Forced to submit to Dominant Women and kept as a trophy

Length: 46:25

Voice: Mistress Mia & Mistress Amber

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4 reviews for The Manor

  1. philmslim

    Incredible follow up to The Order! Mia’s style is more “conversational” but beware, this session is deceptively powerful. I’ve tried to narrow down the means of her seduction over multiple listens, but each time her technique escapes me, it’s as if the listener is hypnotizing themselves with their past memories of trance.

    With that said, hearing Mia describe a society where powerful women exert their control over willing men is as sexy as it gets. I recommend clearing enough time for a second listen after this session so you can completely process all the visuals she describes. The Manor will most definitely leave you changed.

  2. Abe

    The Order could become one the greatest Femdom stories ever told. Some will say that this session takes them back to ancient times when Females rules of the world, listening to this session took me to a time that perhaps is to come. The setting seems different from the average hypnosis session you listen to, more like a dream inside a story and I found that really incredible. There is this feeling of familiarity, a feeling that is welcomed, welcoming the events and knowledge of being at service to someone with power and authority. To escape the binding of society that has enslaved men for generations to think they have to take control. The Order truly breaks it and the world is transformed and made to its image. Women rule, men are slaves, but this time, work and pleasure are one of the same. Happily serving all the women.

    I’m very curious to know where this story goes and just how far I’m being taken in it…

  3. Taigh Dupp

    This session seems to play with time somehow. You lose all sense of it like within a dream. It felt to me that years had passed and also only minutes, when I was released from trance at the end. Theres a feeling that I just can’t put my finger on and its pulling at the edges of mind. Drawing me back. I was even sure I’d only listened the once when I came to leave my review, but then I realised there was more. ARA

  4. Orella

    I have been looking forward to listening to this session very much.
    I would recommend that experiencing the session The Order would be wise as The Manor follows on from it and listening in sequence enhances the overall depth of the experience.

    I recall from The Order that I was destined for domestic servitude, and I find myself here at the manor undergoing conditioning to serve and please the dominant ladies of The Order.

    Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber weave their magic within my willing empty mind, filling the emptiness with imagery that subsumes me and redefines my reality during the session.

    I cannot explain why the imagery and theme feels so right, so desirable and why I wish I could stay within the session indefinitely.

    Being conditioned to serve, obey and please is such a wonderful place to be. It feels right, it gives me purpose, it makes me happy to be useful and pleasing to these wonderful dominant ladies.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, thank you for creating this wonderful session, thank you for fuelling my desire to serve, obey and please. I happily accept my place of servitude at The Manor and will revisit this session again and again.

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