Length: 30:03
Voice: Mistress Mia & Friends

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6 reviews for The Invitation

  1. Abe

    Quite possibly one of the best hypno-holiday sessions ever made at THM. It came as a surprise being a gift for a loving-friendly friend of Mistress Mia for Christmas. I heard her voice call my name and I instantly felt a comfort and security, trust much similar to when I hear Mistress Mia’s. To be hypnotically transported to another place far from where I am is quite an experience. Through the help of the right guidance and a great imagination, many things are possible under hypnosis.

    A beautiful end of year, ending 2023 just the perfect way
    Thank you

  2. Braxton


    I love sessions where I have the opportunity to showcase my loyalty, and obedience to my Mistress. The trust that she has for me motivates me to go further, and try harder each and every time. Given the opportunity to please Mistress Mia’s girlfriends is always an honor to me. I hope that I was able to take care of Miss Kat, and please Mistress Mia in the process. I hope the ladies enjoyed the party, I sure did.

    Fantastic job Mia!

  3. lorenzo

    Imagine going to Mia’s place, ringing her hypnotic bell and having The actual Mind Mistress open the door. That alone is a beautiful and mesmerizing fantasy on its own.

    Meeting Mia’s IRL girlfriends was a big surprise for me and yet another sign of how much Mia trust all of her pets with personal aspects of her life.

    For me personally the greatest surprise was hearing my own name in a THM recording. For the first time ever and it was exhilarating. And it was by none other than the playful architect from London Miss Kat. I was already intrigued by her after her visit in Mia’s Office and to hear her draw my name was a very lovely experience. Thank you for that and thank you for joining in on Mia’s recording.

    Also to Miss Kat personally I hope I’ve been of good service during the holidays and should you ever need a housepet again jist ring Mia’s bell and I should be right over 😉

  4. LC

    Well Mistress teased a Christmas Surprise and Wow! What a surprise to discover I was so well owned that I could be loaned out like a small appliance.

    I’ve heard Mia say that she is only human and she can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. But if what I want to do is whatever she says is there really any difference?

  5. tymissmayihaveanother

    I listened to this session on Christmas Eve as I fell asleep, but it held my attention the entire length of the session. I didn’t hear my name called, which I was hoping for and hoping against. lol. But I did get to attend to the wishes of the Mistress I most wanted to be serving. Thank You so much Mistress Mia. I’ll follow You anywhere. Thank You for this wonderful treat, and I’m so glad You sent me the invitation. Merry Christmas.

  6. Orella

    Well, what can I say, the tease in November for this festive season week release was billed as Xmas Surprise. I have been pondering as to what the session might be for the last few weeks imagining all sorts of possibilities.

    I was regularly checking Patreon and the THM Showroom on Saturday 23rd December, then spotted a tantalising Patreon post by Mistress Mia saying that the session would be released in the showroom on Sunday 24th December, further fuelling my anticipation.

    I avidly kept checking Patreon and the THM Showroom throughout the day on 24th December. Then the moment of revelation arrived that evening, I saw the Patreon post for ‘The Invitation’.

    This session was a lovely surprise a very special Christmas invitation indeed.

    Mistress Mia effortlessly weaving imagery in my mind with her enchanting voice.
    As I am dropped off at the big house, I am delighted at being greeted by Mistress Mia in person. She welcomes me as she inspects my invitation.
    I have the exquisitely delicious view as I follow Mistress Mia, my eyes irresistibly drawn to her deliciously perfect ass, I would follow lost in blissful arousal gazing upon her beautiful ass forever.

    Suddenly we arrive and I am shown where to store my clothes. My invitation has been deposited into the little black bag that Mistress Mia has kept with her.
    I enter the main room where Mistress Mia is entertaining her guests, a number of her girlfriends who are aware of her femdom interests but who have not as yet delved into that side of Mistress Mia’s world.
    There are also a number of naked pets in attendance attentively serving Mistress Mia’s girlfriends.

    This whole scenario is such a wonderful surprise, so alluring and enticing, a perfect event for a submissive boy like me who desires to serve, obey and please.

    However, this session has a further surprise. Mistress Mia has gifts for her girlfriends, she is loaning her well trained boys out to her girlfriends.
    The ladies in turn pick a number of invitation cards out of the little black bag, they take as many cards as they wish to, some take three, some four and some five. The ladies read out the names of the boys who they will take home with them to serve, obey and please them until the ladies choose to return them back to Mistress Mia.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this opportunity to please you. I love every opportunity to serve, obey and please you Mistress, further pleasing you by serving, obeying and pleasing one of your girlfriends devoting my efforts to pleasing them as I would you my wonderful Mistress, is a pleasurable experience lost on complete bliss.

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