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Throughout this file you will be asked a series of very simple questions. By the end, you will be responding on autopilot. Your body will be numb, frozen in place, and your body will be Mia’s to play with. As the floods rush towards the dam, are you controlled enough to resist the dam from flooding over?

Length: 40:46
Voice: Mia
Script: Mia

Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced

Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

2 reviews for YES Mia

  1. Michael

    I listened to Scent of Desire on Youtube the other day, which was great, and started pulling me into Mia’s words, and world. I couldn’t resist checking out Mia’s files, and I saw this, a tease and denial / control session, which is right up my alley.

    And good god, I am immediately addicted. Such a lovely voice, and she took such a quick and firm control of my mind. Also very firm in exercising that control, making very clear that I was to obey her, and listen only to her words, and that obedience to her is pleasure. And yes, yes it is. Though of course I couldn’t then stop with this file…

    Highly recommended.

  2. Miaslave

    I listen to these file and even after I feel what Mistress Mia told me to feel. When I listen I have no other chance than to obey Mistress Mia. It’s awesome to give all controll over my mind and body Mistress Mia. Thank you Mistress Mia.

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