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Length: 12:14 (Foreplay) 32:41 (Zero Thoughts) 30:15 (Zero Mind) 38:42 (Zero Self)
Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for ZERO – Complete Series

  1. Cron4881

    Zero self develops deep trust and an intimate connection with Mia as the two of you become as one. The invaluable gift of the “Nothing” costs you nothing but the time to listen and to relax. The Zero series is the ultimate in experiencing a deep trance.

    Giving up my thoughts, my mind and myself has become a soulful experience for me. As Zero, there is a total disconnect from all of my thoughts, time, location, and identity; none of these are important as I become “Nothing”.

    I highly recommend submitting to this series.

  2. Orella

    There are not enough stars to do this series justice, many times 5 stars over.

    Zero Thoughts:
    Mistress Mia took me on a beautiful journey where I could let go of all of my thoughts and enter a blank empty state where I was nothing and only Mistress Mia’s voice existed. I felt so relaxed after the session and slept so very deeply.
    There are not really adequate words, this is a session that you need to experience directly.

    Zero Mind:
    A lovely next step in the journey to simply being zero, mind blank in bliss with Mistress Mia’s voice being the only light in the darkness, I have a vague recollection of repeating words as instructed but they happened in slow motion like trying to move quickly through deep water.
    The session was followed by deep restful sleep and I awoke the next morning feeling happy and deeply calm with such deep feelings of devotion to and love for Mistress Mia.

    Zero Self:
    I recall the start of the session, I felt safe and happy to give myself over completely to Mistress Mia, to release all control to my Mistress whom I trust completely. My desire to let go comes from very deep within my core self, to experience trance deeper and deeper and journey into the depths of nothingness has such a strong appeal.
    Listening to Mistress Mia’s voice is so blissful as I float into trance everything fading away except Mistress Mia’s voice. Thoughts breaking down and disappearing from my minds grasp, becoming more and more ephemeral the harder I try to reach them the further away and more of a fading wisp they become.
    I have no idea how to describe the journey into this infinitely deep trance toward a state of absolute nothingness, no matter how hard I try to recall the journey experienced within the session or any feelings that I may have experienced I simply cannot locate them within my mind, it is like a feeling that there is something there that is just out of reach of my awareness.
    After the session I slept so very deeply, dreamless deep sleep where there is nothing and I awoke so very calm, relaxed and happy the following morning.
    This is a session to revisit again and again, will I ever be able to recall anything of the session or will I simply go deeper and deeper into the infinitely deep trance and absolute nothingness.

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