mia followed by instruction to tribute.

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