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Length: 17:03
Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Weak for Hypnosis

  1. mattintrance

    There is no such thing as hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It must be true, because Mistress Mia tells me so. The only reason I keep coming back is because I love the sound of Her voice, especially when She speaks words like “hypnosis,” “hypnotized,” “hypnotic.” It just feels good to hear Her say them, and I don’t want to hear otherwise. She tells me how I can easily avoid the effects of the flashing lights, the little visual and aural traps that She may or may not be setting for my mind. Maybe She understands that my conscious mind remembers the images of hypnosis that have always been there, on the surface, leading me to look around with curiosity, knowing that I can’t be hypnotized unless I want to be, and after all, I’m probably just hypnotizing myself anyway. So my subconscious leads me to Her trap, as Her happily enslaved partner, because it knows how good it feels to fall. And it knows that once I fall, I’ll be deeply asleep, I won’t ever need to know that I’ve been deeply under Her spell for so long. No. That part must just be a dream. I know it was, because it disappeared instantly, with just one snap of Her fingers.

    142 ARA

  2. Jack

    Hypnosis to improve the power of Hypnosis, and thus strenghthen the control of your Mistress. I struggle with a distracted mind after busy and stressful days, and I turn to my Mistress for relief and comfort. This file stops those cluttered thoughts from holding me back from the submission and trance I desire. I can finally let go, and properly surrender. And I get better every time, thanks to Mistress Mia.

  3. Catie

    Love this & No Resistance To Trance.
    Just sad there isn’t a 3rd, 4th, & 5th file in this string. 🙁

  4. Braxton


    This session is short, sweet, and beyond captivating. Mistress Mia proves again, and again that we are whatever she wants us to be. I was triggered by this session, and immediately fell for Mia.

    Great session Mia.

  5. Abe

    Some have given me a warning into to hypnosis for the time I’ve been trancing. Don’t give total control to the hypnotist, don’t allow your mind to become empty…

    I didn’t know why they said such things until now. They simply believed that such “Hypnosis” existed. Most mainstream hypnosis explain things that are out of my knowledge and most things talked about having an out of body experience, for me everything happens inside the mind though imagery and imagination, the purpose of hypnosis most times are in a medical stance, yeah, Hypnosis is used that way and While I have no interest and need being hypnotized for any other reason, I do like to relax and listen to Mia whenever I feel the need, The desire and craving. Much of what happens when I’m in a trance makes me feel wonderful, blissful and often times very aroused. Yet trances occur through hypnosis… or do they really? This session confused me a little, but it also confirmed a few little doubts that I have came across while enjoying “hypnosis”

    But then I have to stop and remind myself, There’s no such thing as Hypnosis…

  6. Orella

    I love the stunning cover art in the Showroom for this session, so special knowing that I am looking at an image of Mistress Mia.

    I very much enjoyed the great reviews already posted for this session from Andi and Lorenzo.

    I found Mistress Mia and THM less than four years ago, pretty much everything I know about hypnosis and trance I have learned here at THM.

    I have for as long as I can remember enjoyed zoning out, daydreaming and letting my conscious mind go wandering off whilst my subconscious mind does its own thing.

    Listening to Mistress Mia’s voice is always such a pleasure, I am completely open to her words and love how they soak through me and are absorbed deep within.

    I cannot help smiling after listening to this session, the words ‘There is no such thing as hypnosis’ reverberating in a swirling spiral on the edge of my awareness. Those same swirling words that drew me in and took me deeply down into a hypnotic trance.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this wonderful session and everything that you do to make THM such a wonderful place.

  7. lorenzo

    There is no such thing as hypnosis… there is no such thing as hypnosis… Its silly trickery… with watches, spirals and crystals. So obvious to an experienced subject like me it reminds me of hypnosis, but it would never take me like Mia’s voice does. I’m so glad Mia, as an experienced hypnotist, acknowledges that there is no such thing as hypnosis to my mind.

    And its not like I gave a 5 star review to this session because it was very hypnotic, because there is no such thing as hypnosis. The 5- star reviews that I automatically give to everything connected to Mia is just the result of her gradual changes, manipulation and molding of my mind over time.

    Almost like I was hypnotized to do such things. But there is no such thing as hypnosis.

  8. Andi_S

    No Resistance to Trance and Weak for Hypnosis are perfect. Mistress Mia has me drunk with arousal and the thrill of being hypnotized and mind controlled. For me these are some of the most exciting sessions ever released on THM.

    I love for a hypnotist to have a good heart but to be tempted by the arousal she feels when she gives in to her darker side. Her need for power and control. You feel that you can trust her, you feel that she is strong and responsible, and that your mind is in good hands with her. But at the same time…maybe sometimes you feel a hint of a doubt. Just how dark is her darker side? Just how far is she going to take this game? Is she using my trust to manipulate me? And what if I find out the answer is yes? Would I be able to resist her?

    In this session, Mistress Mia tells us that we will be manipulated, changed, and even broken. Why does this arouse me so much? Why am I begging her, yes, please, Mistress. I need it. Please take me. Use me. Give in to your dark desires. Use me as an instrument to express your power. Toy with me. Control me. Break me. Were these desires in me all along or have I been manipulated into believing this? Just how much has my Mistress already changed me? Just how tight has she fastened her chains around my very thoughts, and beliefs, and desires? Just how weak am I for hypnosis?

    Maybe, if you listen to this session, you will find your own answers to these questions. Or maybe some questions are more interesting the less you are able to answer them.

    Mistress Mia. Weak for Hypnosis is incredible. Thank you so much for hypnotizing me and taking me along on this incredible journey.

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