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Length: 31:02
Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for The Hypnotist’s Reward

  1. Orella

    Mistress Mia makes me her happy mind slave in this session and I am so eager to obey all commands from my Mistress.
    Mistress Mia’s voice becomes the only thing that exists in my mind everything else has been lost in the darkness. Suddenly I have a small white spiral spinning in the distance, I stare as it comes closer and closer filling my mind spinning faster and faster, nothing in my mind but the spiral and the voice of my owner Mistress Mia is total control of me.
    I am suddenly transported to semiconscious awareness and find myself sitting in a pub, pen in hand as I draw the spiral in my mind on the paper in front of me. I see a beautiful girl and am somehow aware that I am to take this woman to Mistress Mia, the woman is drawn to me as she watches me draw the spiral entrancing her as she looks at the paper.
    I am aroused by the hypnotised woman as she becomes ever more deeply entranced, I hear Mistress Mia’s voice in my mind instructing me to bring the beautiful woman to her.
    The woman and I are both deeply hypnotised, I stand and walk to the door and the woman automatically follows me. I am an obedient slave belonging to Mistress Mia and this woman is now also one. I keep walking until I reach my destination and am met by Mistress Mia as she opens the door, I introduce the woman to my Mistress, to her new Mistress.
    Mistress Mia is happy with me as she plays with ‘Alice’ her new slave. Mistress Mia commands Alice to remove my pants as we both obey our Mistress in silence.
    Alice joins Mistress Mia as instructed and I helplessly watch them kissing and playing as Alice pleasures Mistress with her tongue, Mistress Mia grants me permission to stroke in time with Alice’s movements pleasuring Mistress Mia. My Mistress watches me as I obediently keep pace with my stroking, desperate to cum but no permission yet as the speed increases more and more the intensity of arousal growing unbearable as Mistress Mia commands me to cum and I experience an earthshattering release.

  2. abe paloe

    This session offers such wonderful and vivid imagery, just like any other of Mia´s sessions. My first time hypnotizing a girl in my mind all while being controlled by my Mistress was not only pleasuable, but honorable as well. I loved the feeling of being in control, just for a time being but nothing comares of being controlled all together, knowing my place.

    The gift Mia has prepared for our willing subject, our good girl is well deserving for all her good boys that follow her commands without any struggle, who love to surrender their bodies and their minds to their Mistress. This also allowed me to to live out the girl on girl fantasy I´ve had for so long….

    Thank you for your Gift, Mistress Mia…

  3. Taighdupp

    I thought I might struggle to go into a decent trance with this session. The idea of the session is such a huge turn on i was expecting to be pretty aroused from the get go and wondered if that would inhibit trance effects.
    I needn’t have worried, Mia has such a confident hand she led me down surely and easily as she always does.
    I found myself floating along with the fantasy and then I got to enjoy watching whilst Mia played with our willing victim and then took her pleasure instructing the girl in how to please her. Mia’s enjoyment in schooling the hypnotised girl In how to lick, touch and please her was one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

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