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Length: 54:00
Voice: Mistress Mia & Amber

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4 reviews for Transfusion of Control

  1. mattintrance

    How did I get here? I can’t take my eyes off the mirror. The mental vision of Mistress Mia whispering in my ear, hypnotizing me so deeply. When my eyes flutter and close, I fall into an inescapable, irresistible trance. There’s nothing to fear from Mistress Mia’s hypnotic gas, or from the injections Nurse Mistress Amber is giving me. Two lovely Mistresses working their magic on a ward full of hypnotized, horny boys. Before my mind goes blank completely, I momentarily wonder about what sexy, devious plans the Mistresses have for the other boys they’ve lured to the Mobius Clinic today. Whatever those plans are, I can’t wait to come back and fall deeper under the influence of Mistress Mia’s calling, hypnotic voice.

  2. Braxton


    In this session, Mistress Mia, and Nurse Amber prepare us for Transfusion of Control. Duo sessions are always a treat, and in this fantasy we are seductively placed into trance. Confusion, arousal, and uncertainty filled my mind as Mistress Mia, and nurse Amber worked me over together.

    Outstanding job Mia & Amber

  3. Orella

    I am lucky that in real life I rarely go to see medical professionals. On the flip side here at THM I love to visit the very sexy doctors and nurses.

    This session is a deliciously pleasurable visit to the Mobius Clinic once again.
    Dr Croft is simply gorgeous in her white doctor’s coat as the authority figure totally in control of what happens to me on my journey ever deeper down one direction of rabbit hole towards irresistible trance as my conscious mind checks out and my subconscious mind goes into total compliance mode ready and willing to accept anything and everything that Mistress Mia chooses for me.

    The experience with Dr Croft in the ward is delicious. However, as I gaze into the mirror above my hospital bed there is another thread, another rabbit hole happening in parallel, another journey in an alternate direction.
    I am here in the ward, one of many boys, Dr Croft standing by my bedside, I am also there in the mirror with Mistress Amber, she is a magnificent vision, exquisitely clad in her tight latex nurses uniform, every curve, every detail driving my arousal to ever increasing levels of intensity.
    Nurse Amber is also in total control; I cannot resist as she renders me motionless and helpless with her heavy rubber straps.
    Aphrodisiacs and intensifying arousal follow, aching cock desperate to be touched, but that is not possible, shuddering mindgasms lost in aroused bliss.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, for such a pleasurable trip to the Mobius Clinic I loved being your compliant helpless patient. Please Mistress, please keep me in the clinic for ongoing observation and treatment.

  4. Abe

    What a wonderful place this Mobius Clinic is. A medical facility where patients can come over and over without ever needing to worry of a medical bill and where sexy nurses are all dressed in skin tight latex dresses and sexy long gloves.

    The Mobius clinic was first brought and mentioned at KVD where sexy experiments and procedures are performed to those admitted there, and this session proves that those sexy procedures do actually well for both the body and mind. There’s the person in the real world who sat there and listened, then there’s me the person being hypnotized by Mistress Mia and there’s that part of me who’s witnessing it all in a mirror, Witnessing how Nurse Amber ties me up t the hospital bed. My gown is the last thing to ever notice, as I’m just taking into two separate levels by Both Nurse Amber and Dr Croft. What a sexy thought of being overwhelmed by Aphrodisiacs as I’m taking it all in into my bloodstream making my whole entire body aroused like never before.

    If you’re a fan of medical fetish, medical play and needles, this is so good that by the time they’re done with you, you will want to experience it all again, and the best thing, HFOs and Mindgasms come and come. Amber and Mia have become my aphrodisiacs for cumming this way.

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