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Voice:Mistress Mia

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  1. mattintrance

    This session was something of a revelation. When I initially read the descriptions for the three sessions in this series, it wasn’t immediately clear to me how one would tie to the next. To anyone questioning (as I did) whether there’s a difference between having zero thoughts, and having a zero mind, I can now say that they are considerably different. As a very analytical person, I have always responded well to confusion inductions, and Mistress Mia has constructed a brilliant one in this file. The confusion isn’t based on rambling statements, internal contradictions, or pattern interruptions, as confusion inductions often are. Instead, Mistress takes your hand and guides you to trance through a careful, reasoned conversation, taking you down bit by bit, never quite knowing when or how you’ll ultimately fall. It wasn’t too long before my mind was fully in Mistress’s gentle clutches, and then she proceeded to wipe by brain clean in a way I had never imagined. It’s beautiful, and Mistress’s intelligence, empathy, and compassion shine brightly throughout. Thank You, Mistress, for doing this to me.


  2. pye

    I listen to this session several times before writing this review.
    I can truly say that this is a super powerful recording and perfect as a starter before listening to other HM recordings.
    It is such a beautiful thing to have the freedom of letting go and surrender to the Goddess. One can really feel
    the kindness Mia oozes. To be zero and let Mia control my mind is the most wonderful sensation, I had these amazing kundalini rises where my
    body floats up. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  3. Beast

    Another amazing session from my owner, Mistress Mia. She clears out the mind so easily, sweeping away your thoughts as She takes you deeper, and deeper. Her voice wrapping around your mind, making it, and i, even moreso Hers.
    This was a fantastic session, as well as addition to Mistress Mia’s collection.
    If your wanting to submit further, allow Mistress Mia to take what is Hers, further, deeper, than you have before.
    i have the most wonderful Mistress. Plug in, let go, and see for yourself. Your in for a wild ride.
    Thank You as always Mistress.
    Your beast.

  4. Andi_S

    I watched a video by Eckart Tolle the other day where he asked a young student of his what the “I” the student had referred to is. Is the “I” a sum of experiences, a narrative, does it change over time, or is the “I” an unchanging constant? Of course I am a different person at the age of 60 than when I was 20 but is there an “I” that stayed the same throughout all that time?

    What if your favorite hypnotist Mistress Mia took you into a trance so deep and so mindless that you reached a point that could legitimately be called zero? What is left when you think nothing and feel nothing? Is there a “you” that operates separate from thought and feeling? Or are you just nothing? A blank slate? An empty canvas for your Mistress to paint in whatever colors she pleases? Can she take you to a point where you are essentially nothing and then rebuild you into whatever she sees fit?

    Well, I don’t know the answers but here is something I know. Ever since my childhood I suffered from a condition called toxic shame. I’m not going to go on about it here but let me tell you it can be quite a crippling and limiting influence in your life. It was through this session right here, Zero Mind by Mia Croft and being taken to that point of zero that I first experienced how it feels to be free of that shame. And it translated into real life. I suddenly experienced long stretches where I was able to interact with people in a completely new way, showing much more emotion than I used to and also feeling a lot less shame. After listening to the session many times I must admit that I am not exactly sure anymore how it works anymore but I know that this session made this possible.

    There is a space inside you. As Shakara wrote in his review, a space of emptiness. Being led into that space by your Mistress is a very special experience. Personally I felt that there is a source of unbound happiness within me, an inner light. I am so grateful to Mistress Mia for granting me access.

    Maybe it will feel completely different for you. Perhaps none of us really know what happens in this session, we just come up with different rationalizations. But what I absolutely sure of is that if you listen to this session repeatedly, you will feel a stronger bond with Mistress Mia than ever before and if that isn’t reason enough to get this session, I don’t know what is. So what are you waiting for? πŸ˜‰

  5. Miaslave

    I do not listen to the session zero thoughts, but these session work so good. I feel so much more submissive to you Mistress Mia. It brings to a new lvl of deepness and obiennce. it is a great feeling and can’t get enough of it. thank you Mistress Mia for these file

  6. hvbarata

    Zero Thoughts was the session that brought me closer to Mistress Mia, so I have to confess that this was a highly anticipated session for me.
    I’ve been part of the hypnofetish community for most of my adult life, but never achieve the depth of trance that Zero Thoughts and Zero Mind have lead me to.
    Zero Mind has been everything I’ve been craving for the last 20 years and more, so much more.
    The ability, the rush of just letting all go, and the bliss that follow it is just so great but at the same time so difficult to put into words.
    If you are a long-time boy of Mistress Mia, or even if you just started to discover the bliss of our Mistress’s voice, the Zero Series is definitely a must-have.

  7. Danny

    My fourth attempt to write a public review for this.
    I’ve listened to this every day since release, often twice, sometimes thrice and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Mistress Mia has in store for you.
    There is no memory, only emotions that run incredibly deep and are subject to ongoing changes. Every listen alters who you are, what you feel, the quality of importance of certain things. How you perceive yourself, how you perceive Mistress, who controls what you perceive and what you are or rather what Mistress wants you to be. You can’t really think about it because emotions have no structure but nontheless your mind follows a certain path. It is somehow imprinted and leads you to only one possible outcome. How far this path will lead and what intense experience lies ahead is hard to predict but the air is whispering Mia and it carries a premonition that leaves you trembling. The trance carries over into your life because those emotions stick to you longer and longer after waking up, they warm you, give you courage, put you in your place, bring you joy, weaken your knees, make you a part of Mistress Mia, and her a part of you. Her presence is ever growing and I still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to discover her world and it’s gravity. I am always so gratetful. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  8. Mistress Mia’s Slave

    After listening to this file, I feel so more open to my Mistress Mia’s influence and control now. My mind feels more fulfilled now after listening to this file. My Mistress Mia’s thoughts and words help paint a better picture as to where I belong. Knowing that my Mistress Mia is my mind mistress, this file managed to create a much stronger bond together and I can’t imagine anything better than that. The feeling of being zero helps me absorb my Mistress Mia’s words on a much deeper level.

  9. Shakara

    After learning how your thoughts influences your mood with ‘Zero Thoughts’, Mistress Mia and you explore the next level of trance.

    Since some months it is often hard for me to explain what happened after I am coming back out of trance. There are sometimes only fragments left. Fragments of thoughts, memories, but not feelings. However, even those feelings are hard to describe. Maybe I haven’t felt them before, or they are a colorful mix of different feelings.
    One thing is for sure. The connection between the hypnotist and her client grows. It grows tremendously and deepens in a way outside of normal human interaction.
    At the start of your hypnotic journey, may it be with ‘Zero Thoughts’ and ‘Zero Mind’ or other session, you only hear the voice. You may think about what could happen, maybe even forcing results, sometimes with but mostly without success.
    After a while you might give up, or you accept that forcing something will not bring you one step further, if you do so, you let go for the first time.

    I am writing this review after I listened to ‘Zero Mind’ only once.
    It was on a cold Sunday morning and I didn’t want to leave my warm bed. So I decided ‘Zero Mind’ it is. It is the session I want to begin my day with.
    I listened to ‘Zero Thoughts’ before and I experience multiple times how thoughts and mood are working hand in hand.
    With no expectation I began to listen and even before Mia began to speak about going into trance I had already entered a slight one. Was it her calm voice? The way he speaks to your mind? The kind of words she uses? Does it matter?
    You follow her, or does she follow you into trance? Who cares.
    Your Mind Mistress and you will enter a realm where both of you want to be. A state without worries. A state of emptiness. A world between reality and dreams. A word, where you not longer listen to your mind and thoughts, no you begin to listen to something else. You begin to listen to your true self.
    I must say, that this was quite new for me. What I felt in that place was … some people would call it magic. It was a truely wonderful place. And I am thankful that Mistress Mia mastered my mind so easily. That we both went on this journey.

  10. Orella

    A lovely next step in the journey to simply being zero, mind blank in bliss with Mistress Mia’s voice being the only light in the darkness, I have a vague recollection of repeating words as instructed but they happened in slow motion like trying to move quickly through deep water.
    The session was followed by deep restful sleep and I awoke the next morning feeling happy and deeply clam with such deep feelings of devotion to and love for Mistress Mia.

  11. Abe

    For me, arousal and bliss are feelings that my body and often my mind experience whenever I feel that urge for release. It.’s a wonderful sensation that feels good and satisfying. Just as my desires, they tend to change every once in a while. I’m not always a horny mindless boy, but what I am always, is a mindless puppet with a blank and empty mind ready for my Mistress to control it, and that lasts and lasts unlike any physical pleasure. In that state of emptiness, I become what Mia wants me to become, her thoughts are my reality, my desires and yes, my arousal as well. In Zero Thoughts, I remember going into a trance that lasted like endless time. The awakening was fulfilling, intense and inspiring, and being able to carry those feelings in my mind and body for a time I can’t not explain truly means something. The power of Mia’s voice, how much influence it has over me, I want nothing more than to surrender to these feelings because they last, dare I say it, even forever. To hear Mia’s thoughts in my mind through her voice is something each of us should experience.

    Trusting your Mistress is easy and safe, fulfilling and arousing, and all these together in and out of trance is truly out of this world, but when we face the challenges of life, our dreams, we have our Mind Mistress willing to enter our minds for our own beneficial growth and understanding of our own selves. This is everything I ever wanted and need, but this are not my thoughts, or my words, it is not me who wants these benefits that I’m speaking of, but Mia, our Mind Mistress…

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4 years 1 month ago

I can’t edit my review. There is a sentence that makes it sound like I am 60 years old. I am not. I am 36. I just wanted to make that clear. πŸ˜‰

Bob D
4 years 1 month ago

@Andi_S It doesn’t matter whether you’re 36 or 60, still a great review . Thanks ..and what’s so wrong with being 60 anyway – the mind is ageless.

4 years 1 month ago

Nothing wrong with it. But I told Mistress Mia the other day that I was 36 and I didn’t want her to think I told her a wrong age. That’s all. πŸ˜‰

And thanks for the comment on my review. πŸ™‚

4 years 6 months ago

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4 years 6 months ago

You have to create an account, Taigh.

4 years 6 months ago

This is going to be another amazing session with our Mistress taking us deeper and unlocking more secrets and helping us explore the inner depths of our minds with her. I can not wait for this to become available on the VIP

4 years 6 months ago

And here, the thought of that gramophone has all but emptied the skullcap. Mind wash on spin cycle perhaps? Looking forward to, once again, surrendering to such secrets.

4 years 6 months ago

Hey Lagaz. How do you get your Avatar to show here in the Discussions – do you remember what you did?

4 years 6 months ago

Modify your avatar account with the email you use here. It should show up