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Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Who Do You Obey?

  1. mattintrance

    I am in Mia’s shackles. Safe. Deeply asleep. I obey Mia. I obey Mia. I obey Mia. As long as I am in Mia’s shackles, there is no escape. Mia is my world. I am completely at Mia’s mercy. Thank You for doing this to me, lovely Mistress.

  2. River

    There are rarely any times in our lives where the word transcendental means anything. But that’s the word I’d chose to describe this session in a single word. The core of who I am is triggered and snatched away from my very self. And I sincerely believe that I did not have a choice in the matter. But one might read that and ask, “How is it possible?”. And I’d be asking the very same question before the session. But it is not my place to question or to think or concern myself with anything. All I want to do is live the experiences Mistress has created for us, surrender and obey in the safety of her power.

    Others did a great job describing the session in their reviews and did a fantastic job at that. But none of it will ever stand up to listening to it for yourself.

    Mistress Mia, thank you for the sublime experience.

  3. Braxton

    Fun. Exciting. Erotic.

    “Who do you obey?” Answer in nutshell is Mistress Mia, and whoever she delegates to play with me, or use me for their pleasure, and amusement. Mistress Mia has often talked about how much she loves anticipation, and it is displayed perfectly in this amazing session. She is awaiting your arrival, as she guides you to her voice. You inch closer, and closer to her. Once she has you, its time for her to have some fun with you while she conditions your mind… Reminding you of who you obey….

    Mia I loved this session so much. It is incredibly sexy, and when I first listened to it was the perfect time for my mind to be conditioned even more to your control. I got my first taste of this session while serving as ‘Mia’s Caged Puppy’. I absolutely love it.

    Fantastic work Mia.

  4. Abe

    There’s a deep level of connection here, a union of two souls who meet in the depths of trance in a world of darkness. Though this world is so much different and the darkness represents freedom, compasion and calmness. My brain often brings unpleasant memories of weeks from the past, but my subconsious mind remembers who owns my thoughts and my mind, and it was through here, in this session that Mia once again settled and sat at her rightful place where she belongs, but I had to take the necessary steps to reach her, to reach her wonderful playground where she plays to her amusement. I remember my body feeling tired unable to move as she slowly talked about her strong shakles locking my small weak wrists, then my legs seemed to be stuck in a very comfertable position as I layed in my bed.

    Its a feeling I missed, the feeling of feeling safe under Mia’s words, her playful ways as she takes me deeper into trance. I’m happy to have experienced all these feelings while listening to this session. I truly felt powerless, weak unable to do anything but to listen to Mistress talking about her shakles, how they often can make a submissive boy feel wonderful and safe, and this is more than true. Having my body locked this way is the greatest freedom that my body and my mind can ever experience.

    She has done a few bondage sessions in the past but this one truly takes a step further to how real it is to be with a dominant but caring Mistress, being taken completely by her, were minds met and souls are touched. She touched my soul, yet again and this is the greatest feeling ever. The gift of being shackled and safe is given here.

  5. Andi_S

    It is no secret. I have fallen for Mistress Mia. If this were an official contest or something I would have to recuse myself but it is not so let me tell you that this session is an incredible piece of hypnoerotic art.

    Submission. What role does it play in your life? What feelings does the word evoke in you? I know in my life my earliest sexual fantasies were of a submissive nature. But for a number of reason I never got to experience them for real. So in my mind they lived on as a hot fantasy. Stories or pornographic movies with depictions of submissive acts turned me on sometime. Also mind control stories. And I did listen to erotic hypnosis as well. But is was more the concept turned me on. The idea of it. I would not have dared to express these desires. And I could not have trusted anyone to give them power over me.

    What does that have to do with this session? I believe this is the kind of session that can transform submission from an idea that turns you on into an experienced reality. It is that damn good. How does it feel to have a bond of trust with someone to the point that you would feel comfortable with giving them total control over your body? How does it really feel to (safely) be at someone’s mercy? How does it feel to be bound and shackled by a powerful, sexy Goddess?

    Again and again I am so impressed and just blown away by how immersive and how emotionally real Mistress Mia’s hypnosis can be. Incresingly as the session went on I felt so weak and powerless. So completely owned and controlled. And these are words. But the emotional depth and the intensity behind them is so profound. And yes, it has to do with the ability of a subject to let go and trust. But these experiences are deliberately and expertly created by Mistress Mia. Every little detail from very little sound you hear to the very careful choice of words to the intonation of every last syllable is part of a composition. The skill, the psychological expertise, and quite frankly the passion that goes into these sessions and this session in particular is absolutely incredible. Mistress Mia is a world class artist bar none. And I feel so well cared for under her guidance. I am so lucky to have met her.

    This feeling. I have no words to do it justice. And yes, it is “just” a hypnosis session. I am actually lying in my bed. But the emotions she is able to invoke in me with her voice and her words and her hypnotic power – it is the most intense, most beautiful thing I have ever felt my entire life.

    I started by asking what role submission plays in your life. This feeling of submission. This beautiful feeling of being subservient to and under the control of a sexy, powerful Goddess. I feel a sense of belonging, safety, deep trust, admiration and awe, and a kind of deep happiness and contentment from pleasing her and being aligned with her will.

    I do not know if I fully grasp it. I am trying to put it into words what this session made me feel but I am not sure if I can do it any justice at all. Maybe I am also forgetting something. I am getting a little dazed trying to remember more specifics from the session. I wanted to write this smart and elaborate text but I feel now I am getting derailed. The more I think about the session the more difficult it becomes to you know, keep thinking.

    What I definitely do know is that through these experiences I now more than ever before feel in touch with who I am. And I feel that Mistress Mia’s playroom is the place where I can be truly free because nowhere else am I as free to be myself. By the end of the session waves of intense pleasure and arousal were running through me and I felt so weak and powerless, so in awe of Mistress Mia’s power, so completely willing and ready to obey her and let her do with my mind and body whatever she pleases. This is what I want in life. This is what I need. I wish to be a mindless obedient plaything for Mistress Mia. I need to be shackled and under the control of Mistress Mia. Thank you so much Mistress. I wish to learn more. I will return to your playroom as often as I can.

  6. Orella

    I love this session, a simple question ‘who do you obey?’ and the only simple reality of my answer is ‘Mia’.

    The foreplay is such interesting fun and I love listening to Mistress Mia lost in her voice as she talks about her thoughts, interests and observations across movies, art, literature and poetry. So thought provoking and such fun to listen to. I am happily and helplessly caught in her collection and love every moment under her control.
    How I long to be enticed into Mistress Mia’s playroom, willingly shackled and completely helpless for her to play with as she pleases. When she asks the question ‘who do you obey?’ my automatic response as an obedient pet is ‘Mia’ of course.

    I am so aroused from the foreplay and as the session begins, I am already lost in Mistress Mia’s voice and desperate to prove how obedient I am for her so that she takes me to her playroom.
    I curl up on my right side as instructed so happy to obey Mistress Mia’s commands, I listen to her voice and simply obey her words happy and grateful to have her voice envelop my mind and completely take over my mind and body.
    Deeper and deeper we go down and down we go, I am filled with desire to drift along almost like a balloon on a string bobbing along a weightless pet on a lead as Mistress Mia takes me to her dark enticing playroom. I hear Mistress Mia’s question ‘who do you obey boy?’ my mind is filled with the answer ‘Mia’.
    Deliciously counted down as I crawl into my proper place. I feel so incredibly good and comfortable curled up upon the mat in Mistress Mia’s playroom, grateful to be a shackled and helpless pet at her feet, knowing that this is where I belong and desire to be.
    No more spoilers, I will say that the mindscape imagery in this session and feelings that run through me are so delicious and exquisitely sensual, sexy and arousing.

    Mistress asks, ‘who do you obey?’ pet responds ‘Mia’, this is all that exists, my universe is Mistress Mia, my purpose is obedient servitude for my Mistress to play with and control as she pleases.

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