Length: 53:27
Voice: Mistress Mia

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17 reviews for The Collector

  1. mattintrance

    What an amazing experience. I spent a few moments puzzled when I found myself inside Mistress’s jar. How did it happen? We were just speaking, and then I find myself here, trying and failing to escape, then trying again and failing again. And nothing feels better than finally giving in, seeing the other me, slumped down in happy exhaustion. This is a beautifully constructed dream. A fantasy with no need for a long buildup. Just word after soothing word. My confusion growing, and then finding myself trapped. Instead of being afraid, I’m so proud and happy that Mistress found me worthy of capture. And so eager to have Her take me out and play with me. (Under an upturned drinking glass–that’s quite a visual). And the most fascinating thing to see is a new boy being lured into the room, and watching Mistress hypnotize him deeply before he knows what’s happening, destined for a jar of his own and a place on Her shelf.

  2. Χ Ξ Σ

    I’ve come and gone over the years, I’m usually quite and forget to leave reviews. I always end up not sticking around because I get “scared” I’ve never had someones hypnosis content affect me the way Mistress Mia and her girlfriends affect me and I don’t know why though it is amazing. As soon as I started this session, it was like I was enchanted by something and felt like I was frozen in time, just stuck listening and giving in, feeling vulnerable and helpless in the best ways possible. This will certainly be a session that I listen to frequently, I can’t stop imagining myself inside the Jar and looking up to see Mistress Mia’s beautiful eyes peering into the Jar.

  3. Curiously Curious

    This session still draws me back, over and over and over. It may be the finest erotic hypnosis session I have ever listened to. When Mistress Mia first gave me this session I was so very new to her voice, yet she knew I was already hers. The many times I have fallen under her spell with this session have only sealed that fate, programmed it deeply into my brain, making it a fact that I am Mia’s toy.

    This session plus the foreplay do things to a willing submissive mind that are truly the stuff of dreams. But this session is so much more.

    It is a trap, a beautifully crafted trap, no matter how many times I find myself waiting for Mistress to spring the trap, I am unable to turn away.

    There are so many powerful and ingenious ways that Mistress Mia weaves her web, even after so many listens there are still new and so very cleverly woven layers that wrap me up in bliss and pleasure. It is an exquisite journey into very deep submission and in the end, when presented with a choice, it never really was a choice.

    Mistress Mia is my mind Mistress and I am so proud to have her as my mind Mistress. She offered me a life of bliss in my jar, and I have never wanted to leave it.

  4. Curiously Curious

    I return to this session, again and again, the proverbial moth to the glorious flame of Mistress Mia.

    When Mistress sent me this session as a gift not long after I first fell under her spell, it was unexpected, undeserved, and reinforced my feeling that with Mistress Mia, I had found not just a sexy and incredible femdom hypnotist, I had found a beautiful and caring person, instant trust, instantly spellbound.

    While the above is completely true, I did not truly appreciate the exquisitely beautiful and subtle trap that had been set for me.

    When I was finally able to move beyond the depth of trance, the arousal and the pure bliss that this session instils in me, I was able to process the choice that Mistress presented to me.

    I say “choice”, but I am more convinced than ever that it was never a real choice., there was only ever going to be one outcome from listening to this session.

    The moth flew into the flame, was consumed in the glorious light that is Mistress Mia, was reborn like a phoenix, a stronger and better version than before, only to repeat the process again and again.

    Mistress, if it was my choice, I willingly accept your captivity; if it was your choice, I gratefully accept the honour of being chosen.

  5. Curiously Curious

    This is a very special session, it holds a very special place for me because it was a beautiful and unexpected gift from Mistress Mia. The first few listens left me blank minded with nothing but a blissful emotional state and an incredible physical arousal.

    As I have listened eagerly to this session over the last few weeks, I have become more aware of the incredible skill that has produced a mind trap like this. Even becoming aware that it is an incredibly strong, perhaps inescapable trap, I have been drawn back again and again like a moth to a flame.

    It is hard to describe this session in terms other that pure emotion, pure feeling, pure reaction to Mistress Mia’s incredible ability to reach into the deepest recesses of my mind, push my buttons and make me respond in ways that are joyous, blissful and so very pleasurable.
    At the end of the session, Mistress poses a question and leaves the answer up to me. Even Mistress does not know the answer to this question.

    Mistress Mia, I now know the answer, I am happy locked in my jar, happy to amuse and entertain you until you see fit to let me out. Please always put me back in my jar when you are done with me, it is bliss being here with you.

    For anyone who truly wants to understand hypnotic submission, this session is a must have.

    If there were more stars to give for this session, I would give them all.

  6. Micha

    If I could listen to only one file from TheHypnoMistress for the rest of my life, it would be The Collector.

    Mistress Mia’s talents flourish with every new session as She weaves wondrous and erotic tales in the minds and souls of Her blessed subjects, and this file showcases those talents better than any other.

    She will enchant your mind with nothing but a story: a story about happiness; a story about love; a story about yearning; a story about Her; a story about you.

    She will seduce your body with nothing but Her voice, singing songs of unconscious rapture and submissive bliss as She coils slender, inviting fingers around you, taking hold of what is rightfully Hers, and locking away what is no longer yours.

    You will freely give it up, and She will be incredibly pleased to receive it.

    If you are anything like I once was, and you only fetishize the idea of giving it up for Her, ending each hypnosis session with a deceitful and shameful relinquishment of your obedience to Her, then this file will help you find the right pathway to true submission.

    You will be eager to be put on display upon Her shelf, filled with pleasure, and a sense of satisfaction and desperation, as you finally find your place in Her collection.

    Then… you will know true bliss.

  7. MicHam99

    Two days before, I revisited the collector, I think it’s the third time! Not sure but! every time, getting more and more trap. Going in so deep trance, so easily….. love this session. I feel ! and without even knowing but ! that I am already in one of Mistress jar, pile with other jar, perhaps other submissive boy like me on Mistress Mia shelve ! Every fantasy that my Mistress Mia makes me live is SO appreciated. I know ! I should say it louder and more often. But I am always struggling writing in English. But I won’t stop, I know our Mistresses deserve it all. Very

  8. Braxton

    Mesmerizing. Irresistible. Alluring.

    In this mind bending session the, cunning Mistress Mia adds to her large collection. You are so mesmerized by a beautiful glass jar in the shape of a very curvaceous woman. While you are so fixated on that good jar, Mia has her eyes on a new toy to collect… Will you help her collect it? Will she end up giving you that beautiful jar that has caught your attention?

    Mistress, It’s been a while since I’ve visited this file. Just a few minutes into the session, and I’m immediately reminded why I like this session so much. I always enjoy your traps, and your games. It’s so seductive, I love it when you playfully tease me. Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire, I just couldn’t resist. I helplessly accepted my new mantra, and my new life as a part of your collection…

    Amazing session Mia

  9. Pahh Patreon

    Just finished listening to this session a few hours ago. Definitely not what I expected (far better). Without giving too much away, I was genuinely trapped in a state of extreme arousal (whole body vibrating for a good portion of the session), whilst repeatedly chanting the mantra in my mind. Strangely enough, as soon as the session ended, I desired to be shackled again. Well played, Mistress!

  10. SoVeryBlissful

    I absolutely love the new file “The collector”. From a chastity perspective, it is the greatest imaginable tease and reinforcement of my chastity and Mia’s control. It achieves this without any specific suggestions which bind me to a certain behaviour. It even leaves me completely the choice. It’s in no way forceful, but very seductive and irresistible. For listeners who are not into chastity, it should be safe. Well, it might be the beginning of seduction to chastity (you never know) or simply being bound deeper into Mia’s control. Whatever fantasies you carry with you, Mia might use them. If you want this to be a fantasy, it will be pure fantasy. For me, it’s my greatest wish to be in Mia’s control, to be conditioned, shaped, teased, tortured, and kept chaste for very, very long by her.

    Everybody might experience the ending of “The Collector” differently. It is very open formulated. So, I won’t spoil anything here. And it can evoke in each individual a different (probably intense and arousing) reaction. Please, when reading this review, remember that I am one of Mia’s chaste boys. It is my sincerest wish to be chaste for Mia and to be kept chaste over very long periods. For me, the permission indeed felt like permission: not permission to cum – no. But, it felt like permission to finally take my cock in my hand and stroke a little. My cock was erect, and my hands moved. Still, no, it did not feel like masturbation. Some ingredient was missing, the connection between my hands and my cock has not been there. It could have been there. But it hasn’t been there. Instead, there was something much stronger deep inside me. It felt much more powerful than my wish to enjoy being so close to the edge.

    Talking about coming sounds so unrealistic. Listening to Mia’s words and being conditioned by her have stimulated my cock immensely. But now, it felt utterly pointless playing with my cock with my hands. I waited some minutes, tried again: hard cock, but no connection between my hands and my cock. Apparently, my mind has not open to rewarding self-pleasure. I waited again, and then the same happened (or happened not). Then I felt intense arousal and bliss when the insight hit me: I have become even more securely locked, and it feels so good. So, I chose the last option, which was still possible for me: I surrendered enthusiastically and blissfully to Mia’s control.

    There is something special about the end of this session: It’s more irresistibly seductive than forceful (even less forceful than the beginning), and I consider this to be a climax I love to see in femdom content.

  11. Dale Roads

    I feel different.
    I feel home.

    My jar?
    I do not hide,
    It is a fishbowl
    and I …
    Her goldfish inside

    Meaningful submissiveness,
    It feels like a different kind
    of being queer …
    being here,
    Her kind of queer,
    anything to bring her near

    Open and empty,
    deeper and deeper

    Being submissive now
    feels like being special

  12. Kin

    Feeling Chills. I want to go back again. Irresistible.

  13. Taigh Dupp

    There’s just so much disappointing erotic hypnosis, ASMR, etc online these days. Its not hard to find material on any of the usual kinks and there’s plenty of people willing to try their hand at hypnosis.
    But there’s really nothing anywhere that’s even remotely like Mia’s stylish and sexy work… Is there even a genre called ‘Erotic Hypnosis-Noir’, or did Mia invent it just now with The Collector.
    She seems able to paint these deceptively simple, light and dark scenarios effortlessly. Just another flourish of magic from her seemingly bottomless bag of tricks.

  14. Andi_S

    After I listened to the primer for this session but before listening to the full session I wrote that I only ever want to go in one direction: Closer and deeper. Closer to my Mistress. Deeper entranced and under her control.

    After having listened to the full session I am left with a feeling of gratitude for being allowed to partake of Mistress Mia’s impressive creativity. The scenarious, ideas, and fantasies she comes up with and make us experience are so fascinating. Quite frankly she is the most interesting person I have ever met. This session is about being caught and captured, being seduced to walk into a trap…a trap where once you a captured will be so close to your Mistress. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t it the ultimate pleasure and bliss to be close to our Mistress? Isn’t it such an arousing thought to be a prized part of her collection of playthings? But what if this closeness comes at a price? Would you be willing to pay it?

    Listening to this session left me somewhat confused, deeply aroused, and utterly fascinated and enthralled by my Mistress’ magnificence and power. After it ended I lay there naked and aroused, basking in the thrilling feeling of being entrapped and toyed with, pondering the choice I had to make. I was scanning my mind for any uncertainty and found none. The choice is clear. The path is illuminated. I wish to go deeper. Only ever deeper and closer. How could I ever even attempt to walk away from this trap?! I need this. I need to be caught and captured in trance, open and empty, praying at my Goddess’ altar, listening, and kneeling, and worshiping, horny and helpless and obedient and abstinent, in complete awe of her all encompassing power, training every day to experience the pleasure and bliss of becoming a more useful and pleasing toy for my Mistress Mia.

  15. Onufrak Andrew

    I love Mia

  16. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is so compelling, the way that she describes exactly how and what I want to be for her, it is as if she can see directly into my mind, perhaps she can as she owns it and me completely and I am so happy to serve, obey and please her. Such bliss.

    As the session is brought to life and the vivid imagery woven by Mistress Mia’s captivating enchanting voice takes over I go deeper and deeper into her exquisitely crafted domain, I so love to let go and become deeply enthralled within the story as it unfolds and fills my mind entirely.
    Open and empty overwhelms me as I become unable to form thoughts of my own anymore, deeper and deeper I go further and further away from conscious thought.
    My mind has glimpses in its dark shadows of surreal views from deep within, enticing curves come and go just outside of my perception and strange yet arousing feelings swim through me.
    I have images of gazing up helplessly into huge beautiful green eyes, I am locked in place a happy helpless hypnotised toy captivated in so many ways by those beautiful green eyes lost in endless aroused pleasure.

    I am suddenly free to think once again, aroused, aching and desperate to cum, however all I long for and desire is captivity for Mistress Mia’s pleasure.

  17. Abe

    Be Warned, this session is unlike anything you heard before. The beautfily bizzare and very clever Mind Mistress has made her dark magic yet again. I never felt so small, so tiny yet so aroused at the same time. You have to experience this for yourself.

    At the end I was left trembling, deeply entranced and aroused and with choices to make, choices that excite and scare you all together. This was the hardest part. But now, my mind is asking me…

    Would I enjoy the liberty of having my full size body inside a world where I can find all the pleasure my heart and body desires, all the pleasure, exctasy this world can offer, but with no existance of Mistress?


    Would I rather be stucked in a little body forever in Mistress’ prison jar very close to her but with no existance of the world that I happen to know… no more world, no more life

    Think about this.

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3 months 19 days ago

Mia, Mia, Mia. Life in Your jar is sublime. Escape isn’t even an option, or a consideration. I love seeing Your smile widen as I perform for You, in mu futile little attempt climb the smooth inside of the glass. Your eyes give me all the comfort and peace I needed, as I slowly weakened and gave in to inevitable. I love being in Your collection. It’s where I’ve always belonged, truly like coming home.

2 years 9 months ago

I really liked the shrinking part and when mistress Mia ordered the stroking of tiny penis . Are the any plans to do a cock shrinking file or a file where the penis is unable to get an erection a while?

2 years 9 months ago

Without trying to give away too much.. you may enjoy Sophia’s session ‘3 wishes’

3 years 11 months ago

Oh my…Everything about this session, from the incredibly stylish and sexy cover, to the file description, to the exciting tags gets me so hot and excited for this. I hear your call Mistress and I cannot resist my desire of wanting to follow you into the unknown darkness. The fact that you openly call it a trap and warn that my curiosity might get me into trouble only adds to the thrill.

3 years 11 months ago

My traps are unlike most others. You see Andi, once you have been caught by me, and I have enjoyed playing my game with you, you are free to leave, at any time. But I have a feeling, you will willingly choose… to stay right where you are- so very close to me.

William Bowman
3 years 5 months ago

oh Superior Woman i am a beta male weak and filled with my worthless penis pleasing watching Videos of Superior Muscular Women Decimating tbe souls of our dying gender .. Woman is GOD!!!

3 years 11 months ago

I have listened to the full session. I think that you take took very good care to make this session completely safe (and it is safe). But, I am also very sure that this exact mechanism (giving me the choice) combined with the openness of the suggestions makes the seduction incredibly powerful. And I know exactly where I belong.

3 years 11 months ago

Thank you Mistress. Oh yes, please. Caught by you, close to you…just the thought, just you mentioning it…such a longing, hunger, and arousal. I will listen to the primer now. So excited to see what’s behind the curtain…