Length: 13:04
Voice: Scarlet

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6 reviews for The Siren’s Call

  1. Orella

    A lovely short session drawn into a world with these dangerous ‘mythical’ creatures who so easily seduce men who are unable to resist the tempting pleasures being offered by the thought of Siren’s.
    How can I possibly resist Mistress Scarlets sensual voice and why would I want to? I simply have to release all control to Mistress Scarlet, complete trust as I fall under her spell and sink down into desire to please and the intense arousal that this brings me.
    I am lost in submission as I surrender all control to Mistress Scarlet, my mouth watering with the deepest desire to taste, serve and please.

  2. Stinker666

    I can not help myself, but regulary listen to this session. Often right after a hot session without a release.

    It’s all about obeying and feeling her control. Even though not openly stated, this session does programm you and plants a trigger that she uses in other sessions.

    The short duration makes it a perfet session if you desperatly long for a release and – you may not notice it at first – it WILL strengthen her control ecch time you listen to it.

    It almost feels like a trap, that I constanly and happily walk into. Over and over and over again.

  3. Lukas Spilka

    Siren´s Call – intriguing name for a session, but not as intriguing as the session itself let me assure You my fellow hypno-wanderers…;)
    It is not very long session, but in this case the amount of time does not equal the overall experience You are going to experience after listening to this session. Mathematical terminology of Inverse Proportion can´t be more precise anywhere else. Less amount of time equals ten times more enjoyment here. Plus as a bonus – Scarlet really has the Voice of the Beautiful Sirens (or is she the real Siren maybe :O) – So captivating…. so hypnotizing … so soothing … I simply must follow her Voice into the waves of the roaring sea. Thank God I am not a sailor. I might be easily drown by Scarlet to the sea… Not that I would mind though… 😉 And lucky for us all… If Scarlet would decide to drown us in something it certainly won´t be in sea but in our own pleasure I am sure. 😉
    Enjoy guys… Scarlet The Siren has outdid herself in this session… as she does in every one she creates… 😉
    Five stars from me 🙂

  4. Michael

    This session is amazing, and it’s one of my regulars to listen to. It’s a quickie, and yet somehow it feels like an hour, because it manages to send me incredibly deep within just a few minutes, so that I am hanging for what feels like forever on each of Mistress Scarlet’s words into my eager, empty mind. And the reward for being a good obedient boy in this session is wonderful…

  5. Kevinp0

    The Siren’s Call may be one of Mistress Scarlet’s shorter inductions, but make no mistake, you can and will be drawn towards her intoxicating voice. She effortlessly pulls you in, and you are more than willing to comply. Relinquishment comes swiftly and willingly. It’s true what she says, a man is powerless in the presence of feminine authority. And she can prove it. Just say her name…

  6. Martin

    The Siren’s Call is a perfect description for Scarlet’s voice. I’ve often thought her vibrant, melodic voice would be the envy of the Siren’s of legend. They led sailor’s to their demise, Scarlet leads you somewhere else entirely.

    This session is kind of a quickie, with a unique backing track and Scarlet’s strong, seductive voice pulling me down, pulling me towards her… How could I possibly resist?

    Each time I’ve listened I remember a bit of the introduction, then awaken from trance to the pleasure, oh the sweet pleasure of heeding Scarlet’s Siren call

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