Length: 53:27
Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for The Collector

  1. Abe

    Be Warned, this session is unlike anything you heard before. The beautfily bizzare and very clever Mind Mistress has made her dark magic yet again. I never felt so small, so tiny yet so aroused at the same time. You have to experience this for yourself.

    At the end I was left trembling, deeply entranced and aroused and with choices to make, choices that excite and scare you all together. This was the hardest part. But now, my mind is asking me…

    Would I enjoy the liberty of having my full size body inside a world where I can find all the pleasure my heart and body desires, all the pleasure, exctasy this world can offer, but with no existance of Mistress?


    Would I rather be stucked in a little body forever in Mistress’ prison jar very close to her but with no existance of the world that I happen to know… no more world, no more life

    Think about this.

  2. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is so compelling, the way that she describes exactly how and what I want to be for her, it is as if she can see directly into my mind, perhaps she can as she owns it and me completely and I am so happy to serve, obey and please her. Such bliss.

    As the session is brought to life and the vivid imagery woven by Mistress Mia’s captivating enchanting voice takes over I go deeper and deeper into her exquisitely crafted domain, I so love to let go and become deeply enthralled within the story as it unfolds and fills my mind entirely.
    Open and empty overwhelms me as I become unable to form thoughts of my own anymore, deeper and deeper I go further and further away from conscious thought.
    My mind has glimpses in its dark shadows of surreal views from deep within, enticing curves come and go just outside of my perception and strange yet arousing feelings swim through me.
    I have images of gazing up helplessly into huge beautiful green eyes, I am locked in place a happy helpless hypnotised toy captivated in so many ways by those beautiful green eyes lost in endless aroused pleasure.

    I am suddenly free to think once again, aroused, aching and desperate to cum, however all I long for and desire is captivity for Mistress Mia’s pleasure.

  3. Onufrak Andrew

    I love Mia

  4. Andi_S

    After I listened to the primer for this session but before listening to the full session I wrote that I only ever want to go in one direction: Closer and deeper. Closer to my Mistress. Deeper entranced and under her control.

    After having listened to the full session I am left with a feeling of gratitude for being allowed to partake of Mistress Mia’s impressive creativity. The scenarious, ideas, and fantasies she comes up with and make us experience are so fascinating. Quite frankly she is the most interesting person I have ever met. This session is about being caught and captured, being seduced to walk into a trap…a trap where once you a captured will be so close to your Mistress. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t it the ultimate pleasure and bliss to be close to our Mistress? Isn’t it such an arousing thought to be a prized part of her collection of playthings? But what if this closeness comes at a price? Would you be willing to pay it?

    Listening to this session left me somewhat confused, deeply aroused, and utterly fascinated and enthralled by my Mistress’ magnificence and power. After it ended I lay there naked and aroused, basking in the thrilling feeling of being entrapped and toyed with, pondering the choice I had to make. I was scanning my mind for any uncertainty and found none. The choice is clear. The path is illuminated. I wish to go deeper. Only ever deeper and closer. How could I ever even attempt to walk away from this trap?! I need this. I need to be caught and captured in trance, open and empty, praying at my Goddess’ altar, listening, and kneeling, and worshiping, horny and helpless and obedient and abstinent, in complete awe of her all encompassing power, training every day to experience the pleasure and bliss of becoming a more useful and pleasing toy for my Mistress Mia.

  5. Taigh Dupp

    There’s just so much disappointing erotic hypnosis, ASMR, etc online these days. Its not hard to find material on any of the usual kinks and there’s plenty of people willing to try their hand at hypnosis.
    But there’s really nothing anywhere that’s even remotely like Mia’s stylish and sexy work… Is there even a genre called ‘Erotic Hypnosis-Noir’, or did Mia invent it just now with The Collector.
    She seems able to paint these deceptively simple, light and dark scenarios effortlessly. Just another flourish of magic from her seemingly bottomless bag of tricks.

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2 days 18 hours ago

Oh my…Everything about this session, from the incredibly stylish and sexy cover, to the file description, to the exciting tags gets me so hot and excited for this. I hear your call Mistress and I cannot resist my desire of wanting to follow you into the unknown darkness. The fact that you openly call it a trap and warn that my curiosity might get me into trouble only adds to the thrill.

1 day 20 hours ago

My traps are unlike most others. You see Andi, once you have been caught by me, and I have enjoyed playing my game with you, you are free to leave, at any time. But I have a feeling, you will willingly choose… to stay right where you are- so very close to me.

1 day 19 hours ago

Thank you Mistress. Oh yes, please. Caught by you, close to you…just the thought, just you mentioning it…such a longing, hunger, and arousal. I will listen to the primer now. So excited to see what’s behind the curtain…

1 day 5 hours ago

I have listened to the full session. I think that you take took very good care to make this session completely safe (and it is safe). But, I am also very sure that this exact mechanism (giving me the choice) combined with the openness of the suggestions makes the seduction incredibly powerful. And I know exactly where I belong.

The Collector


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