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Part 1 – 16:25

Part 2 – 28:07

Part 3 – 31:37

Voices:Mistress Mia & Caroline

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4 reviews for Ysabelle – The Complete Series

  1. 731

    Ysabelle, the thought alone to return to the session excites me. I remember listening to it for the first time, even while some of the kinks were not of my interest, but this session changed that. It’s a very hot session, where there is no choice to just surrender and obey.

    Ass Play, Pegging, Humiliation, Punishment. They all may sound intimidating, but narated by Mistress Mia you know that you are at the right place.

    I mean… Her pleasure must be your pleasure… Right?


  2. Braxton

    Ysabelle 1

    Intimate. Classic. Femdom.

    This short, and sweet tale is straight to the point. You’ll receive the royal treatment, all you have to do is follow 3 simple rules. Although initially, there is some confusion on where you are exactly, you are shown a wonderful time by a very sexy dominant woman. This must be too good to be true. There must be a catch eventually right?

    Ysabelle 2

    Intimate. Sexy. Erotic.
    The sequel turns up the heat! You have once again found your way back into Ysabelle’s ‘Love Palace’. Greeted this time by a very peculiar lady, Mistress Caroline. She reiterates the rules to you, and has a little fun with you in this intimate dungeon scene. She has 3 stages setup for you to attempt to conquer. Will you last all 3 stages? What could possibly await you at the end?

    Ysabelle 3

    Intense. Humiliating. Funishment.
    There’s no escape for you. You’ve found yourself in a world of trouble! You’ve not only managed to piss off one sexy dominant woman, but two! You will be punished for displeasing your mistresses. Bound, and gagged, you are helpless, and at there mercy. Brace for impact! Whips, chains, and gags oh my!

    Mia, I thoroughly enjoyed Ysabelle. Her love palace is a classic BDSM dungeon designed for pleasure, and pain. She spoke to the sadist in me. I enjoyed the dichotomy of Mistress Mia vs Ysabelle.

    Very nice series Mia.

  3. Orella

    This series took me on a wonderfully detailed journey into Ysabelle and her girls love palace and dungeon of pleasure and if you are bad pain.

  4. Abe

    I don’t think I ever cried as much for a simple mistake as I did here. The mistake of not accepting myself for how I truly am, or the mistake of having to wait for this long to realize it. The mistake of not accepting just how much I’ve longed to be dominated by strong, powerful and beautiful women such as these. I’ve made these and many mistakes in my life, but a good session of discipline whipping and sweet torture definetely did the work to rethink about my actions, and now I find myself feeling happy and fulfilled. This is truly a masterpiece of a series by Mia, from the very first one to the final installment, Ysabelle and Mia are truly 1 in 2 but so different from one another at the same time.

    This is the Dark Side of The Underground, only those worthy and with courage can stand up and talk about it, This is no longer a secret, its gets real, grab napkins becuase there will be lots of tears and plenty of cum to give…

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