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Length: 36:51

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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20 reviews for Therapy for the Submissive Boy

  1. Little fly

    Mistress Alexandra’s voice has the power to put any submissive back to his place, that is kneeling at Her feet, begging desperately to be used by Her as a mindless toy, or as a devoted soldier in Her army of worshippers.

  2. Steven G

    This has been an amazing session with Miss Alexandra. If anyone is looking for a beginner sessions or looking to open up to there more submissive side like I have, this is an instant buy. I won’t reveal what’s inside, but she does outstanding work on helping you find you submissive side and help you grow into a more submissive person. Adding Mia’s foreplay is also highly recommended but not needed. The immersion did help me sink in and open up. I am personally feeling more submissive with each play and already wanting to be of some service to her in anyway I can for her.

  3. Attorney-at-Paw

    This session was very life affirming in that although I thought I had come to terms with my nature as a submissive boy, the truth is that I was not truly at peace with myself because I was still holding it in and not expressing it outward outside of the TheHypnoMistress. This file helped me realize that fear of judgment only holds me back and prevents me from experiencing all of the possibilities that life has to offer, so it is infinitely better to simply let go and be authentically submissive and upfront about it without being shackled by self-doubt. Thank you Mistress Alexandra.

  4. Braxton

    This file is excellent. I’ve listened to a few times. I love how Mistress Mia softens me up for Mistress Alexandra. She tells a story from her childhood detailing how she discovered her skills as a hypnotist that left me in a dreamy state. Unbeknownst to Mistress Alexandra I was sitting in another room across the hall listing in on her story. I was a little surprised to find out that Mistess Mia would call me out in front of Mistress Alexandra and allow her to now demonstrate her powerful skills of hypnosis on me.

    How do you think you would fair under the persuasion Alexandra while Mia watches?

  5. Darke One

    DM I just sent Mistress Mia:

    I just listened to “Therapy For the Submissive Boy” for something like the 6th time, and I noticed everything Mistress Alexandra was saying about me has been coming true these past few weeks.
    I increasingly have a strong desire to submit to a powerful, hypnotic woman (or women).
    I don’t remember what else she said to me…

  6. marcushavland

    This session is a beacon of hope. It just feels so powerfully healing. I am so grateful for Mistress Alexandra and the therapy she provides. I listen several times a day, every day.

  7. Usable319

    I am in awe of the power of Mistress Alexandra.

  8. RC

    I feel so weak and controlled.
    This is basically three inductions in one, with very powerful suggestions.
    From the time I first heard Alexandra’s voice, I knew I would belong to her…
    What a delicious journey!

  9. GuyC_UK

    Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra both have such Amazingly Beautiful Voices like Velvet, And Having Heard Mistress Alexandras Voice for the first time was just Amazing, soo Tantalising, it left me needing to hear Mistress Alexandra more and more, so i set it on loop and lost myself for a few Hours. saying it was a pleasure to listen to, is a huge understatement. i felt uncontrollable tingles listening to this Therapy Session. truly looking forward to Learning and Feeling more Sensations from ♡Mistress Alexandra♡

  10. Andi_S

    This session is the first time I listened to a session from a hypnotist other than Mia here on THM and I am really glad that I chose this one.

    Alexandra has a very sexy, powerful, and seductive voice and even though I had previously been reluctant to give my trust to to any hypnotist other than Mia, I felt no resistance to letting myself go and sinking into the care of Alexandra’s voice. The session’s setup with Mia being in the same room of course definitely helped.

    I am no stranger to therapy sessions in real life so I was pretty excited to experience a therapy session with a sexy hypnotic Mistress. The induction was one of the hottest ever and had me throbbing and took me so very deep. Alexandra’s incredibly hypnotic and sexy voice just commands attention and the outside world and any thoughts or ideas other than her voice and her words just completely disappear. And the therapy…just so hot. My hypnotherapist always knows what’s best for me…mmmhhh…

    So yeah, the session absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have listened three times already since I got it last night.

    I hope there will be more therapy sessions like this for boys like me. Submissive little boys like me need a hypnotherapist to help them sort out the mess inside their confused little minds.

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra for this wonderful session.

  11. Mike Wilbur

    i am new to TheHypnoMistress and pretty much blown away with my first experience. Mistress Alexandra’s voice is so alluring and sensual. i keep listening to this recording, not only to obey as a good boy, but because i love and crave having Her voice deep in my mind. Listening to each of Her words is pure pleasure! Thank You for creating this therapeutic session for submissive boys, like me.

  12. Isaias

    Let me just start, I’m new to the idea of being loaned out to another Mistress . This was a new idea that I got to try but with Mistress Mia saying it is okay, I felt I could enjoy this new experience much more. Let me say this, Mistress Alexandra blew my mind with this file!!! She has such a lovely voice, so easy to listen to and just do as she says. I find myself easily being submissive to her and I love this feelings she brings about in me. I highly recommend this session to anyone. I have started to listen to this file every day now, just to help me in my submissiveness. Thank you Mistress Mia & Mistress Alexandra for this excellent file!

  13. Shakara

    Even before I ever heard the voice of Mistress Alexandra I knew that a session with her would be fantastic. Why did I know it? I don’t know. Intention maybe.
    As the day come and the session was finally released I knew I should listened to it. I listened carefully, open minded and somehow eager. Mistress Alexandra’s voice seduced my mind instantly. It took me multiple attempts to find out how she does it.
    The answer is simple. It is her voice. Her voice is full of arousal and this arousal will enter your ear with every word you hear. It will infect your body. Your mind. And if you wish even your soul.
    Mistress Alexandra’s voice is not just arousing, but also quite calm and alluring. For some the combination of arousal and calmness seems to be not fitting, but that is the magic of a hypnotic voice. Calm voices let you sleep in. Arousing voices highten your attention. In combined they bring a very good feeling in trance.

    This session is quite more than a first session. This session is pure gold! The session is very good for beginners but also experienced hypno lover should add this session to their playlist. The theme is a classic therapist session with a lot of sexappeal and femdom.

    Let your mind melt to a puddle of blissful existence. I let it happen multiple times now and each time is better than the one before.

    5 out of 5, please Mistress Alexandra, please become a part of THM. Please let your voice seduce our minds even more and form us to the submissives we desire to be.

  14. Michael

    Loved this session. The idea of getting “loaned” as such to another dominant hypnomistress is itself pretty hot. And Alexandra did a great job getting me to drift so, so deep, and to want to go deeper for her, and to be one of her toy soldiers. I look forward to more sessions with her, to go deep with her, and to please her, because I want to please her, and to please her I just need to listen to her words and go deeper…

  15. Lorenzo

    First of let me say this . I have rarely been comfortable with going really deep for another hypnotist other then the one you are serving. Even when the hypnotist is ok with it, there is always this lingering feeling of guild. Alexandra and Mia completely obliterate any of that with an amazing introduction that have crawling to Alexandra before the actual session even started.

    And then the session on itself, oh my god.

    Remember those therapy sessions that are helpful but kind of lack that erotic playfull touch? This session most definitely has an abundance of both. Without spoiling to much I think this session helps with a problem that all submissive boys face irl.

    That being said the session also lets you want to Obey and be good for Alexandra. I think the amount of times you are going to rewind this one is prove of that.

    All phrase to Alexandra! Welcome in my mind as a brand new Hypnomistress. <3

  16. Orella

    Mistress Alexandria’s voice is beautiful, soothing and very sexy all at the same time. This session is a must for any boys who are shy with women or any boys that find it difficult to express their submissiveness to women.

  17. Kin

    I feel like an exited school boy after listening to Mistress Alexander . Her voice is so HOT! I just wanted to do everything she said so that I could keep listening as long as possible. I feel like I am head over heels in love. I know it is only because I have been hypnotized and given some suggestions but its such a strong sensation – AND I LOVE IT!
    More please Mistress.
    I know I should write a testimonial here, not a love letter to my sexy therapist but is very hard.
    Mistress Alexandra, I will be following your suggestion and listening to the Therapy session each day so I can become more an more comfortable with accepting the person that I am and want to be for you. I just hope that I can hear your voice again for more sessions.

  18. Abe

    I’ve never felt such a deep connection to a hypnotist that I have heard for the first time in a long long while. This is a big step for me. I love how easily I fell into a trance without any resistance. The introduction was all I needed to know that this new Mistress that Mia introduced would take hold of my mind at ease. They can play ping pong with me as their toy, as I go back and forth and I’ll be a happy boy.

    My mind accepted Mistress Alexandra pleasurable words right at the get go. Mistresss Alexandra uses her flirtatious methods to relax her subject. Her sexyness, classiness and her friendly approach is truly erotic. Her voice is so captivating so pleasurable.

    Mistress Alexandra helped me find an answer I have asked myself for a very long time. Maybe she will help you find the answers to your submissive self as well.

  19. Taigh

    Mistress Alexandra. I feel like a happy bouncy puppy after your therapy. Your treatment left me son the floor at your feet, a purring puddle of lust eager and so excited to listen again and again.

  20. David Shannon

    What a beautiful, sexy, arousing voice, and she knows just how to use it. Terrific delivery – she’s not just reading a script. I hope to hear much, more from Mistress Alexandra. Includes a wonderful introduction from Mia.

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4 years 5 months ago

I am looking forward for this session.
A new voice for my empty mind and a very hot topic. A perfect combination.

4 years 5 months ago

Tongue-fu has already piqued interest . As a veteran, perhaps a hot coffee for the interview would be in order. Yes?

4 years 5 months ago

Mistress Alexandra’s Soldiers… I really like the sound of that. I look forward hearing this entirely.

Kin Baku
4 years 5 months ago

Mistress Mia. I just listened to Mistress Alexandra’s Therapy for the Submissive Boy. I am that boy and I want you to know just how submissive I feel right now. Mistress Alexandra is wonderful. Thank you so much for letting her come and play with us at your amazing HypnoMistress world.

Kin Baku
4 years 5 months ago

Oh my gosh. I just realized that the whole time Mistress Alexandra was hypnotizing me – that you were were there watching on from across the room Mistress Mia.
That is an extremely arousing sensation. I feel like Ive been hypnotized twice over, Once by each of you. My legs are trembling.

4 years 5 months ago

Mistress Alexandra, Holy cow! That was really hot. I think I’m going to be needing a lot of Therapy. Your voice is silk and sex and left me wanting to do everything you told me – a lot.

4 years 5 months ago

So I hear Mistress Alexandra is making a comeback! This boy can only hope she becomes a permanent Mistress here at TheHypnoMistress

4 years 4 months ago

That would be awesome Abe. I love the way Alexandra’s voice makes me feel.

4 years 19 days ago

That was so incredibly hot…I love my new therapist Alexandra.

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