Length: 47:50

Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for Voet Slaaf

  1. lorenzo

    Since we have such excellent english reviews already. I’ll do mine in dutch for all of Moa’s dutch fans.

    Ok dus ik blijf het zeggen. Wij hebben als Nederlanders zo ontzettend veel geluk dat waarschijnlijk (voor mij in ieder geval sowieso) de beste erotische hypnotist tot nu toe Nederlandstalig is.

    Gehypnotiseerd worden in mijn moedertaal is gewoon zo geweldig, zo sensueel. Ik denk dat ik al 15+ jaar na engelstalige hypnose luister, maar bij elke Nederlandse audio van Mia voelt het alsof het weer de eerste keer is dat ik hopeloos in de macht van haar stem val.

    Ook met deze specifieke audio voelt het zo nieuw aan allemaal. Maar tegelijkertijd ook zo ongelofelijk realistisch. Alsof ik in mijn eigen huiskamer voor haar aan het knielen ben terwijl ze me plaagt en verwend met haar verleidende voeten.

    Ik heb niet eens specifiek een voet fetish maar als Mia zo tegen me praat zoals ze in deze audio doet loop ik te kwispelen voor de kans om haar voeten alleen al te zien. Laat staan aan te raken of zelfs te proeven. Alles voor mijn Meesteres Mia.

    English word for word translation: Mia is awesome and needs to be served at all costs 😉

  2. Braxton

    Sexy. Relaxing. Arousing.

    Mia’s native tongue, and my virgin ears. For a long time, I’ve been fascinated with accents, and multiple languages. I love to listen to a woman in her native language.

    Mia, you talents are on full display once again. Who wouldn’t fall for a beautiful woman with the power to seduce in multiple languages.

    Outstanding Mia.

  3. Abe

    When you give your devotion to a powerful dominant women who you trust, a special bond forms through time. When you allow a voice that seduces you and entrance you slip into your mind, that voice becomes the center of your universe, it becomes the universe that forms and builds deep inside you. When you give yourself entirely to Mistress Mia, she becomes your world, it’s all you’ll see and hear. Though this session is in Dutch and I can only guess the words spoke through imagination, I’m able to see, hear and observe the words that Mistress speaks. It’s a wonderful thing really, where listening to her voice without a meaning feels incredible and extremely arousing. Any language she speaks, I know there’s a few, the words she speaks have the same meaning here inside my mind. Arousal. An arousal I’m able to see, hear, touch and most importantly, understand.

    I love this feeling and that’s all I need to understand at the end of the day. I love sinking deep in her mothery wet tongue

  4. MicHam99

    Voet Slaaf; Even if I don’t speak Mistress Mia native language “Dutch”, it really doesn’t matter, because Mia Voice and tones bring me somewhere else, somewhere deep. It’s like a beautiful song. It really have a calming effect on me.

    At some point I was able to understand when Mistress was describing her perfect body, sending me deep in trance or getting me out of it.

    I don’t want to be repeating but can’t resist saying that Mistress Have the most beautiful, irresistible, sexy voice. Who can resist? My mind melt completely each time.

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity having 5 sessions this October. I feel so lucky.

  5. Orella

    I can’t write a long or detailed review of this session, not because I don’t want to but because of my lack of Dutch language skills.

    Mistress Mia is quite the linguist, there is not even the slightest of hint of a non-English accent. Her English characters are flawless, her normal more international type of English is also flawless, as is her French, German and who knows how many other languages in her repertoire.

    There is something special about listening to Mistress Mia’s words in her native Dutch, I loved listening to her first two sessions in Dutch and with this third session I am thinking that a playlist is in order so that I can immerse myself in a delicious treat on a regular basis.

    It doesn’t matter that I hardly understand any of the words, that is a failing of the conscious mind and it’s need for complex communication. My subconscious mind picks up on so much more, the tones, nuances and melodies convey so much at a deeper level that is absorbed at a core level.

    Please Mistress, please create more sessions in your native Dutch language, I would love to add to my playlist and float away into bliss lost deep within your enchanting voice.

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