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Length: 38:08

Length training loop: 16:05

Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for The Principle of Perfection

  1. mattintrance

    The swaying made me so weak. Today’s training was overwhelming. Doctor Croft reached deeply into my mind. I fought so hard during my workout on The Persuader, and the more I fought, the harder I became. But, I didn’t even what I was fighting. I gave in, because giving in felt so good. Staring up helplessly, going deeper into hypnosis, I realized that the fight wasn’t what I’d thought. There was no way to resist the trance. Falling was the easy part. The fight was holding back the arousal that the programming was bringing. Staring, unable to look away. Drooling and powerless. Such happy exhaustion at the end, with a mind so blank and receptive to Dr. Croft’s programming. I want to worship, kneel, and submit. So weak , so hard, so helplessly hypnotized and programmed. I must have wanted this. I definitely needed this. Doctor Croft is always right.

  2. Dale Roads

    The precursor to this session is “Facilitation for Men 1 ”

    It is the next morning. The morning after your arrival at the Ontwaken facility. You had arrived in the late afternoon for orientation with the facility director, Dr Croft, and had spent the evening with her, sitting on her couch in her private parlor. She and you getting to know each other a bit, becoming comfortable, slipping of your shoes.

    You remember part of the evening, other parts seem vague in retrospect. In fact it all seems like a dream this morning, but here you are in the courtyard, the facility about you, and here comes Dr Croft, the click of her heels preceding her. She is always so friendly, so upbeat, so forward thinking. This is the beginning of “The Principle of Perfection”.

    A brief chat after she has greeted you. She explains a few more things … the benefits of the premium package your benefactress has purchased for you (and your benefactress’s expectations of your training), why you are wearing that bracelet, how meals are conducted; and, who those gorgeous women are … those slim, tall, high-heeled women in their so well-tailored white, tight slacks, and almost formal short waisted jackets, not to mention, explaining who those boys are following their Doctors a couple steps behind, seemingly mesmerized by either those heels or the swinging derriere above them.

    But then, off to the gym, where the workout consists of a single exercise conducted on a piece of gym equipment called the “persuader”. The persuader features a treadmill, serving as a “locomotive” up front, but with a low-slung caboose entrained. I say little more, except that ensconced behind, you soon you will find yourself, “mindless and empty” and in a state somewhere between crying, and wanting, so inappropriately and desperately, to propose marriage … just saying, what you will feel is the desire for an “ever-lasting relationship”. To be obtuse, one more clue, “tick-tock, a pendulum clock”.

    For me, as engrossing as the “exercise therapy” itself, and that, like being slow roasted on a barbeque spit, was the other slow roast; namely the arousing burn of the therapy’s larger and succeeding aim, brainwashing you as you extend your stay here at the Onwaken facility … or should I say Mistress Mia’s “TheHypnoMistress website”. (wink).

    (Postscript: read the reviews below for a more emotional view of what awaits you.)

  3. tymissmayihaveanother

    Mistress Mia is perfection in this audio. I would gladly follow Her anywhere. I couldn’t help myself and I had to look, I had to obey. Now I’m training for Her daily. I am curious who my benefactor is, and I would like to thank them for enrolling me. The loop is such a pleasure too. Everyone should get this session and become a better version of themselves. Thank You Mistress Mia.

  4. philmslim

    The 15-minute training loop hit my mind from so many angles it was impossible do anything other than give in to the pleasurable feeling of accepting my place.

  5. Mistress Mia’s Ass Licker

    When you see something truly Perfect, sublimely perfect, you want to look, to focus on it as hard as you can.
    And If that perfect object of your focus begins to move away, naturally you want to follow it, because you want to be closer. You just want to keep looking and nothing else matters. Everything else just disappears. Your thoughts, your will, your self control.

  6. Braxton


    This treatment is perfect. How did you know my preferred method of approaching you Mistress? What a session! This series is very good so far! I can’t wait for my next appointment.

    Terrific job Mia.

  7. Abe

    If it’s been weeks since you listened to Facilitation For Men, I highly recommend that you listen that session a day or two before experiencing this. After the wonderful tour and brief look the Ontwaken Center, Mia’s wonderful induction as she prepared yourself for your stay there and giving us details about what’s hidden there inside our mind, Day two comes with an amazing erotic prescription. This caught me by surprise. It’s erotic, sexy and very fun!

    A gym workout session lead by Dr Croft, the one done here will truly make its mark in my mind in later days, I know that and i feel that effect from this sexy prescription. I won’t get to deep here with my experience, but it’s truly something we need to get ourselves on, they’re on our knees.

    Overall, this is definitely a continuation of a series, where medical meets eroticism. It’s good to know about a place where we can heal, perhaps what needs more care than anything else in us, our mind and happiness. Thank You, I’m looking forward to my next day

  8. Orella

    A delicious session in every way imaginable.

    I was a dripping drooling mess immersed in this session. A dribbling sticky mess in my pants and a drooling salivating mess having my mouth watering uncontrollably.

    Loving being under the care of Dr Croft at the Ontwaken Centre. My first experience in the gym was captivating in so many ways.

    I really need this session in my life and you really need this session in yours. It is delicious, compelling, addictive, deeply desirable, exquisitely arousing, lost in the pleasure of desiring to worship perfection.

    Then there is the loop that accompanies this session, a loop to love and desire to be lost within endlessly.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for filling my mind with such deliciously arousing imagery, thank you for such a compellingly addictive experience, thank you for this deep desire to worship perfection.
    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, hearing you in the background of this session and the loop adds a sensational dimension.

  9. Andi_S

    I had no idea what to expect when I first listened to this session. After lying down naked in my bed and putting on the headphones I heard the steps of someone approaching and was greeted by Dr. Croft who informed me that I was at the Ontwaken Center. A place I had never heard of but that I soon learned to be a clinic where patients undergo special re-orientation programs. A place like you would expect to read about in an erotic mind control story. Dr. Croft then lead me into a room where I was strapped into a device that would help give me a new perspective.
    From the first word I felt like I was really experiencing this story. Mistress Mia is so incredibly good at making this feel real. I am a big fan of erotic mind control stories and here I was, one moment checking my emails, and just a few minutes later suddenly unsuspectingly catapulted right in the middle of such a story. And while this is a fantasy and it is important to be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, the feeling of immersion Mistress Mia is able to evoke in the listener and the effects her sessions can have on your mind and your way of viewing things are very real. I cannot stress enough how incredibly real this scenario felt to me. As the scenario unfolded and the procedure began I was overcome with a feeling of bewilderment, a thrill, and an arousal unlike anything I have felt in a long time. My senses were completely overwhelmed. I felt like I was under the absolute control of Mistress Mia. My mind forgot that I was actually lying in my room and could have gotten up at any time if I really wanted to. I was helpless. My mind and body were at Dr. Croft’s complete disposal. This feeling is so thrilling that even thinking about it is almost making me a little dizzy. I was (silently) gasping and twisting and I had an expression on my face that showed both love and intense arousal and awe as well as a kind of desperation and shock. I don’t want to spoil anything more but the whole experience was like my ultimate mind control fantasy that really came to life and it blew my mind. Even if it “only” happened in my mind, this is an experience I will never forget. Absolutely incredible.
    The skill, and knewledge, and creativity, and style, and coolness, and humor, all the little details, and just everything that goes into making these sessions is something that will never cease to impress and amaze me. Mistress Mia is such a good hypnotist and writer and producer. I can’t imagine an artist I would have more admiration and respect for.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for sending me to the Ontwaken Center. The Principle of Perfection is a perfect session to me and really one of my favorites that you have ever made. Thank you for sharing something so awesome with the world.

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