Length: 40:46
Voice: Mi

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5 reviews for YES Mia

  1. mattintrance

    Mia—sweet, wicked, sexy Mia. This session is such a beautiful experience. It’s technically brilliant, incredibly arousing, and carefully constructed with one intention: Mistress’s pleasure. It made me an object—rendered totally helpless by Her irresistible voice, but without making me feel even a hint of humiliation. Instead, I was a happy, willing, and appreciated toy. An amazing feeling for me, and a rare, remarkable accomplishment for any hypnotist.

    Her technique is layered, and used to maximum effect. She initially takes us down with slow, deep breathing (something that I can find tedious as an induction method,—in lesser hands), but in a unique manner that made it so much more erotic. Instead of leading us mechanically through breath, after breath, after breath, Mia gives us wonderful, impactful suggestions in between. Before long, Mistress had me deeply and totally hypnotized. Also, the triggers implanted are amazing, compelling us to speak aloud our agreement, and ultimately our total surrender, to Her intentions; while going deeper every time.

    And what She does to us next almost defies description. She weaves an incredibly deep and nuanced spell, using the sweet poison of Her words, and installs additional triggers for specific feelings. Once drugged and helplessly paralyzed, She uses us in ways that have to be experienced to be believed. And She leaves us hooked. Ready, willing and eager to return for more.

  2. Andi_S

    This session has been one of the most satisfying and most arousing experiences I have ever had in trance. I loved the feeling of having my breathing directed by Mistress Mia, being immobilized, and being directed to answer all these hot questions with yes. And the tease and denial made me reach such an incredible peak of arousal…a mere orgasm fails in comparison to be honest. I think you shouldn’t deny yourselves of this pleasure and try out this incredible session.

  3. Orella

    A wonderful interactive journey into submission, Yes Mia is the only response you can give or would want to give to Mistress Mia’s questions.

  4. Miaslave

    I listen to these file and even after I feel what Mistress Mia told me to feel. When I listen I have no other chance than to obey Mistress Mia. It’s awesome to give all controll over my mind and body Mistress Mia. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  5. Michael

    I listened to Scent of Desire on Youtube the other day, which was great, and started pulling me into Mia’s words, and world. I couldn’t resist checking out Mia’s files, and I saw this, a tease and denial / control session, which is right up my alley.

    And good god, I am immediately addicted. Such a lovely voice, and she took such a quick and firm control of my mind. Also very firm in exercising that control, making very clear that I was to obey her, and listen only to her words, and that obedience to her is pleasure. And yes, yes it is. Though of course I couldn’t then stop with this file…

    Highly recommended.

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Teaser video for this session available on TheHypnoMistress Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP_e_bhdVGA