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Mia’s JOI files (16): 01:59:27

Scarlet’s JOI files (16): 01:40:10

Voice:Mistress Mia & Scarlet

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2 reviews for Ultimate JOI Collection

  1. Sean Archer

    This for me was somewhat disappointing! Although Mias voice is seductive as ever if you already own Masturbation Roulette as I do you will already have 8 of the 16 files that Mia does. I also think it’s ridiculous that Scarlets are almost word for word exactly the same as Mias. What is the point of having two different hypnotists saying exactly the same thing?! For the price it’s very disappointing I would advise to avoid.

  2. Orella

    There should be a start for each session however I cannot give this collection 32 stars, 5 does not seem enough for the gift of such incredible pleasures.
    I have experienced the 16 JOI files from Mistress Mia in this collection and I can definitely and without doubt tell you that they are mind blowing, well for some of them not just my mind. The level of arousal and the sensations as I was instructed how to touch myself was incredible, many of the files are tease and denial so arousal and desperation to cum becomes so intense that when you do get a file where you can release it is earthshattering.
    In this collection there are also the 16 files from Mistress Scarlet, a voice dripping with sensual sexiness that makes you want to cum the moment you hear her, I have not experienced these files but can imagine they are so very sexy and intense.

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