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Length: 30:07

Voice: Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Therapie voor de Onderdanige Man

  1. Braxton

    Sexy. Erotic. Calming.

    There is so much power in a voice. I’m always fascinated with the voice of a beautiful woman. But what happens if you don’t understand everything that she is saying? I’m my opinion, that didn’t matter. This session reminded me of a young woman that I met in 2016. She was beautiful. Long her black hair, a beautiful smile, an amazing figure, and a beautiful golden brown complexion. She was from The Dominican Republic. She spoke very little English, she was a Spanish speaker. Although we both spoke a little of each other’s language it wasn’t enough to carry on full conversations with ease. Fortunately for us there are more ways to communicate other than verbal. A more direct way… Body language. I had an incredibly intimate dream about this woman. In the dream, since we could not fully understand each other, we used body language to communicate.

    Mia, thank you for using your voice to captivate, entrance, and delight us through your amazing sessions. Your imagination is so wonderful.

    Great session.

  2. Zo little

    You know, there isnt much dutch spoken erotic hypnotic content out there. At least that I know of. Before Mia, the rare dutch spoken files were, to me, a bit awkward. Some phrases are just better in english.

    But then there is Mia…o mijn god Mia…

    Such cruelty to drop this one in the same month were I am on the cum calender…

    Hearing Mia in my native language, it just hits different. More then ever it feels like I’m with her in that same room. Drooling to her every word… Dutch Mia just feels so warm…save… seductive

    I can go on and on. Orella’s comment already showed that this can be a very special experience even if you don’t understand the language.

    That being said… if you are from the Netherlands then this one is a absolute must!

  3. Orella

    I have virtually zero understanding of Dutch, so these spoken words cannot be understood by my conscious mind.

    The ‘magic’ is revealed in that the melodic properties, intonations, pitch, pauses and even breath flow within Mistress Mia’s session convey deep meaning to the subconscious mind. Which is able to absorb so much that the conscious mind simply cannot perceive and incorporate what you need at the deepest levels of your core being.

    I was struggling to find adequate words to describe how this session made me feel.
    I think that Taighdupp’s post, below, regarding the primer on the THM Discord Gen Chat says it perfectly.
    ‘Loving the latest Primer on Youtube. Listening to Mistress in her native Dutch is like having my brain licked all over. I don’t know what she’s saying most of the time but it feels Soooooo good’

    The full session is………………

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