Length: 35:23
Voice: Mia

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4 reviews for Vanilla

  1. Andi_S

    When I first joined The HypnoMistress I sometimes heard boys mention Vanilla and how this scent has a special meaning to Mistress Mia and to them. If you want to find out why, you should listen to this session. It is a beautiful and very sexy piece of hypnoerotic art and a good example of how Mistress Mia can leave you so incredibly eroticized and satisfied yet yearning for more without ever having you touch yourself. Highly recommended for every lover of erotic hypnosis.

  2. Orella

    So deeply under Mistress Mia’s control and drawn helplessly into the mindscape that she weaves, I would love to spend forever in this session restrained and helpless with my senses of smell and taste filled with the scent of Mistress Mia teased and so desperate for more and more.

  3. Shakara

    An advanced session, where you drop fast on your knees for your Mistress.
    Then she will decide what to do with you. The scent of vanilla will not just fill your mind, your body will be controlled by vanilla.
    After the session you will undesirable yearn for vanilla and so for Mistress Mia’s control.

  4. Abe

    This is one of Mia’s most intimate sessions that will leave you feeling aroused, in need for more. The most incredible thing about this session for me is that, even though the scent of Mia’s body sprayed with vanilla was physically away, in my mind, it was right up in my face and mouth. I inhaled her cloud and licked her silky robe and at the end, I was left aching and longing for more.

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