Length: 45:52

Voice: Mistress Mia & Amber

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36 reviews for The Order

  1. philmslim

    Despite being immune to hypnosis I don’t mind visiting the sexy latex nurse and listening to whatever she has to say. Her deep cleavage is mesmerizing behind the polished fingernail that teases the zipper up and down. I can’t quite remember what I was doing during my brief time in her office but I’m sure it will make sense soon enough.

  2. 968

    Proof of how hard this session hit me, it has taken until now for me to be able to attempt to review it.

    This session offers a glimpse into a perfect world, a world where I get to submit to beautiful dominant women, free will gone, choice gone and so many chances to bring pleasure to the woman I am serving.

    Once selected by The Order, there is only the possibility to win, no matter the outcome of the situation, I am still able to bring pleasure to a beautiful woman, and her pleasure is my pleasure.

    I am not sure if this was my original idea of heaven, but thanks to the education I have received at the feet of Mistress Mia and THM, this is now how I would I visage heaven,

    A very deep and erotic trance, from a gentle storyline start, when it hits it hits hard, drops me deep and leaves me blessed out and so happy to accept my place as a plaything to those that Mistress Mia allows to play with me.


  3. dusty

    Wow! This set off all the kinks and fetishes that have been planted form the Seeds of Desire session.

  4. Watcher watcher

    This was such a great hypnosis file for me, Latex is one of my favorite kinks I just couldn’t stop imagining the woman in the latex nurse dress preparing me to have an empty and blank mind, ready to be brainwashed and molded to my new owner desires. It made me want even more to be conditioned, hypnotized and changed from the inside out. I will be waiting for my new owner, ready to please and become her obedient and submissive slave, ready to obey and follow her guidance on what she has planned for me in the future.



  5. lorenzo

    I have to confess that I’m immune to the power of hypnosis. But if I actually had been hypnotized then this would’ve been am amazing fantasy. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, but this one is definitely the one slave 355 wants to believe in. ARA

  6. Turbo3000

    Anyone who’s been around TheHypnoMistress long enough knows that the Mistresses here can tell a very compelling and captivating story.

    The Order is no exception to that, from the opening sequence to the intriguing finale I was spellbound by every word that came out of their mouths and enjoyed every moment!

    Besides its inclusion in Femdom Court would love to hear more sessions involving The Order in future.

    Ending the review here as I need to go book a dentist appointment.
    381 (ARA)

  7. 845

    This was an insane experience. Sometimes I felt scared at first but that was quickly covered by a heavy blanket of happiness and I could just let go and than everything became so much clearer and real just like my number is burned on my arm it’s burned in my brain. I am number 845. I feel so much excitement and anxiety for the moment I hopefully will finally be taken away and will be put to good use by my new owner. I long and long and wait for this moment to come.
    Never felt something so immersive than being chained on this boat. What a masterpiece!
    – 845 (ARA)

  8. Bertrand

    Wow, what an experience.
    The description of the device used made me shiver with excitement. And that brainwashing was a delight.
    I can’t wait to see what will happen next…
    619 ARA.

  9. Michael F.

    I love this session. It’s really at the heart of what I love about erotic hypnosis – just lying back and letting a beautiful dominant woman’s words take over my mind, shutting it off and letting me just focus on feeling pleasure, and obeying. I am a plaything of the Order, and I cannot wait to find out what they will command me to do. -170 ARA

  10. Spirit

    What a wonderful session.

    It works beautifully as a story leading into femdom court enigmata, building on the selection process and weaving this round of femdom courty it into the lore of THM seamlessly.

    But also, just as a session itself I have to say I enjoyed it deeply.

    This is a session that really did feel like it was tailored to just my kinks, and being seduced by cleavage at the dentist, then conditioned with pleasure while bound in stirrups is an experience I would love to have every day. The steel device that encases and invades the listener in this session is something I hope to get to experience more of in future sessions.

    Is it too soon to dream about a sequel?

  11. Romain

    The order IS a dream lost in the femdom’s power and just serve

    Ohhh i want this 226

  12. Kaii

    “I love to submit to Superior Women”
    “I love to be brainwashed”

    These 2 phrase really just put icing to the cake during the session. I really felt like a helpless slave that being deploy for benefit of a Women.

    I’ll do my very best to serve my new owner and be ready to be put in hypnosis whenever my Mistress sees fit.

    The Order’s Slave,
    -557 (ARA)

  13. Kaii

    “I love to submit to Superior Women”
    “I love to be brainwashed”

    These 2 phrase really just put icing to the cake during the session. I really felt like a helpless slave that being deploy for benefit of a Women.

    I’ll do my very best to serve my new owner and be ready to be put in hypnosis whenever my Mistress sees fit.

    The Order’s Slave,

  14. Jim

    What a wonderful session. The entire section in the dentist’s chair is incredibly arousing, from the description of sexy dental assistant to what she does to you after you’re strapped into the chair. After that, I loved the reinforcement of pleasure with seeing/hearing a specific judge. Judge Amber’s voice was so clear and dominant I wasn’t sure if it was the file or my subconscious hoping she picked me for FDC.

  15. Alex

    The story told feels so real, after a week of training. It did not feel like a fantasy, i was there, first at the dentist, after that on a boat, waiting for my number to be called. All those voices slipping inside my mind, making me weak, making me so obedient. 727 is happy to serve in this world. My body did not move for a while after it ended, the power of Mistress is real.

    -727 ARA

  16. Simon

    seeing the picture of the masked guy …dick pulled by a serious Dom …see me do this whilst on femdom court ARA 168

  17. Maarten

    What a story, of the mind from Mistress Mia.
    Where does she get them 😉
    Those various steps in this session from seductive to dominant. Some would be scared i’m relaxed and under the control of Mistress Mia, Amber and Anja.
    Is it to late to check my bedroom.
    Is this the beginning of FDC for the collected obedient boy’s.
    Accepting my number 211

  18. LC

    This session left me both glad and suuprised, also extremely aroused. Glad I am a collared boy therefore won’t suffer the fate of this boy and surprised that I am so kinky. I am not surprised however that Mistress Mia and her team knew this better than me!!! 741 ARA

    Thank You Mistress Mia And Team!!!

  19. Boby Moby

    Dream came true.
    I loved every second of it and just imagining the potential that has been createt with this setting puts me into a light trance state. This is the kind of stuff that you could milk endlessly and i would still listen to it without getting bored.
    Thank you Mistress.

  20. Biest

    Thnak you for this session. It took me very deep and painted very arousing images about The Order, which I’d like to serve and obey.

    If only real visits to the dentist were this relaxing and arousing, just the latex uniform the assistant wears had me very aroused. I also loved the imagery with the vr headset (?) and the estim setup. I definitely felt those jolts as well.

    I’m looking forward for further conditioning, brainwashing and sexy imagery by The Order.

    – 183

  21. Andi_S

    I just woke up from listening to The Order all night long on loop and I am rendered speechless by how great and how sexy and arousing and appealing this session is.

    The dentists visit was one of the sexiest experiences I have ever had. Everything about this session, too many things to keep count of, made me feel so hot and horny and helpless. I keep thinking about the various scenarios that I got to experience in this session. From being observed and surveilled by The Order, to being taken to The Dentist for my initial brainwashing, to being fitted with a VR headset and several sexy toys around my cock and in my ass for training, to so much more.

    Throughout the session I everything that I heard and everything that happened made me feel so horny and helpless and I craved to just accept and obey all and any suggestions that Mia and Amber and Anja enjoyed programming me with. I was so aroused and under these women’s spell and I felt completely weak and powerless to resist them in any way. All I could and all I wanted to do was to agree and obey. I am still hard just thinking about it.

    242 is grateful to receive his slave number. 242 is so grateful to be trained and played with and be a slave of The Order. Thank you so much, Mistress Amber, Mistress Anja, and Mistress Mia.

    -242 ARA

  22. 811

    Could this fantasy be real?
    The selection stage of Femdom Court Enigmata leaves no doubt for me, that this is a highly possible scenario.
    Beeing selected by first using your sexual weakness, secduced and lured deeper into the hands of “The Order”. Willingly programmed and trained to be an obedient plaything, to be finally at your own auction.

    What will your new mistress excpect from you, how will she use you? As The Order seems to be a professional organisation you trust in the training and your own obedience.

    811 has to be careful when closing or opening zippers during the next days.

    Great Work again, by all Ladies in bringing this scenario to life.


  23. Orella

    The cover of this session depicts an alternate world where women are in complete control and men serve at their pleasure.

    The description paints and weaves its own spell in my imagination.

    The session opens with Mistress Anja and Mistress Amber discussing their observations of one of their subjects that they have been monitoring closely.

    Mistress Mia’s description of the ‘dentist’s’ and the deliciously clad dentist’s assistant in her white latex nurses’ uniform, such a sexy arousing scene being woven in my mind, running my eyes over every inch of this sexy lady.

    I have been chosen, selected and collected, helpless yet happy and aroused in the dentist’s chair. My eyes locked on the dentist’s assistant, transfixed to her breasts. The sound as she plays with the zipper, teasing me as she plays up and down up and down with the zipper. I am lost drifting ever deeper, mesmerised by the playful teasing.

    Weakness and heaviness overwhelms me as I sink ever deeper falling down, down, down……..

    What a delicious brainwashing, programmed completely over and over, day after day.

    The sounds of the sea as I realise, I am on a ship, caged and chained in place. My slave number, reassuringly familiar for some reason.

    The galley Mistress with her leather flogger sending the other slaves to their new owners is an arousing situation as I wait my turn.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, Mistress Anja and Mistress Amber, thank you for this wonderful session and journey into slavery prepared to serve by The Order, brainwashed and compliant, happy to serve and play.
    For some reason this session gives a whole new meaning to ’plug and play’.

    582 – ARA

  24. 712

    This file is the culmination of all the training we have been put through over the years, Femdom Court or otherwise. It is immensely satisfying to see the direction we are headed. Obeying all those times was and is very much worth it. A wonderfully creative and well put together file, that is intensely seductive. ARA

  25. 735

    The Order is an unusual work of art in that it presents multiple acts involving covert surveillance, an implied abduction, a lengthy induction based on a theme that will make some boys go gaga, a wonderful brainwashing scenario that BDSM aficionados will adore, a traditional Hollywood-style slave scene that somehow morphs into a slave auction taking place at a well-known Centre, references to kinks and triggers that have been programmed into us over the years at THM – some will ring a bell to loop-lovers – and, finally, the promise of a fate to come that involves a theme never tackled before at THM, at least to 735’s knowledge.

    And rest assured that, as someone who’s immune to the power of hypnosis, you can totally rely on 735’s knowledge.

    -735 (ARA)

  26. Zaid

    So well crafted, delicately lured into the ship full of slaves, chained, locked,ringed with electrifying penis, ass filled and dominated with every aspect. Programmed so well that can’t even miss the hints dropped to obey. Made ready to obey and crafted by mistress into fine piece of art.
    970 ARA

  27. Bad Boy Braxton


    Will history repeat itself? I believe so. The Order is a dark session with amazing elements that make it a great starting point for Femdom Court Enigmata. We are treated to 3 ladies from the HypnoMistress. Mia, Amber, and Anja. All 3 ladies have great roles and deliver a wonderful
    performance. I’m intrigued to see what will come next for those unfortunate boys who were collected.

    Brax Turner 1831

  28. Nick

    What an intense and curious file
    I feel like I left with more questions than answers, and certainly even more arise than when I started.
    Thank you Mistress Mia
    996 ARA

  29. Hammy

    This is exactly how I imagined Femdom Court to be like, rows of slaves staying stationary, listening to the constant subliminal messages looping around in their ears while being auctioned out in a mindless stupor.

    One of the most sexy file I’ve heard in awhile!
    I was completely out of it during the file, voices passed through my ear but my brain didn’t process any of it .

    -872 (ARA)

  30. 731

    As the sessions starts you’re introduced by the sound of a voice diary of one of the nurses/researchers. Through the voice diary you’re made aware of the observation of you and your behavior.

    The sound of Mistress Mia describing one of the nurses, their sexy uniform and their behavior is mind melting on it’s own. Finding yourself caught starring into beautiful curves and drawn deeper by the seducing and playful nurse.

    Finding yourself in the middle of a treatment, exposed and vulnerable, there is nothing more you can do than to let go.


    P.S. There is some little mentioning of ass-play, so in case that’s not your thing, be warned.

  31. David

    Great hypnosis and narrative-wise. Was fully focused and minutes felt like seconds. I am looking forward to more -172

  32. Abe

    Born to always serve The Order

    -Slave 401

  33. geowill

    The description of this seems so amazing and intriguing. I love the idea and am excited to listen

  34. Abe

    What an experience awaits for those taking part of Femdom Court, what a way to end the session, only to be picked up where I’m left off, horny and aroused and ready to serve whomever! Mistress Mia is delicious as ever here, sexy. I’m left hanging so aroused and in need to serve, just as it was intended for me.

    The Order have arrived

  35. mattintrance

    I anxiously awaited the release of The Order, and listening to it was like coming home, I’ve know my entire life, since my first memories of sexual arousal, that I was destined to be controlled by powerful women. And now they have me, having used their superior minds to find my weaknesses, and to exploit them to the maximum degree, using their innate sexuality to render me helpless and obedient. Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me, and allowing me the opportunity to serve. I strive to worthy of that every day.
    142 ARA

  36. iogswq

    The Order is an amazing file! It’s a particularly hot fantasy. It builds the world of the order and introduces you to your place in it. It’s a place I so want to be, and I hope we get more files in this series, that flush out more of this world of The Order. -106 ARA

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