Length: 19:38

Voice: Scarlet

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4 reviews for You Cum Second

  1. Orella

    The title of this session says it all. If I get to cum at all it will always be second and only once my Mistress is fully satisfied.
    This session has lots of sexy whispering from Mistress Scarlets sexy sensual voice, I am so eager to be her prey as she tells me that I will be taken to the edge over and over until I am unable to string a coherent sentence together as my mind will be so deeply lost in lust and arousal.
    Mistress Scarlet takes me down into trance deeper and deeper as I become lost in her words and the sound of her sensual voice so eager to obey any suggestion or instruction that she gives me.
    I am lost in a sea of arousal and pleasure instructed by Mistress Scarlet to edge over and over as I listen to her increasing moans of pleasure as she builds to an intense orgasm, one rule though is I must not cum. This is all about Mistress Scarlet’s pleasure and the pleasure of women, I am being educated and conditioned that my priority is always to ensure the pleasure of women and that their orgasm and pleasure comes first.

  2. Lordepicure

    It’s been a long time that i search that deep state of mind !
    Absolutely blissful !
    Mindless, helpless and proud to be obedient.
    My mind has turned into mush.
    Women cum first
    My wife cums first
    I will do anything women ask of me to bring them pleasure.
    Thank you Mistress scarlet for Enhance and improve my behavior towards women.
    I love your teaching, i will follow your lead to become the perfect fucktoy deeply devoted to woman’s pleasure.

  3. Martin

    I can never quite remember what Scarlet does in this session, just that when she pulls me back up out of trance that I’m overwhelmed with feeling, with pleasure. Overcome with adoration for Her, for having such a sweet, sensual woman in my life. I am but an instrument for her pleasure and she performs as a true virtuoso. Taking what she wants, playfully teasing right to the gates of heaven. Highly recommended.

  4. Peter

    There is no question who’s in charge here. Your mistress or SO always comes first. Mistress Scarlet uses all of her skills to train you to be a better man. She teases you right to the edge….. and then….. the sweet torture of denial. Oh, what a fantastic treat. I think I have to listen once again right now…..

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