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Voice: Mistress Mia

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  1. Dale Dale

    In a theater somewhere … mesmerized, hypnotized, people became puppets, people puppets, one was invited to dance on stage. Special people, conditioned people, susceptible people, were invited. Pre-show, there was a milling about, a taking of seats, excited chit chat. Finally, the lights were lowered, and the show began with the appearance of one Mia Croft who was there to introduce the nature of the performance and the woman, Lady Lucy, who would be conducting it. But Mz Croft performed more than an introduction, she also prepared the audience, helping them dim the light in their minds, don gift apparel they found at hand, and raise an excited hope that it might be they who would be invited on stage. In toto the effect was to make each member of the audience of a single mind, participating aspirants toward puppet-hood. Collectively, uniformly attired after a fashion, did they not realize that to the satisfaction of Mz Croft from her stage view, they were indeed already puppets, just, not one of them yet selected? And then Lady Lucy appeared, a highly skilled hypnotist and puppeteer with a most enchanting voice.

    An interesting conversation ensued engendering a warming communion between the two ladies on stage and the audience. At a point Lady Lucy entered the audience searching for the special puppet of the evening, the puppet that was to perform on stage. Lady Lucy spent time comforting, soothing, building trust with the audience, assuring them that whomever was picked to perform would be guided to do so naturally and would not embarrass themselves. Finally, after dropping the most susceptible into trances and having them lift and lower their arms, sinking ever more deeply into docility, Lady Lucy looked into the eyes of several puppets and made her choice.

    On stage, the boy turned puppet performed and danced for the audience. The stirring thing was the empathy engendered between Lady Lucy and the puppet boy … and the audience, and we listeners. The performance of the dancing puppet, his high risen emotions and the music made for drama as each puppet in the audience extended good will. Well, personally in some dreamy fashion I imagined myself the chosen puppet and rose to perform across the hardwood floor of my living room seeing only the stage the side curtains, an audience in mass and Lady Lucy infusing me with courage. The music softened and ended and once again I was in my dreaming chair. The performance over, the puppet, and the audience were returned from rapture and finally Mz Croft bid us good night with a knowing giggle. There was an instant when it occurred to me that perhaps there was more to the performance then entertainment. Like, maybe puppet dreams had been awoken.

  2. Orella

    I love the foreplay that Mistress Mia adds to sessions. I love simply listening to her voice, listening to her thoughts, views, observations and sometimes educational musings, all whilst becoming more and more deeply lost in her enchanting captivating voice. My mind submitting and becoming perfectly aligned in preparation for the main session that is next to unfold deep within me.

    Irrespective of how I actually move and look while dancing I always feel self-conscious, this uneasy feeling tends to overload my mind and mislead my conscious thoughts as I imagine what a sad spectacle, I must be making of myself.
    However, in this lovely session Mistress Mia hosts a show where I am introduced to Lady Lucy and chosen to be her puppet, my conscious self-judgemental mind is expertly removed and I happily perform for the audience, a blissfully mindless puppet for Lady Lucy to do with as she pleases.
    Post the session I was very relaxed and happy, with a wonderful feeling of contentment pulsing deep within.

    I was very lucky to be able to join a competition set by Mistress Mia in the VIP guessing games channel over on THM Discord site, the task was to submit one or two designs for the THM Showroom cover of this session. Although I didn’t win the competition I was rewarded with a personalised copy of The Puppet Show, it is rewarding to serve Mistress Mia and so many ways.

  3. MicHam99

    Puppet show. Did that session yesterday, wow ! what a show, what a session! I love it, thank you Mistress Mia for it. My entrancing was very fast and deep as always now, can’t resist Mia voices!

    The magic of Lucy is powerful, beautiful and so perfect, my response is immediate! Her voices controlled me so easily. This is crazy I felt it all the way even more on stage, I mean the programming to be a puppet for Lucy. My harms was moving itself control by the music. Even with my eye open….. Was very happy to be chosen.

  4. Abe

    There was a strong presence of the hypno show from a few years back when it was released, like if I were sitting in the same chair looking on. Mistress Mia welcomed the cheering audience into the theater and did a wonderful warm up trance. The moment I closed my eyes and I started listening, I simply forgot that I was there, like it wasn’t important and that I just had to listen to her speaking. I was that deep. The warm up ended and I slowly got back to my seat, this was a wonderful sensation. When she brought Lady Lucy into the show, it was a totally new and different experience. We know the wonderful creations Mistress Mia creates, the characters in her own fantasies, but this new one here went deeper and faster than any other has ever gone. It will amaze me if Mistress Mia, Lady Lucy and Penelope got all together and hypnotized a crowd such as this ones. All of them hypnotizing, making us perform and being all puppets to entertain our very own selves, all of us in that theater being just puppets, doing cartwheels, running in mid air and dancing together all linked and connected to those threads in the hands of our Mistresses

  5. rabbit serro

    Pinocchio is a good word to describe the show for my luck my nose has not grown.
    Therefore i guess have doing right a Mistress is pleased.
    The Show felt so real had to look twice if I get a explosion.
    So magic awesome experience I loved it so much.
    Filled with bliss arousal and good vibes.
    thank you Mia <3

  6. Miaslave

    It is great session. I was smiling and had fun while I… or let’s say my body did what Lady Lucy want it to do and it was something I do not often normaly. Even with open eyes I had the feeling of be a puppet. Like always a few orders from Mistress Mia and I was deep down and I’m still wonder that Lucy had full control over me. Normaly it is only Mistress Mia that have so much control.
    So if you always wanted to know how a puppet feels you have to hear these session

  7. Abe

    Braxton, I read your review on this amazing session, thanks for sharing your personal experience. I’m still sleeping in my dream in that wonderful trance in an empty theater! Such a magical session. My review will be soon after I awake

  8. Braxton

    Magical. Calming. Enchanting.

    “Singing, dancing, such romancing.
    No beginner, you were born a winner.
    Got to know you, we’re all below you
    You’re a Star!”

    Tonight, Lady Lucy will grace the stage as Mistress Mia hosts this evenings special event. Welcome to the Puppet Show! A night of enchantment, magic, and of course, trance! Lady Lucy will be displaying her talents as a skilled puppet master. She’ll search the vast audience for a special puppet to help her in her performance tonight. Knock on wood, and hope she chooses you.

    Mia, may I have this dance? Dance can be a wonderful expression of self. It can also be an intimate moment shared with someone special. This was a magnificent experience. It only serves as further proof of your immense talent level. You make sure to put so much care into all of your projects, and the results are a true reflection of those efforts. Of course, the fact that part of this session was personalized makes it extra special. Thank you so much.

    Outstanding work Mia.

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