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Teachers Pet 1: 45:51
Teachers Pet 2: 60:04
Teachers Pet 3: 71:44

Voice: Mistress Sophia (featuring Miss Martin)

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4 reviews for Teachers Pet Collection

  1. Dale Roads

    Teacher Pet 1

    I was the last into the classroom, but fortunately the class had not yet started. The teacher, Sophia, was all smiles and cheery as she directed me to the third row in the back. Was I dreaming this? – of course, but the more engrossed I became in Sophia’s session the less it mattered.

    Teacher was so hot, and her words seemed to catch one’s inner ear. I followed everything she said as I sank into a state of infatuation. So modestly dressed, except for those 4-inch heels. Her hair pulled back in a bun, those black framed glasses, so modest, but then those gorgeous red lips, and that pixie voice, explaining, promising everything I secretly desired.

    As appropriate for a class of instruction, Sophia defined what being a teacher’s pet is all about … and hardly were the words out of her mouth, and you just knew she was talking about you, and what you ardently desired. One’s inner self was already begging. Then she went on to describe the curricula’s key concepts, “Obedience to teacher is pleasure.” and “Obedience to pleasure pleases teacher.”

    And then, just before stretching us out in our minds to put us into a trance she introduced us to the pretty girl sitting demurely by her desk. She explained that as HER perfectly captivated obedient pet that young woman would be demonstrating the sort of activities that we would be trained to perform. Sophia did not fail to inform that her teacher’s aide had started her journey to pet-dom right in the very class that one attends by purchasing this session. After that it was a sort of blissful oblivion until later when I awoke somehow even more infatuated, and vowing to attend her next session. See you in class boy.

  2. Eddie

    What a great series Mistress Sophia’s voice is so soothing and sexy. She enters so delicately through the ears and slowly spreads like a passionate honey throughout the body. I just couldn’t resist playing along with her classroom games, so determined to be the perfect Teachers Pet. Moving up to front of the classroom is definitely where the action heats up. At arm’s reach, under watchful eye of such a sexy, playful teacher is truly the place for a perfect Teachers Pet. History repeating, I found myself acting out in class and caught. Although going to the principals office was never so much fun.

  3. Braxton

    Teachers Pet 1: Obedience Class

    Captivating. Sweet.

    Obedience to teacher is pleasure… Class is in session! Mistress Sophia is your instructor and she is ready to give you lessons in sexuality, erotic fantasy, and the submissive mind. In this session you are among the newest students to enroll. Pay attention, take notes, and last but not least always Obey teacher…

    Mistress Sophia I wish I had teachers like you. This role fits you like a glove. Your calm tone as class goes along always makes for a peaceful trance.

    Great job Sophia.

    Teachers Pet 2: Lessons in Pleasure

    Gentle. Calming.

    During “Lessons in Pleasure” our favorite teacher returns to take us to the next level of our journey to become Obedient Teachers Pets. Teacher lulls you into a very calming trance and imparts her sexual suggestions into our minds, teaching us how to respond to her… teaching us how we can please Teacher…

    Amazing session Sophia! I love trancing with you. You make it so easy to fall into a light daze. I’m always willing to do whatever is necessary to experience pleasure when you play with me.

    Teachers Pet 3: Classroom Discipline

    Exciting. Tense. Wonderful.

    Congratulations, you’ve made it to the front row of Teachers class. This means you are among the most experienced students. Learning about discipline can be so arousing. Sometimes we tend to drift off when we fantasize about a sexy teacher, and what she might do to us if we misbehave. Not only have you begin fantasizing about Teacher in your mind, but your body has naturally reacted and your had has found it’s way to you cock, giving it slow strokes during class when you thought no one was paying you any attention… suddenly you are greeted by a very stern, very sexy woman’s voice commanding you to “STOP” and she addresses you as a “naughty little pervert”… You’ve been caught, there is no explanation, no escape, what will your punishment be?

    Mistress Sophia, there is no doubt that if you were my teacher I would be crushing on you. This series was amazing. Even though in the past you have set me up, to be humiliated, and I know it’s coming, I can’t help but to fall for you everytime. You are a supremely talented voice actor. Angelic, sweet, and pure are the best ways I can appropriately describe your voice. There is a reason I call myself “Sophia’s Admirer”.

    Great job to you Mistress Sophia, and Mistress Mia on this wonderful series.

  4. Orella

    The Teacher’s Pet sessions are so deliciously sexy and fun, to have them available in one collection is wonderful.

    Teachers Pet 1 – Obedience Class
    Mistress Sophia’s voice is so heavenly, sweet, sexy and sensual as she welcomes me to her Obedience Class, I am instantly aroused, erect and lost in anticipation of what is going to happen in this class.
    I deeply desire to obey and please Mistress Sophia to dive deeply into submission to her. Listening to her explain what is expected of a ‘Teachers Pet’ is delicious and as I listen, I want more and more to be an obedient submissive teacher’s pet for Mistress Sophia.
    Watching the attractive graduate student lost in trance and totally obedient to Mistress Sophia I so wish to become an obedient graduate myself, a perfect pet obediently awaiting instruction from Mistress Sophia.
    I am naturally sexually submissive and deeply desire to be controlled by and obedient to female authority. I love how Mistress Sophia describes her attire and how she has her hair for this classroom, the sound of her beautiful heels as she walks is hypnotic and I start to automatically drift into trance.
    I cannot recall at what point Mistress Sophia took me down into an increasingly deep trance, I was simply filled with arousal drifting on her words as they slipped away from my conscious memory and mind.
    I awoke from the session erect and intensely aroused with a deep desire to be obedient to my teacher Mistress Sophia, the more I thought about being obedient to my teacher the more pleasure I felt.

    I became aware that my nipples were very sore, so I am assuming that I must have had a desire to stroke myself during the session, however I am a collared chastity pet owned by Mistress Mia and I am not allowed any sexual touching of cock without obtaining explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia. I must have taken out my desire to stroke by teasing my nipples as this is physical arousal that is not forbidden.
    I awoke several times during the night, still erect and deeply desiring to stroke, so more nipple torture ensued over and over again. I think that I am going to have a very frustrated May until I can beg Mistress Mia to grant me permission to play and cum towards the end of the month.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, for a wonderful session and I apologise for any disobedience and ask that you to please punish me in any way that pleases you.

    Teachers Pet 2 – Lessons in Pleasure
    I love Mistress Sophia’s voice, somehow sweet, innocent, sexy, naughty and authoritative all at the same time, she has both an angel’s halo and devil’s horns in my mind.
    I loved being in the third row for Teachers Pet 1 – Obedience Class and now graduating so to speak to be permitted to sit closer to Teacher in the second row for this follow-on session is simply bliss. That little bit closer to Miss Sophia, that little bit closer to becoming Teachers Pet completely obedient and submissive for Teacher.
    The session is interactive and I love these sessions where I respond out loud verbally as they are so immersive, this session is even better as I can only respond with the phrases that Miss Sophia has instructed me to use, so no matter what her question I have to respond as she wishes me to like a good obedient submissive pet.

    I will not go into details of what happens in the session so no spoilers, you will need to experience the session for yourself.

    Being one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets I will need to retake the class again the next time that I am granted permission to touch, I will also be guilty of not doing my homework assignment post the session.
    If I am lucky both Headmistress Mia and Miss Sophia will feel the need to discipline me for failing the class and not doing my homework.

    Teachers Pet 3 – Classroom Discipline
    I loved Teacher’s Pet 1 and 2 very much and now Teacher’s Pet 3 – Classroom Discipline is here, just the title Classroom Discipline has me aroused, excited and so eager to find out how I will be disciplined.

    I take my place in the front row and Mistress Sophia welcomes everyone to her class on Discipline and Punishment for Pleasure, I am already experiencing intense arousal in anticipation as she asks if I am an obedient pet, I am salivating and need to swallow hard before I could formulate the answer ‘Yes Mistress’.

    My ears and mind fill with Mistress Sophia’s sweet yet sexy, innocent yet naughty voice as Teacher speaks and it is intoxicating, her tone and inflections are making my head fuzzy and my thoughts swirl around as they dissipate from my mental grasp. All that is left are her words and the happily aroused feelings that she is drawing forth within her programmed and totally controlled obedient teacher’s pet.
    I have residual images of Teacher dressed in an extremely sexy outfit, an extremely sexy school uniform theme, every item of clothing so very, very sexy on Teacher’s beautiful sexy form. I feel so aroused.
    I have a name ‘Miss Martin’ and the word ‘Obey’ popping into and out of my mind, just the name embodies arousal and thoughts of strict domination, discipline and the desire to obey.
    I am vaguely aware of Teacher’s voice as she intensely stimulates my aroused mind more and more as I fall deeper and deeper for her and drift into mindless obedience under her control.

    Post trance. I feel that I may have experienced intoxicating physical sensations and scents, but these memories are ghost like on the edge of my conscious mind. Trying to think of them makes me feel overwhelmed with pleasure and happiness.
    have the words ‘Yes Miss’ and especially ‘Obey’ on the tip of my tongue and ‘Good Pet’ resonating in my mind with an intense feeling of aroused bliss and desire to please filling my mind.
    I cannot shake off the desire to be disciplined and I don’t want to let go of this desire, I can for some reason feel that my ass and legs should be sore and covered with marks from a well-deserved punishment. I don’t know why or what I did, but I feel so deliciously aroused and thankful for punishment, naughty or not I hope for more and more strict discipline lost in arousal and pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia and Miss Martin for this wonderful experience.

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