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Length: 33:15
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Taste of Pleasure

  1. RonC4880

    This session is the ultimate conditioning for becoming the perfect pleasure partner. Her pleasure first is an understatement because it’s ALL about pleasing her. I am changed forever for the better. My pleasure has become giving her pleasure and and being fantasized of pleasing my mind mistress.

  2. Andi_S

    I love ‘A Taste of Pleasure’ so much. It is such a wonderful, sexy experience. Sometimes Mistress Mia’s sessions almost feel to me like they were written with me in mind. Or like she is really speaking to me specifically and not a general audience of boys. She always has a great skill to make sessions feel personal. When I listen to a session, a connection is formed between her and me. She enters my deeper self and becomes a part of me. It is an inner connection that is so precious and special. Her words feel exactly like what I have always wanted and needed. They feel like they are meant for me. Almost like they have always been there in a way. And this felt especially true in ‘Taste of Pleasure’. Mia’s words felt so right and true. Like they what I have always longed for.

    And it is true that I have lacked a sexual identity that I felt I could fully embrace. I have always longed to be useful and please and pleasure a woman but I didn’t know if I could really be of service. Torn between society’s and my own inner pressure to be a normal, “real” man and who I really am on the inside. Thank you so much, Mia, for tending to and nurturing and validating the value of my true inner self. Thank you for showing me and offering me this beautiful new identity as your pussy pleaser. It feels so good to have your voice in my mind, holding me and teaching me. I almost cum in my cage listening to your voice, thinking about licking your pussy, being hypnotized by pussy, weak and subservient to pussy, pleasuring pussy, worshiping and serving pussy. Saying “I am a pussy pleaser” over and over again in my mind. It is so much fun and the utmost joy and pleasure to be held and trained by your voice and by the power of your pussy.

  3. Mistress Mia’s Deeply Devoted admirer

    Wow. Five stars for sure
    Yes. I am a pussy pleaser. As a pussy pleaser, the only thing better than pleasing pussy is being TOLD to please pussy. And the only better than that is being hypnotized and programmed to please pussy.
    Thank you Mistress Mia. May I get on my knees and have more pussy pleasing programming. ❤️

  4. squealerson

    This is a very pleasant session. It is reassuring to be reminded of my place on my knees. The refocusing of my attention from my own pleasure to that of my Mistress’ feels right and good. Thank you Mistress Mia for another lovely session. I plan to enjoy my place in this session many times.

  5. Orella

    This session is delicious in every way. The cover of Taste of Pleasure is so arousing, the session title already making my mouth water the instant I see it. The description driving my acute desire to urgently listen to the session.

    This session is so perfect for me. I am a pussy pleaser, I love pleasing pussy, her pleasure is my pleasure.
    I love to serve my Mistress, I am so grateful that I am permitted to kiss and lick, to please and pleasure her, to drink in her sweet nectar for as long as and as often as she allows me to.

    Her pleasure is my pleasure, her pleasure comes first and foremost, her orgasms are my priority.
    Being permitted to serve and please is an honour, it is deeply fulfilling, a source of purpose that I am deeply grateful to embrace.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this perfect session. I love my place of devoted servitude; I love my head being where it belongs between the thighs of my Goddess worshipping and pleasuring for as long as I am permitted to.

  6. Peter Bjerre

    I have waiting on this..
    suggestions and the mantra, I will repeat to myself..

    This hypnosis is a instead favourite of my..
    Mia hits me so bad, the taste of pleasure will be a session! I will listen to again and again, please her with every ability I have..

    Worship and satisfied her, as a good boy and a pussy pleaser!

    Kinky femdom more of this please..

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