Length: 19:53
Voice: Mistress Mia

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  1. Bad Boy Braxton


    “Yes Ma’am” is a simple, but very powerful phrase. I must admit that for the past 5 or so years, I have looked for opportunities to reply with “Yes Ma’am” when addressing Mistress Mia, and the ladies of The HypnoMistress. It’s a classic sign of respect, and one that has always made me feel very proud for being so respectful to the ladies. It has truly become an instinctive response whenever I have the privilege to respond to the ladies of THM.

    Great work Mia.

  2. Orella

    Yes Ma’am is the title and the answer to Mistress Mia’s questions is without any doubt or hesitation ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    I love listening to this session very much.

    The cover art is beautiful.

    For as long as I can remember I have had a deep desire to find the perfect dominant woman to submit to. A Goddess to worship. A Queen to serve, obey and please.
    Decades ago, I lost all hope of finding such a perfect Mistress. Then by chance I had the good fortune to encounter Mistress Mia and suddenly I found a bright irresistible centre and purpose to my universe.

    This session encapsulates my deepest desires to submit, serve, obey and please. I loved responding Yes Ma’am again and again to everything Mistress Mia said.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this short session that so perfectly enshrines my desire to submit and how wonderful it is to submit to you Mistress.

  3. 242

    Who knew that just agreeing and saying yes to someone could be so much fun. Or could be so sexy. So arousing. And, in fact, make you so happy.

    Well…Maybe it should not come as any surprise when that someone is Mistress Mia. I can’t even put into words how much I love the games that Mistress Mia plays with our minds. All the ways she gets us to comply. To submit. To agree with anything she says. Anything at all.

    Her voice really makes all the trouble in the world just go away. It’s almost like I become someone else entirely when she takes me into trance. When she makes me hers. When she owns me…for a time. My fears and concerns just vanish and I am so free, so happy, so one with her will, her desires, her energy. So brim full of Mia. It is miraculous. It is so wonderful. I am smiling all over and getting horny just thinking about it.

    I like to think that this “entirely different person” is the real me. The core of who I really am. So, yes, agreeing with Mia makes me happy. Agreeing with anything she says. Believing anything she says. Feeling her words as my one inner truth. Her voice as my one inner guide. The voice that allows me to be one with myself. The voice of the one that I trust. And obey. And love.

    Thank you so much, Mia, for letting me be your sub and for letting me experience the bliss of agreeing and replying with “Yes Ma’am”.

  4. 988

    I feel like there’s a secret series that if you’re synchronized with her bigger picture and vision it has a stronger effect on you. This is the coolest experience you’ll ever experience if it works right.

    I like how she’s so professional and the vibe is not weird or aggressive, it’s very safe. But disclaimer if you’re pick’n up what she’s put’n down…. she’s very powerful. She will have you.

    A quick and fun time, doesn’t take an hour or anything like that. Unless…

  5. Abe

    Yes Ma’am becomes a natural response to other sessions you may listen to afterwards. This session is mostly about questions Mia seductively asks that we silently say Yes Ma’am to and event though it’s short, it sure does it’s purpose on us. Even after hearing after a few others and I’m tending my duties of the day, I end up chanting Yes, Ma’am, feeling amazing.

  6. mulder00

    At first glance, I was a bit concerned about the session’s length, as I usually like files around 30 min or so…but.

    No worries, Mia’s powerful, sensual voice had me in trance and in her control in a mere few minutes.

    This file packs a huge punch and when I played it before another session, I felt myself saying “Yes, Ma’am” to every question Mia posed as well.

    I think I will also try looping this file before bed to see its effects.

    This is an amazing stand-alone file and depending how conditioned you already are to Mia’s voice and control, you can, in my opinion, use it couple with some of her other wonderful files or try looping it for even more submission!

  7. Michael F.

    This is maybe the most powerful short hypnosis file I have ever listened to. I’ve never felt more like a robot than when I was just repeatedly saying “Yes Ma’am”. Really it felt like someone else saying it, a robot, or a perfectly programmed boy, while Mia’s voice when deeper into me than my own. It felt so good to just obey and respond “Yes Ma’am” to whatever Mia wanted…

    -170 ARA

  8. Kaii

    After listening to this file, I feel the growing need and desire to submit to Dominant Women intensify. Every suggestion from Mistress Mia really felt as if it is my decision and will.

    I’m kinda feeling nervous on what kind of fetishes I might brainwashed to accept by Mistress Mia and Mistress Dominique at Femdom Court.

    Nevertheless, It is a privileged to be a submissive toy for Mistress Mia and Mistress Dominique. Being told what to do like a helpless plaything is more pleasureful than rubbing my own penis >.<

    Mistress Dominique's SubBoy,
    -557 ARA

  9. lorenzo

    The more recent files including this one have brought me in a very dangerous state, especially with a certaint event now ongoing… the state which I’m referring to is: agreeing, accepting and obeying with everything Mia says. And I do mean Everyting. With all the training files, the brainwashing and this file on top of it. It just feels like whatever kink Mia has me do. The answer would simply be: Yes Ma’am

  10. Nick

    This file expertly stacks and drives in deeper the previous conditioning of ‘Puppy Relax’, ‘Accepting Pleasure’, and ‘Progression’.
    It is a very pleasurable experience, and is excellent to loop or tie in with other files for a more enhanced effect.
    Thank you do very much Mistress Mia
    996 ARA

  11. mattintrance

    There are just so many words. They clog up my mind sometimes. Which ones to say, which ones to hold back, which ones to avoid completely, and at all costs. So Mistress Mia has done a wonderful thing to me, to clear out all that clutter, all the annoying noise and useless chatter, and put my focus directly where it always belongs. Even now, there are only two words running on a loop in my mind. An answer I give reflexively, without even worrying about the question. After all, it really is best to just let Mistress sort through those other words. That way, I can just relax, fall deep for Her (yes Ma’am. I obey), while dreaming of the beautiful picture of Mistress that accompanies this file. I can just comply, stunned and captivated by Her mesmerizing elegance and power, craving Her irresistible voice so much. I can just leave it to Her to place all those other pesky words right where they belong. Stacked up and arranged exactly how She wants them in my mind. This is really for the best. Life is so much easier this way.
    142 ARA

  12. vanHolly

    This has to be accepted, thank you Mistress Mia. “yes mam” closes the circle with Mam Alexandra. I must confess I do miss her a lot. Through these session series with all the well chosen thrilling fotos mind melting is guaranteed.

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