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Length: 40:25

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for The Reluctant Cuckold

  1. 836

    This session is one of my absolute favourites! I am a huge fan of the entire series, but this record holds a special place in my heart. I have listened to it multiple times, and each experience is as impactful as the first.

    During the listening I feel absolutely confident that I want my partner to feel pleasure with other men. That I would feel her pleasure too. Moreover, that I don’t need to have sex with her and to have orgasm myself. Her orgasms are better than mine. Her pleasure is more important, and she deserves to have it with many men.

    Highly recommend to anyone who cares about your partner’s sexual pleasure.

    Thank you, Miss Alexandra, for this great experience.

  2. Braxton


    The art of schooling is on full display here. Mistress Alexandra has a way with words and cadence that’ll make any guy succumb to her desires.

    This series is so good, and intriguing!
    Great job Alexandra!

  3. Abe

    This series is really amazing. Alexandra goes all the way with this sizziling leasson just as the previous two. Its no secret that I enjoy watching my lady getting fucked by different men, watching them work to bring great hights of pleasure and arousal, making her moan with each orgasm. My cuckold fetish is mainly in the mind, the safe way to experience this all and what better lady to imagine this with than the MIstress who rules the mind. Through the help of Alexandra I was able to dig deeper into this fetish and wonder I had of Mistress Mia that’s been here for a long while now. A vivid experience and somewhat out of body adventure with every listen, hearing Alexandra describing with delious detail of the happenings of the erotic encounters with Mistress’ bulls. I smile in deligh afterwards knowing that she’s recieving the pleasure her body craves, and me loving the fact that I’m a good boy just by accepting and loving my place.

    Mistress Mia deserves this pleasure and so much more…
    Hoplefully this continues somehow, the cuckold fetish, when it comes to THM, there’s is no better way to indulge yourself than Alexandra and Mistress Mia all in the safety of your own mind.

    Through Hypnosis you’ll love you

  4. Orella

    This is the latest session in the Compersion Therapy series.

    I very much enjoyed the first two sessions in this series, Compersion Therapy followed by Lessons in Compersion and now we have the opportunity to listen once again to Mistress Alexandra with the third session The Reluctant Cuckold.

    This session starts with Mistress Alexandra being quite forceful in her approach.

    This is a female lead relationship, submission to Mistress is key, submission is about what Mistress wants.
    Her pleasure is your pleasure, obedience is pleasure, being permitted to serve is pleasure.

    My journey here at THM has been a transition. When I first found THM I hadn’t realised that I had drifted away from my core desire to worship, obey and serve. I had drifted into seeking to explore my own hollow desires which is more the type of things where you would eventually end up seeking a service Dom. Fortunately for me Mistress Mia and the ladies here at THM guided me back to a more meaningful and fulfilling path.

    Mistress Alexandra’s has devoted many of her sessions to aspects of female lead relationships, a wealth of information and training to help a submissive boy to grow into a pleasing pet that a dominant woman would accept into her service.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, thank you for my ongoing education helping me to become ever more attuned to my place in a female lead relationship, helping me develop my focus and centring me on desiring to do anything to please, serve and strive for the pleasure of my Mistress above all else.

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