Length: 44:20
Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for Truth Gas Serum

  1. Abe

    Why would I ever want to fight or resist an agent such as Agent Mia? With her natural charm and seduction, she holds the ultime weapon to get into the minds of those who she wants, gets from them that what she needs or desires of them. Everyone involved here got devoured without even noticing; Me, her helpers in trying to take me down. An Agent from the past, perhaps more powerful and vicious than ever, but seductive as always. I spilled all of my secrets to her, feeling aroused and horny just as she intended to be, now a willing victim or servant to such dominating, intimidating woman such as Agent Mia.

  2. Tharasmund

    If not before, this session dragged me finally in the web of THM. Being captured to be manipulated into a weak , helpless plaything during this interrogation was really hot.
    Mistress Sophia and Mistress Alicia are just wonderful, in using her beautiful voices to build up the arousal in anticipation of the main interrogator Mistress Mia, guiding you through a deep trance – I could not escape – ending in a collapse, where nothing is important anymore. Just to dive deeper into this moment and reveal any secrets you might keep.

  3. Braxton


    I enjoyed this session so much. Admittedly I am a huge sucker for multi-mistress sessions, and this one was very special. We are treated to 3 ladies in this file. Mistress Mia, Sophia & Alicia. Duo, and multi-mistress sessions are always arousing to me. Knowing that I can’t resist one, much less 3 ladies working me over together only intensifies my arousal. The concept of her 2 apprentices dealing with me made me melt even before Mistress Mia entered the scene. What a wonderful session!

    Awesome job ladies!

  4. lorenzo

    The fantasy of having a hypnotist use her skills to acquire information out of a resistive victim is incredibly hot. And Ofcourse Mia totally embodies the role of the irresistible and persuasive interrogator.

    One of the most hottest part of this recording was when Selina and Angelina became collateral damage to Mia’s powerful hypnotic influence. Absolutely mindblowingly hot!

  5. Orella

    I always look forward to listening to any and all of the sessions here at THM as they are all exceptional.

    There is an extra special thrill each week when a new session is released from one of the wonderful ladies here at THM.

    From time to time there are sessions released where more than one of the THM Goddesses are to be found, this is just such a session as Mistress Mia’s session features Mistress Sophia and Mistress Alicia. A triple treat in which to immerse myself.

    This session is tantalising, from the session cover to the description in the THM showroom, the anticipation of being captive and subjected to interrogation is irresistible.

    The ladies do a wonderful job in their characters, Selina and Angelina in their attempts to break me and then they call in the legendary.………… (listen to find out). As Selina and Angelina say ‘don’t look at her eyes’.

    The mindscape of being confined for the interrogation is delicious, the sounds of heels on hard floors, the sounds of the mask being placed over my nose and mouth and then secured in place, the sounds of the hoses being attached and then the hiss of the truth gas serum all deepen and enhance the scene that I am immersed within.

    The first time I listened to this session I must have been overwhelmed by the gas as some point, I was jolted back into conscious awareness when I heard the words ‘cum for me’.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, Mistress Sophia and Mistress Alicia, thank you for interrogating me, I loved being helpless at your mercy. I loved the extra frustration on this session as I am a THM Chastity Pet and cannot touch or cum without explicit permission in advance. The aroused denied frustration is certainly very intense due to this session.

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