Lenght: 56:13
Voice: Mistress Mia & Girlfriends

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6 reviews for They All Know

  1. Taigh Dupp

    Those allowed into Femdom Court are forbidden from speaking of it. But the public file description for They All Know makes it very clear.
    “You will be used as our toy and you will find that you just love it. It’s what boys like you are made for, trained for”
    How true this is. To be used as a toy for such women as Mistress Mia and her friends is heaven, paradise for submissive boys like me.
    It feels so good to be used this way. So right and perfect.
    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  2. Orella

    This was another session where, just as with Pumping in the Pleasure, I had the privilege to have my first listen to They All Know during Femdom Court – Reflections.

    They All Know is the title, six gorgeous women on the session cover in the Showroom. I couldn’t help speculating on what do they all know?

    As Mistress Mia recommends, the best experience is achieved by listening to Please Mia and then Pumping in the Pleasure prior to listening to They all Know.

    What a wonderful erotic hypnosis experience this session is to immerse myself deep within.

    I love the feeling of being a toy for Mistress to play with.
    Dropping down as I am guided into trance, letting go and drifting into my open and empty state. Ready for whatever Mistress has planned for me.

    What a wonderful journey into becoming a perfectly obedient sex toy, brainwashed, milked to completely empty, conditioned and trained to exist in a persistent state of aroused rigid desire to please Mistress until she is satisfied, exhausted and finished playing with her sex toy, constantly ready to be used by Mistress Mia and her Girlfriend’s for their pleasure and amusement.

    The imagery in the session is delicious, I love the sounds of heels on hard floors and the voices of the other ladies, I am so proud to be a good toy for their pleasure and entertainment. An obedient pet existing to serve and please, how perfect.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this wonderful conditioning experience, thank you for the opportunity to serve and please you and your girlfriends. Thank you for permitting me become a pleasing sex toy dedicated to please and serve

  3. Jamesmac

    This is an incredible file on so many levels! First, it’s a submissive’s wet dream to serve a group of very dominant ladies. It had so many elements that I truly love such as CFNM, humiliation, and obedience training. I also appreciated the over all theme which is that submissive boys are to serve. As submissive males, pleasing dominant women should always be our primary focus and goal. Our pleasures should always be second. Finally, I also loved the training technique with edging, nipple play, and Kegels! I was so excited, but unable to reach climax. The torment and torture was so delicious and I was moaning, groaning, sighing, and even whimpering from the ecstatic pleasures I felt! I’m not sure if Mistress Mia is training us to have multiple orgasms, but it sure felt that way! Thank you Mistress Mia for this amazing file. I know I’ll be listening to it hundreds of times like I do with “Cock Tales”, “Mia’s BLCC”, and the entire “Klub Deja Vu” series!

  4. RonS8048

    Selected as one of the top toys, you are given the opportunity to show how well you have been trained. All of the preparation and practice could now be used to serve and for the pleasure of sexy dominant women. Humbly put on display, you will continue to practice the tasks that your mind-mistress commands.

    I recommend a daily review, listening to this file until the practice will make you a perfect sex toy for Mia.

  5. Braxton


    The induction to this session is simply one of the best that I’ve ever experienced. After experiencing total bliss, we find ourselves poolside, with beautiful Hypnomistresses in all directions that we can see. We quickly find out that we are there to serve them, in whatever capacity they want us to. We are also awarded with the opportunity to show them all what we’ve been learning to do to ourselves during Femdom Court.

    Phenomenal job Mia & The ladies of THM

  6. squealerson squealerson

    The sun was bright as I was led to the pool area by Mia. Her girlfriends were all there in well fitted bikinis. They all looked so beautiful with their smooth, tan skin and soft, ample bosoms. I felt exposed, and slightly embarrassed, as my naked body was paraded toward them. My hard cock made my arousal very evident, but the girls seemed to enjoy the view. They teased and played with another boy as my arousal grew. I so badly wanted to be in his place, to feel their hands pulling and stroking on my cock. My desire swells and aches even as I just think about it. I won’t spoil the fun but it keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Mia and her friends.

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