Length: 47:02

Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for The Seamstress

  1. RonC4880

    Never, have I ever experienced anything so intense. Become a deeply hypnotized and mindless play toy with no barriers, no resistance, no thoughts, just trapped in euphoric pleasure.

  2. Braxton

    This is a wonderful session!

    Great job Mia.

  3. Curiously Curious

    An incredible hypnotic journey, a pleasurable, sexy, hot, and very deep trance building on previous adventures at THM, and all created by Mistress Mia’s sexy voice.

    I have been helpless prey to Mia’s hypnosis since I first discovered THM, she has a style and a skill set that is unmatched. Under her tutelage, I have been taken into a world that is blissful, and each session seems to build on the previous one weakening my resistance, building Mia’s power, and leaving me floating in the pleasure of submission and hypnotic trance.

    I have been introduced to so many things by THM and found each one to be irresistible because Mia is that good a hypnotist, she has a unique ability to melt my mind into a puddle of submissive goo that renders me helpless to her suggestions.

    Over many hours of hypnotic trance, I find the idea of being a submissive toy for Mia such an alluring idea that when I read the description for The Seamstress I was already helpless to what was about to be unleashed by Mia’s voice.

    This session renders me into subspace and paints pictures in my mind that are so vivid that I am there, in the scene as it is created, I feel it, I experience it and I am being drawn back to it, a helpless moth to Mia’s flame.

    To compare this session with others at THM is difficult, the quality of the work here is indescribably good, but this session stands out as a true submissive fantasy, it feels like I have just passed the first part of an exam, and that Mia has just softened up my mind to take me deeper into this blissful submissive world of THM.

    As a stand-alone session, this is a masterpiece, as a continuation of a long-term theme it is captivating and as a promise of things to come, it is irresistible.

    Mistress Mia, I am ready for you whenever you want to play, I love this session and I hope it is only another chapter in this wonderful story of hypnotic submission that you are creating.

  4. lorenzo

    One of the many things I like about this particular session. It’s part of a bigger picture. Mia not only effortlessly follows up to her Snatch masterpiece but also uses elements of ‘no resistance to trance’ and ‘weak for hypnosis’ among other sessions. It is like a undercover serie of files that keeps on giving. Like beautiful pieces of art that form an even better art piece altogether if you look at it from a certain angle.

    Now on Seamstress specific: this is one of those files I just completely melt for. It has all the elements: a predatory confusion induction that just leaves no chance to resistance, a roleplay story that creates a trance within a trance and of course the result of being a mindless, smiling, hypnotized Toy for Mistress. Just waiting for playtime.

    If there is anything like heaven, this must be it.

  5. Orella

    In the description for this session, Mistress Mia, poses a number of reasons that I might listen to this session. I can happily confirm that all of the reasons apply to me.

    As a Gold tier subscriber, I normally have the pleasure of early access, on the Saturday, to new session release codes. For this session instead of early access I received instructions to please Mistress Mia by listening to ‘Snatch’ in advance of ‘The Seamstress’ being released to reacquaint myself with ‘Dollspace’. As an obedient pet I happily complied with her instructions and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I listened to ‘Snatch’ in ever increasing anticipation of listening to ‘The Seamstress’ on Tuesday when the VIP code became available.

    My anticipation was well and truly rewarded.
    Upon my first listen, Mistress Mia’s voice effortlessly took control of my willing open mind.
    I love being an obedient toy for Mistress to play with however she pleases.

    As the session unfolded time lost all meaning, I became increasingly disoriented, a happy submissive toy obediently lost in a swirling mind mist of confusion.

    I have snippets of memory flashes from the swirling mists of trance. A suit needing altered, an enigmatic seamstress in her shop, buttons, stitches, material, ragdoll, dummies for tailoring, vacant expressions.

    I really am quite blank on the details of a good chunk of the session.
    I distinctly recall words about a thick rubber girdle being slowly pulled up into place, completing my transition into a useful object for my Mistress the seamstress to use as she pleases in her shop.

    I am left with a compulsion to return to be a useful toy and object for Mistress to use and play with again and again.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for such a confusing journey into submission and trance, thank you for finding a way that I can be a useful and pleasing toy for your pleasure and amusement Mistress.

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