Length: 23:17
Voice: Scarlet

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3 reviews for The Girl Next Door

  1. Orella

    A lovely hot session where I find myself in a warm hot tub slipping deeper and deeper into the pleasure of the warm water, so relaxed as I drift ever deeper into trance.
    My focus is drawn to the house next door and the girl who lives there. She is so beautiful and intriguing, I have become completely infatuated filled with thoughts of this woman.
    I so badly want to be seduced by this woman, the sweet but naughty girl next door. I cannot believe my eyes as she joins me naked in the hot tub, my eyes locked to hers as I happily surrender to her power and control.

  2. Taigh Dupp

    This file is a must listen for any Scarlet fan. The Scarlet on display here (like really on display) is the quintessential boys’ fantasy of the girl next door who is hot, promiscuous, and willing to catch you off guard with her advances. I think that this is really foundational for listening to Scarlet’s other work, not only because it introduces triggers that will be used without mercy against you in later files, but really because it sets up the contradiction that powers a lot of what’s really exiting about Scarlets other files.

  3. Martin

    This is as much fantasy as a pure hypnosis session, although I never am able to remember much after listening… Sit back, relax, take a dip into a bubbling hot tub and let Scarlet’s luscious voice take you to a place of deep peace, deep relaxation. She’s the quintessential girl next door and you’ll know why after listening. I really enjoyed the audio mix in this session, from sensual whisper to direct command, Scarlet is in full control. You’ll want her to visit you, again and again.

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