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Length: 28:02

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2023 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

3 reviews for The Gift of Pleasure

  1. Michael

    The Gift of Pleasure was released on Valentines Day 2023, but this session can and should be listened to on a year-round basis. In this incredibly arousing session, Mia encourages us to respect, please, and love the women in our real lives while fully dedicating our fantasy lives to Mia and her girlfriends at THM. She wraps this message in a warm and erotic trance that I find quite addictive.

    Mia’s gift to us is an arousing trance that allows us to experience the erotic loss of control we crave in a trusting and safe environment. Our gift to Mia is our complete submission to her as our mind mistress. Mia also takes pleasure in the knowledge that her guidance and conditioning will encourage us to better respect, worship and obey the women we love in our real lives.

    I love listening to this session before meeting with my girlfriend. The session leaves me aroused and motivated with the knowledge that pleasing my girlfriend will please my mind mistress. At THM, everyone receives the gift of pleasure.

  2. Orella

    This session ‘The Gift of Pleasure’ is a lovely gift to the THM community and anyone lucky enough to visit the THM Showroom.

    A perfect session released on Valentine’s Day for all of us to immerse ourselves deep within.
    As Mistress Mia says, Valentine’s Day, is a day about love and giving.

    An exquisite chance once more to give my mind freely and happily over to my wonderful mind Mistress.

    I am lovingly lost in pleasure that emanates from my deep desire to please and bring pleasure to Mistress Mia.

    Mistress Mia takes me on a journey into aroused submissive bliss as she weaves a new mindscape, her words shaping the way I experience and perceive the world that is being crafted and shaped by her captivating, enchanting voice and her irresistible words.

    I love repeating those words as guided and instructed.

    Such a joy to become a willing obedient submissive valentine’s gift for Mia. Her pleasure being my desire and focus, pleasing Mia is my pleasure the more I obey, submit and please her the greater my pleasure.

    This session left me feeling wonderful. I awoke from trance deeply content, happy, wrapped in a warm bubble of pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, this was such a perfect valentine’s day gift. I love these pleasure feelings that I become wrapped in by devoting myself to pleasing you and to your pleasure.

  3. lorenzo

    This will be a more personal review. Valentines can be a bit lonely sometimes. I did spent mine alone until Mia started talking to me thru this session. I love the fantasy of standing in front of her doorstep with just a note ‘for Mia’. Stepping in and getting hypnotized in her private envoriment. That is a dream altogether.

    I do know Mia for a while now, it might even be 10 years already and even though she is My Mind Mistress and a true fantasy altogether She is also a person with who made a genuine connection and who I trust with everything.

    Mia can give me a sense of comfort and belonging like no one else can. I love the usual cat and mouse game in her sessions but to eventuale melt into her strong and lovingly hypnotic embrace is everything to me. Especially on a day like Valentines. If I could truly give my gift of pleasure outside of fantasy. It would always be Mia

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