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Length: 22:06
Voice:mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Valentine’s Pampering

  1. sublunar

    This is one of my favorites. Mia takes you through a delightfully detailed scene of gently and lovingly pampering your mistress–from bathing her, to drying her, to dressing her. It’s very intimate and relaxing and really highlights the gratification a sub derives from caring for and sacrificing for his domme.

  2. Abe

    With Mia’s current opening of Hypnosis is Bliss, her sessions have become much more enjoyable and deeply intimate. Seeing her talk, her facial expressions, her beautiful hair, her hypnotizing eyes takes you right there with her at any given moment. Though I had heard this sesión before, I know that it will come to me differently and even more special than my previous times as I become a servant, bathing and caressing parts of her body in the most tender caring way. Today is Valentines Day and what better way to show my Mind Mistress how her own gentle and caring conditioning has been transmitted to me. It will be an honor.

  3. Mia’s beast

    What did you do on hallmark holiday? Buy your girl flowers? Candy? A teddy bear? Take her to dinner?
    Cute, but honestly, what does any of that really do for her mind?
    Come in, and find out what a powerful, dominant Mistress such as Mia, should have every day, AND on valentines day.
    Try not to gasp too hard as Mia takes your mind, and makes you shudder, your mouth dry, and yes, you very well may gasp at the Goddess before You, as You serve in obedient bliss.

  4. Braxton

    Sweet and Intimate.

    What could be better then spending the day pampering your special lady, showing her so much love.

    Naturally I am a man who indulges in sensual touch, and acts of service for my woman. I think I may enjoy giving her a full body massage just as much as I enjoy receiving it. I love to explore her body. I genuinely care for her pleasure.

    Such a lovely session.

  5. Taigh

    A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to join Mistress Mia for one of her very special Live Trance sessions with a small group of other subjects. The experience was sensational, that feeling of floating like a leaf down a river, held aloft on Mia’s voice, being carried wherever she wanted to take me. When the event was over, I listened to Valentines Day Pampering, as all I wanted to was to be able to spend just a little time in the glow of Mistress Mia’s voice and her presence.
    Oh my god. I felt every word she spoke like a sensual caress against my body, the sense of being right there serving Mia, pampering her, worshipping her divine beauty was so strong and so wonderful that I know its something I will never ever forget. And now every Valentines day I feel myself taken back to the memory of those feelings.

  6. Orella

    I really enjoyed pampering Mistress Mia in this session, making sure that Valentine’s Day was totally devoted to her pleasure and enjoyment gave me such a feeling of pleasure in knowing that my Mistress had been thoroughly pleased.

  7. Shakara

    A session of you serving your beloved Mistress, to make her look beautiful as she is.
    Mia teases you with enjoying her own body while you are kneeling right next to her. You are so close, but you are an obedient pet for your mistress and do everything to serve her in the right way.
    I love this serving session, maybe I have a little hair fetish.

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