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Length: 53:17
Voice:Mistress Alexandra

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18 reviews for Unconditional Submission

  1. SneakySnake

    I think this might be my favorite audio file. It contains two elements that excite me the most: it is a conditioning file and contains forceful demands that Alexandra wants you to follow. Mistress Alexandra’s voice/attitude changes from being playful to demanding effortlessly catching you off guard. She also weaves moments of teasing, praising, and telling you where your place is.

  2. Matiqx

    It feels good to be a good boy.
    Thank you Mistress Alexandra

  3. Alter Ego

    I never really understood being submissive before I listened to your audio files. I do now and it feels wonderful.

  4. QuesterX

    Such an amazing experience, Mistress Alexandra really knows how to convince a man to bend to Her sweet but dominant voice. Can’t wait to listen to this therapy session again and feel all the blissful submission She so easily makes me feel when I’m at her feet.
    Thank you Mistress Alexandra

  5. Lance Hughes

    Amazing. Mistress Alexandra’s sexy and confident voice never fails to soothe me and put me at ease being a submissive boy, I also love how she can become so assertive and make me snap to obedience so quickly, and when she calls me a good boy I just melt into a puddle of grinning goodness.

  6. Braxton

    Intimate. Sexy. Captivating

    It’s time to go one on one with the sexy, and persuasive, Mistress Alexandra. Are you ready for submission to a powerful woman who exhibits the skills necessary to bring you to your knees? This is an overhaul of your subconscious mind with triggers, suggestions, and amazing mantras.

    Mistress Alexandra, first and foremost will you please forgive me?…I have had this file in my collection for a very long time now. Some sessions just get better, and better each time you listen to them. This is one of those wonderful sessions. This was a very intimate file between sexy dominant, and eager submissive. I absolutely loved every trigger, every suggestion you had for me in this scene. Goodness what an amazing trance with you.

    Outstanding Mistress Alexandra

  7. marcushavland

    Mistress Alexandra is a beautiful genius and a perfect human being. She should be the president of everything.

  8. Igor

    Thank you so much for the feelings, I’m so frustrated to please Mistress Alexandra with all of my heart. This is incredible, I’ve never felt anything like it. So much pleasure in obeying, so much… Thank you, Mistress!

  9. Yale Dupont

    This file belongs to the best. There are plenty of fantastic hypnofiles, but in this one Mistress Alexandra surpasses herself. Is it the theme, the approach, the technics used, well, It merits its five stars! It really brings you into an incredible pleasure of submission

  10. Usable319

    I really enjoyed this very much.

  11. Tim

    This session is incredible.

    Kneeling at Alexandra’s feet, being allowed to worship her and obey her is the most incredible feeling. When she commands me and I immediately obey, it feels SO good.

    This whole series of sessions that begins with Therapy for the Submissive Boy, and continues in Conditioned to Submit is very powerful. If you want to learn to embrace your own submissive nature and find ecstasy in obedience, get the whole Conditioning Collection and work your way up to this session.

  12. Bob

    this session is very impressive! leading you step by step deeper and deeper into the trigger of submission. well the word that comes to my mind is I am impressed… I would not have expected such an influence from the first listening. Powerful and wonderful! already rejoicing in listening it again and again… as well as other files from Goddess Alexandra

  13. Andi_S

    These therapy sessions with Mistress Alexandra are almost too tantalizing to bear. Even now I feel her voice calling from deep within my mind, taunting me, seducing me, commanding me to give in to my submissive urges, to admit to myself and to proclaim to the world that yes, I want and need to be trained to be a better submissive boy, I need to and I want to submit to feminine authority. A dirty submissive boy is who I am. And it feels so incredibly good.

    The way Mistress Alexandra uses her voice and her Goddess body to hypnotize me and condition me ever deeper into submission takes my breath away. The image of me kneeling at her feet, looking up into her eyes while kissing and licking her toes is stuck in my mind. This is where this submissive boy belongs. Kneeling and serving and obeying each and any command by my hypnotherapist Mistress Alexandra.

    I cannot wait for my next appointment.

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  14. Taigh Dupp

    My thing with hypnosis is… I always am looking to go deeper, to find a way to get further in and further down. I feel like Mistress Alexandra has shown me how with this session. Thank you Mistress.
    And finally I know there really is no bottom any more for me. I can just Submit unconditionally to Mistress Alexandra, which feels just so good anyway and listen to this session over and over and just drop down into a tunnel of pleasure that she’s opened up for me, like pulling a pulling the floor out from under my feet. Free falling into submission and pleasure and total, total surrender to the pleasure.

  15. Abe


    I don’t even know how to explain just how amazing this time therapy with Mistress Alexandra is.

    To kneel before a dominant woman and to be allowed to worship her heels and her legs in stockings is the most arousing experience any submissive boy will ever experience.

    I need more of this

  16. Orella

    I love interactive sessions as they immerse me so much quicker and deeper into the session.
    I have really enjoyed my therapy sessions with Mistress Alexandra, the thought of unconditional submission is so alluring and I cannot resist the draw of this session.
    I felt so pleased that Mistress Alexandra was pleased with my therapy progress, hearing ‘good boy’ from her beautiful lips stirred my emotions deeply and each time I heard this I became more aroused and as a result erect.
    Mistress Alexandra is so beautiful and I am like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ transfixed to her beautiful voice and her form as she moves, I cannot help myself I desperately want to obey and please Mistress Alexandra.
    I am so happy to helplessly respond verbally as Mistress Alexandra directs me to, I say the phrases and feel their impact deeply. I need to be controlled, trained to be more submissive and obedient in the presence of powerful women, my obedience makes me feel so much pleasure.
    Kneeling at Mistress Alexandra’s feet felt so right, I belong on my knees, I am so desperate to be given permission to worship Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet filling my longing gaze. I am so aroused waiting in submission, waiting obediently for the command to kiss and lick Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet.
    When the command is given to kiss and lick Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet, I automatically obey without question, my obedience bringing me so much pleasure and intensified knowing that I am pleasing Mistress Alexandra, Pleasing Mistress is all that matters and this brings me intense pleasure.

  17. Michael F.

    This is a wonderful session for anyone who wants to deeply submit to a dominant hypnotic mistress. Almost a full hour of listening, going deeper, and then listening and obeying at the feet (and legs) of a beautiful woman. This really is true bliss.

  18. Mark

    If you identify as a submissive and want to enjoy the delightful pleasure of surrender to a Goddess and her perfect blend of power, grace and beauty, there will be no greater leader and guide than Mistress Alexandra! Her voice will lead you on a submissive adventure that will leave you wanting nothing but to be the very best submissive you can be! Thank You Mistress Alexandra!

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