Length: 26:40

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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8 reviews for Trust In Me

  1. Braxton

    Enchanting. Nostalgic. Frightening.

    Have you ever been alone in the woods? I have, however I couldn’t begin to understand how much different that is compared to being Mowgli who found himself lost in a vast jungle, alone… Or so he thought. How kind of Kaa to slither along, and offer some assistance to our lost protagonist. Can you really trust a serpent? Mistress Mia as Kaa makes it virtually impossible to resist. Before you know it, you find yourself being lulled to sleep, resting helplessly in the coils of your new friend, because after all you may not be able to trust many, but you can trust Kaa for sure. Right?

    Mia, I think it’s safe to say that all of us who enjoy hypnosis can recall our experience when we first met Kaa. I know for me it was very fascinating! Watching intently with my eyes fixed on television screen just as Mowgli’ was easily seduced by Kaa. When Disney announced that there would be a live action adaptation of Jungle Book, I was thrilled to see how they would recreate this scene, especially knowing Scarlett Johansson was voicing Kaa. Let’s not forget, this isn’t the only time Disney used a serpent to hypnotize, and seduce a subject. Who could forget Jafar’s hypnotic staff in Aladdin?

    Great session Mia.

  2. Lance Hughes

    The perfect trance to fall asleep to, Mia’s seductive voice and song is enough to lull any man into a smiling blissful trance. Mia’s seductive voice is powerful enough to turn off the part of the brain that detects danger, which is perfect for a sexy snake looking for her next meal, she could tell you all about how delicious you are and how hungry she is and you would just dumbly nod along and smile, never realizing that you will be her willing meal.

  3. Lorenzo

    First of a female kaa or a seductive lamia are my 2 main hypnosis fantasies. I wrote stories and scripts about it and i think i’ve heard every recording that is on line regarding that subject. Given that ‘ahum’ experience i mustered up over all those years, i have to say Mia’s kaa version is the best one yet!

    She didnt just read the jungle book script in a sexy way. She ready embodied the sultry and cunning predator role. She makes it so that you really do want to trust Her even though deep down it could be your downfall . And when you do eventually fall under her spell, out comes Her playfulness knowing the battle is already won.
    Those two things: from trusting Her to going completely sillly and helpless to her playful commands…. I can’t possibly describe in words how good She does that.

    Thank You Mia.
    For making my deepest fantasy cum thru (again)

  4. Danny

    Onfortunately, there’s no English word for what we call an “Ohrwurm” in these parts. Being stuck with a melody that just plays on repeat in one’s head.
    Trust in me certainly has that effect.
    Assss the sssleepinducccing eyessss of Missstresss lull you into ssslumber and her voiccce whissspersss of trussst you will be happy that this time there is no Bagheera or Shere Khan around to disturb your last, eternal sleep.
    For this voice you’ll gladly take your last breath in the slithery, warmth of her coils while they tighten around your body.
    A beautifully alternated fantasy about a little man cub and a most alluring predator.

  5. Isaias

    A fantasy that I have always dreamed about experiencing and in this file you get the luxury of experiencing this fantasy with Mia’s beautiful voice. She really did an outstanding job on this. I can’t stress enough that if you are a fan of this scene from the movie you will without a doubt love this file.

  6. Abe

    Kaa would rather swallow you whole as she lurs you with care than to have a hungry caniving tiger rip you to peaces for dinner. Kaa knows the little man-kub won’t survive in the jungle with such beasts.

    “Trust in me” has been playing in my head over and over. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this session as much, but wow, it’s quite an adventure. Mia does an incredible performance here. A true snake charmer.

  7. Orella

    Even knowing my fate I could not resist the lure of those eyes, voice and coils.

  8. Thomas

    The jungle book with a different ending .. This time around you won‘t be able to escape a seductive predator (Shere Khan seems to be busy doing something else in this version lol). But is that really so bad?

    The fantasy here has been executed so well. Mia‘s voice acting is just great and she seems to love what she is doing here (to you ..)
    You can feel that there has been a lot of enjoyment in the creation of this file.
    The level of care, that has been put into the sound design, really shows too. It conveys the ‘Jungle Book-feel’ so well and the tone keeps changing accordingly, as the story progresses.
    I suggest looking up the encounter of Kaa and Mowgli in the original version of The Jungle Book before listening to this file, since there are a lot of nods and it is quite fun to compare it to Mia‘s personal spin on it.

    I am very impressed with the care and quality that has been put into making this as good as it is.

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4 years 8 months ago

I watched the Jungle Book maybe once, but I could remember the scene with Kaa pretty well, especially while listen to Mia’s embodyment of Kaa.
One of the things which impressed me the most was the background music, it felt authentic.
And Mia’s voice and her snake-like pronounciation felt a feeling of exciting back between my legs. Maybe there is another snake which wants to play with me, or I with it.