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Length: 18:52
Voice:Mistress Mia

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10 reviews for Train of Thought

  1. tymissmayihaveanother

    I have been listening to audios for around a month, but in listening to this one, listening to each word carefully, I fell my deepest. I surrendered and I relaxed, I didn’t fall asleep, (because I have completely fallen asleep and woke up hours later), but had a real breakthrough. I obeyed, I sunk, and floated, and I tranced. Mistress Mia made me realize more about myself than I knew. She accepts me, and I understand I have a place here, at THM, I felt every feeling She suggested, and I will do anything for Her. She cares for Her good boys,, me included. I’m proud to obey Mistress Mia. I hope in reading this review, you too will listen to this audio and feel proud to be yourself for Her too.

  2. Andi_S

    This session feels so good to listen to. For most of my life I have not felt very good about myself. I presented an image of myself to the outside world that I believed was acceptable and would protect me from hurt and ridicule but my real, vulnerable self remained hidden. It is not a very healthy way to live your life and most certainly not one that will make you happy.

    This session as I understand and experience it is about learning to become more accepting of and confident about who you are and who you can be as a submissive man. Being on your knees, being vulnerable, offering servitude, allowing yourself to appear weak in front of a powerful confident woman, letting her dominate and control you…there is nothing wrong with it. It does not make you any less of a man. In fact accepting and enjoying these desires and qualities within yourself makes you stronger. I am so glad I listened to this session today and be reminded of this by my teacher and my guide and my Mistress Mia. It left me feeling so aroused and it definitely took some of the weight that I can sometimes feel off my shoulders. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  3. Darke One

    ^^^ what marcus said.

    Only after listening to this session several times did I begin to understand that my submission does not make me a weak man… but that it is a beautiful gift that I give willingly to my Mistress. In fact, my submission is one of my greatest treasures, and owning and accepting it makes me a complete man. We all have Yin and Yang within us. It’s a fact. Accept it.

    Thank you, Mistress 🙂

  4. marcushavland

    I read somewhere that when it comes to hypnosis, skill is sexy. If that’s true, then I think that it’s also true that compassion is beloved. While Mistress Mia is clearly a deeply skilled hypnotist, she also has a rare benevolence for her subjects. I reckon it takes a strong moral core to balance her hypnotic power with her compassion. In return for her compassion, she has a wonderful community of subjects who treasure her deservedly.

    This session encompasses a lot of what I feel and think about myself. For a long time these qualities caused me to doubt myself. But now I’m starting to reframe it all as something desirable. This session has been an extraordinary gift. Thank you, Mistress Mia.

  5. GuyC_UK

    Such a Mentally Strengthening Session, especially if you are just finding out you are Submissive to Dominant Women, like myself, and coming to terms with all the thought’s that run through your mind, this Session truly eases them, Thank You ♡Mistress Mia♡

  6. TimO

    I’m so thankful for Train of Thought. When listening to positive conditioners like this, as well as Mia’s references to her real life in the primers, I can sense that behind her persona there is an actual good person. It is only this intuition about her that enables me to continue going down this road. Otherwise I would be afraid.

  7. Orella

    I listen to this session several times a week. I love the interaction and repeating after Mistress Mia in my mind. I love the reinforcement that being submissive and surrendering to dominant women such as Mistress Mia is deemed to be a desired strength and recognised as such. This session leaves me with such positive feelings that I love to listen again and again.

  8. j

    This is one of my favorite sessions so far. She takes me so deep during our time together. I can’t believe how far I am able to drop while listening to her voice. This session will make you feel amazing and leave you in a deep subspace long after it is over.

  9. Andrew

    Train of Thought in-fact was one of those sessions that made it certain to me that Mia was the hypnotist and mistress I was seeking. There’s an ethics to this session. There’s a sincerity and feeling to this session that is so resonant and profound. Submission indeed is a strength and virtue – and as Mia suggests, its also about celebrating this natural identity and who one is. Mia in this session seems to foster it with such care and articulation, that to describe its beauty is beyond me. Thank you Mia for this wonderful session which will be treasured by me for long times to come.

    Can I also say I love how this session (it seems also with many others) is such an opposition to Cartesian distinctions. It’s embodied – celebrating no separation between mind and body – so that one’s submission can truly be identified as biochemically and cognitively as one Thank you for this celebration of a session, Mia.

  10. Taigh

    I am listening to Train of Thought as much as I can. It is really delightful. I love the part where I am instructed to respond out loud in my mind – hearing Mia’s voice as my voice is really reinforcing. In regard to the theme – being a strong person who understands that surrendering to a powerful women doesnt detract from that strength – I love that train of thought – thank you Mia.

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