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Length: 44:50
Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Whispers of Weakness

  1. mattintrance

    Typos and other errors in the review below are the result of a scrambled brain. Apologies to all.


  2. mattintrance

    Shhhh… Out like a light. My mind is swirling as I write this. Mistress Mia got so deep into my mind with this session, that I’m virtually speechless. The easy way to describe what Mistress did to me is confusion. But I have my doubts about that. I’m not sure what it was. There were no attempts to misdirect me that I can recall. But my mind, my world, my very being were spinning around and around; over and over, sweeping up every one of Her sweet suggestions. I also felt drained of will. Very literally drained, as if Mistress’s delicate hand touched the back of my neck, and pulled a little plug that sent everything flowing out. I know that She’s done this before, and that it’s been reinforced by intense conditioning that many of us have undergone recently, but this was an actual physical sensation unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

    The induction in this session was remarkable, and when Mistress told me that the seduction began with the first syllable, I was in position to doubt Her. Then she took me deep and deeper with what may have been the most beautiful countdown that I’ve ever experienced. Eyes open, eyes closed, odd, even. Being taken down so deliciously slowly, with so many embedded and overt commands, that I forgot that there was even a count. Until the next number, when I followed Mistress’s commands perfectly, automatically. Every time.

    Amnesia is always an impactful experience, and I’m definitely experiencing it now that I’ve awakened, at my own pace and in my own time, exactly as Mia suggested. Sometimes I’ve thought that amnesia was something of a parlor trick for some hypnotist, too often seen as an end in itself, although a very pleasurable one when utilized effectively. Here, though, I almost feel like Mistress used it as way to protect Her valued subjects and our minds, because the experience of this trance was so powerful as to be overwhelming. Beautifully done in every way.

    Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me. I want to do my very best to be one of Your bravest boys, so I can relive this experience over and over.

  3. 456

    I have no idea what was whispered to me during the session, but at some point i actually felt that I was standing or lying on a beach somewhere, it felt so real that i opened my eyes and had sit up in my bed to check i was actually still in my bed 🙂

  4. Andi_S

    This session is like a dream. My memory of it is hazy. Moments and feelings that I suppose most somehow be connected but that do not seem to follow a particular order. Phases of a sort of mindless confusion and a few distinct moments of clarity. Like suddenly sitting at a restaurant table with Mistress Mia but not remembering how you got there or what happened after. I can’t quite put this feeling into words but this is how it must feel like to be utterly, completely mind-control by your hypnotic Mistress. I know this kind of scenario from many erotic mind-control story and the way Mistress Mia was able to recreate this feeling in such a real and beautiful way is just incredible. You are such an amazing hypnotist, storyteller and artist. Thank you, Mia, for creating this wonderful session and letting us experience such an exciting fantasy.

  5. Mrtitanicbuff

    All 493 can say is I love being hypnotized by Mistress Mia. There is nothing like it. I love being hypnotized by Mistress Mia

  6. Braxton


    Whispers of Weakness: The Perfect Night was an extremely comforting session. Being addressed as a sweet submissive boy from Mistress is always so reassuring, and it feels good. Over the years at The HypnoMistress, Mistress Mia has pealed back so many layers of my tough exterior and allowed me to simply let go and relax under the care of her and her girlfriends. This mindscape was right on time, and it was exactly what I needed.
    Thank you for the immersive elements that were added to this session to make it that much sweeter.

    Great work Mia.

  7. Maarten

    Whispers of weaknesses.
    So beautiful en seductive.
    And when Mia casual saying Sleep in a sentence i drop and lose or do i?
    I surrender and obey and get lost in her words.
    Every “Sleep” gave me shivers a special experience and drops me deeper where Mia is playing with my mind and having fun.
    Thanks Mia

  8. Orella

    I hear the words ‘Hello my sweet submissive boy’ fill my ears and I feel so filled with the pleasure of Mistress Mia once more being in my mind.

    Such a tantalising prospect or should I say prospects are dangled before my eager imagination of what could be so many deliciously desirable possibilities.

    Down, down deeper down I go. Enchanted and captivated by Mistress Mia’s voice, exquisitely lost in delicious surrender to Mistress Mia.

    I sink ever deeper on a sea of obedience and endless pleasure under the control of Mistress Mia.

    Delicious whisps of memories of a wonderful date night with Mistress Mia. Glimmers of a myriad of perfect moments in Mistress Mia’s presence.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this ever so deep journey into the bliss of pleasurable obedience to you Mistress. A perfect night for me to dwell deep within, delicious obedience, losing to You, the perfect Mistress, weak to you in every way my irresistible Goddess.

  9. lorenzo

    The scriptwriting of Mia needs to be studied. Even while heavenly hopelessly hypnotized I noticed the absolute brilliant wordplay in this immersive fantasy.

    I think an 1 on 1 irl date with Mia along with what might transpire on such a date is the ultimate fantasy of nearly every sub in THM. I would be lying if it wasn’t mine.

    Mia not only understand this fantasy of our obsessed minds she actually adds to it. The level of mesmerization, seduction and intimacy within this dreamlike experience is better than my wildest fantasy.

    Not to mention the delicious delirious confusion this recording brings. In the I’m not entirely sure if this date night audio might be based on real events that simply have faded from my memory.

    One thing is for sure. When it comes to date nights I am Mia’s little winner again and again..

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