Length: 27:03 min

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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  1. Merlot diet

    Well Mia has picked us out of her toy collection and has got a few surprises for us…! We quickly learn that this is for Mia’s amusement, not ours, so it’s understandable and more effective that we’re taken beyond our regular comfort zones and maybe have our preferences challenged. And so it’s reasonable that we should follow the suggestions for how Mia wants us ‘dolled up’. Whatever is involved in preparing for this only adds to the trepidation. Once prepared, although it’s not specified it seems to me that lying face-down rather than face-up makes the most sense for the session. It truly puts the toy plaything and Mistress (or Goddess) in their rightful places even before her arrival.
    Even though we’re subjected to being feminised, there’s no wanton humiliation or degradation involved. I get the impression that Mia is just going to extraordinary lengths to satisfy her erotic playtime, and it’s our willingness to obey her that is most pleasing for her. If we truly play along and become her Toy Doll, then human emotions can be temporarily disregarded! Mia evidently enjoys toying with us, even tormenting us, but it’s very lovingly done. For the submissive it’s a dream of an experience that begins long before starting the main part of the session, and carries on long after it’s finished. And after the initial enjoyment of this playtime, it’s apparent that we could add some of the ‘props’ mentioned throughout so it can become more interactive and not just imagined. I’m pretty sure a sadistic Mia would approve and be even more amused.

  2. Danny

    I’m not really into the feminization fetish, however, Goddess Mia made an effort to create this session because there are those who are. Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter what I’m into. If Goddess wants to play, whatever the game, I play. There is no way to deny her. Her wishes far outweigh mine and if my discomfort leads to her satisfaction then I’ll endure it mindlessly and let myself be filled with the pleasure just because she says so. Submitting this way feels heavenly and the fact that she casually and without effort breaks through my comfort zone lets her shine even brighter in my mind.

    I love, really love, the suggestion to call her Goddess. Mythical beings with overwhelming powers, playing with the forces of creation. It’s the ultimate, verbal superlative to express devotion. Goddess gives birth to my thoughts, my thoughts create my reality, and thinking of her as Goddess ascends her to divinity and makes it real and leaves myself even more weak in her presence. From this moment on, after already going out of my way to get the outfit and makeup she asked for and, interestingly, some Ode a la Vanille to put on, my descend into surrender felt like my heart and stomach were pulled down by gravity. To physically prepare this to such an extend seemed to be an induction of its own. I felt stupid and strange to dress like this and put make-up on. But she capitalized on discomfort and insecurity and made it part of the flow. After all, every girl dresses her doll, and dolls don’t complain.
    Am I into feminization now? No. It will never reach the level of my major fetishes but when Goddess calls, servant follows.

  3. Safety Dance

    I imagined this session very vividly as I do with most sessions. For some reason being called a girl or doll in this case made me feel more helpless than I usually do, maybe it was the mixture of being bound and helpless to move as well. I felt like an object helpless to do anything and at Mistress Mia’s mercy the entire time and even for awhile after.

  4. Orella

    A richly descriptive session as you would expect from Mistress Mia, painted in intricate detail within my mind. I found being referred to as a girl pushed my submissive feelings even deeper than usual and being referred to as ‘Doll’ gave me delicious feelings of being an object to be played with in any way Mistress Mia chooses. The feeling of being restrained and completely unable to move at Mistress Mia’s mercy was very pleasurable and deeply arousing, as for what Mistress Mia did with her wet panties oh yes please, please, please.

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4 years 7 months ago

I love it when I have one of Mia’s Sessions downloaded, waiting there for me to dive in and submerse myself in her voice.That moment before you listen is just so wonderful, so exiting. Like having a christmas present to unwrap when you know there is some magical surprise inside ….. Here goes