Length: 28:52
Voice:Mistress Mia

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4 reviews for Word Games

  1. 864

    This is a very sexy tape.
    It starts out as a casual conversation and gradually gets sexier and sexier.
    Thank you for this tape.

  2. jackolypse

    This one has everything I love about this experience (so far)–pussy worship which is super hot, Mia’s sexy moans are so arousing, and cumming on command, also super hot. Mistress Mia makes me so horny, and this one has me over the moon.

  3. Orella

    What a delicious session this is, very sexy and arousing in every detail and to pleasure Mistress Mia to orgasm with my tongue whilst stroking away and then instructed to release by my Mistress. Oh such a privilege to serve, pleasure and in turn be permitted so much pleasure.

  4. Abe

    Mia´s playground is always full of fun games and surprises. Games that she loves playing on us, with us for her pleasure just as it should be. This one here might be the ultimate mind game she could possibly play with you. The more time you have being under the influence of her words and her voice, the more fun this game will be. If you often hear her own voice in your thoughts, she will give you a command in your mind that will grant you the ultime prize. This is pure bliss to the next level.

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