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Voice:Mistress Mia

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  1. Orella

    I had sent in my audio as requested, knowing that the audience voices were those of the THM community was thrilling, listening for my own voice so happy to respond ‘Yes Mistress’ at each snap, convinced that I was in the theatre audience.
    This session really pulled me in deeply, lost in Mistress Mia’s voice and the spell that she weaves so expertly, pulling me into the spiral and so easily taking complete control of me.
    The sound of those heels approaching as Mistress Mia wakes me up after the show was alluring, being given back the ability to move my body and obediently following Mistress Mia backstage as commanded was enthralling.
    In Mistress Mia’s dressing room being drawn ever deeper into trance, ever deeper under Mistress Mia’s control, so very happy to be completely lost in submission and feelings of obedience, gazing into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen as I drift off to sleep.

  2. andrew asoka

    Why should you attend this show, you ask? What would you lose by skipping this show? These are questions you might have about shows and giving them your time, in a world that is so very intense, paced and stressful. This show, you see, is not just any show, not just any hypno show. It’s Mia – the goddess, the hypno rockstar of the century, the force that will not just carry you through the immersion and joy of the show itself but will gift you the power of play… long after the show has ended – but wait.. is it actually yet to begin?

    You then ask the question – did the show change the world? Did it change the world inside you? or did you change the show? Were you so deep in the spiral when you woke up and excelled at a beautiful day – and then think about the show you attended last night and wonder – am I still in the show? Mia’s voice and thoughts capture you and you let your mind absorb every bit of what Mistress says.

    Listen – you need The Hypno Show in your life because this is transformative – life changing – the most sensational hypnotic material ever created. You need this because Mia takes you further, deeper and let’s you be – dream dreams of surrender and submission. It’s emotional and empowering in so many ways. Such is the gift, and the play Mia’s genius offers us. Who are we to refuse?

  3. Abe

    This is why Mistress Mia rules the scene today in all Hypnosis, Trance and Dominance and why no other hypnotist can take us down into a trance like she does. She forms a connection with us her audience, her listeners and followers and takes us down into a path that only she knows how to get us there. Her choice of perfect words and voice is all it takes. I´ve never been at a live Hypnosis show, but this might be the best experience yet, or that I will ever experience.

    Everything about this session has been said, a great fantasy lead by a skilled and professional Hypnotist, Domme and Mistress all in one.

  4. Taigh

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you ever actually experienced the long imagined fantasy of finding yourself at a live stage hypnosis show, in the audience, hoping no one notices just how take with the show you are – perhaps – up on the stage.
    In my fantasies, of course the Hypnotist is never some old guy but a sexy woman with a gleam of mischief in her eye and a confident mirthful lilt in her voice.
    Ive never tried it out IRL because I know that a perfectly good fantasy can be ruined by the disappointment, when reality cant match up to a perfect fantasy.
    Last night I accepted an invitation to go to Mia Croft’s live Hypno Show.
    Did it match up to my fantasy?
    Did it feel feel real?
    It felt more real than anything I can properly explain.
    Mia began the introduction and I have to say that I was immediately a bit disconcerted at the acoustics of the room. Its not like most of her sessions. I was enjoying feeling myself slip into a light floaty trance as she spoke to the audience about hypnosis, its effects.
    I was still there but feeling like I was drifting a bit. At some point, I realised that she was moving around me, like I’d missed some time. It was so real, I cant explain. Even now it feels like a memory of something I did last night. I wont spoil the rest for you. You will want to experience this for yourself.
    I will say that There are SNAPs. For me they went straight to my body – causing a twinge of pleasure that by-passed thought – I have been wandering around feeling like at any moment I am going to hear a voice in my head and one of her SNAPS, jolting me. When I get that feeling, I feel an impulse to speak a certain phrase, and in fact once or twice during the day I found myself mumbling that phrase under my breath after reliving the memory of a SNAP.

    I know for sure, that now that I own a copy of this session, I am going to be going – often – to a Hypnosis Show, and that every time I go there, the Hypnotist will be this beautiful sexy, assured and dominant woman called Mia Croft.
    My fantasy has come true.

  5. Thomas

    I have always had recurring problems with falling asleep at night. I tried conventional hypnosis files, but they never seemed to grasp my attention for long enough or resonate.
    This file took my attention with an immersive fun storyline and established a grip, that never loosened.
    The femdom-aspect does the magic. It makes you feel as if you don‘t even have a choice, but to do as Mia says. Mia wants you to sleep and have a good night’s rest? Sure, so be it.
    I have been following Mia‘s work for a couple of weeks now. Her skill as a hypnotist is obvious. She uses an enchanting combination of imagery and indirect suggestions and her voice is mesmerizing. Her style is not too obvious, which makes it more interesting and engaging for the listener. She understands hypnosis as an art form and I agree. Her way with words is amazing.

    The production quality is great and prices are unbeatable. Just buy it already lol. It really is that good. It does not matter if you are into either hypnosis, femdom, sleep therapy or a combination of those. This product is great and you should experience it. I am that convinced

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4 years 5 months ago

Teaser video for this session available at TheHypnoMistress Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSzqfHi5axg

4 years 11 months ago

A beautiful trait Mia portrais here is not only her dominat and seductive side but her humble caring side when she tells us to stare deeply into her eyes. She is a tempress, a Mistress, a Domme but she is also a shelter which will protect you in your mind. She speaks about it here truthfully, honest and with heart.

4 years 11 months ago

Loved coming to your Hypno Show Mia. Can I come back tomorrow night? Every night whilst your show is in town?

4 years 11 months ago

Hmm.. well considering you’re such a good boy, there’s 1 front row seat left.. and if I hear you say ‘Yes Mistress’ loud and clear, perhaps I’ll take you backstage again. Xx

Taigh Dupp
4 years 11 months ago

Yes, Yes, Yes YES Mistress!