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Voice:Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Zero Self

  1. mattintrance

    Dear, dear Mistress—Your voice completely enveloped me in this session. I have no recollection at all of the middle part of this session. I remember Your lovely voice guiding me down for several minutes, and then bringing me back in the last few. In between, I was totally blank. It ‘s so soothing, and I awoke with such wonderful feelings of submission and surrender. Thank You so much for doing this to me. 142 is all Yours.

  2. Curiously Curious

    Mistress Mia has taken me on a wild and wonderful journey into my own mind over the last 3 years, and I am so fortunate to have such an incredible guide. But on any journey, it is good to stop and reflect on where you have been, and as I wait patiently for the upcoming Seven Veils, I have been revisiting some of the fantastic places that Mistress has taken me.
    What I really love about THM is the pure love of hypnotizing and enslaving submissive males, and as such a submissive, I have an equal love of being hypnotised and enslaved.
    This session is an incredible example of how skillfully Mistress Mia takes willing minds and makes life-changing and life-affirming changes.
    Her sultry voice has unrestricted access to my mind, which just submits in helpless bliss before the onslaught of Mia’s hypnosis.
    No matter where Mistress takes me, I will always come back to the sessions which she does with such perfection, where I am hypnotised and brainwashed to her pleasing, once under her spell, where she takes me is of no concern to me, I just need to float in the heaven she creates, true submissive bliss.
    Revisiting the past has only made me more desperate for the future.
    Mistress Mia, you are truly the Mistress of my mind, you take me deeper each time. This session helped me to fall at your feet and I hope you will never lose your love of this pure and unadulterated style of hypnotic domination.

  3. Curiously Curious

    It is difficult to describe emotion in mere words, and this session for me is about feelings more than anything. The depth of trance that this session drops me into, lets me experience a distorted sense of time, I drift in and out of the centre of Mistress Mia’s hypnotic whirlpool, spiralling deeper and deeper into trance, remembering bits of the session, then forgetting more of the trance. Sometimes no recollection at all, just the start and the end. I feel myself split in two, becoming a spectator as Mistress guides me to accept my deep need to submit to her glorious, dominant power, to fall at her gorgeous, sexy feet.

    This session is an example of the true erotic possibilities of being hypnotised by a gorgeous, sultry, dominant woman, just the trance itself is incredibly sexy and arousing. The feeling of losing control to the angelic voice in my ears is sublime. The level of trust, submission and love I feel for my Mind Mistress, Mia, as her delicious voice circumvents any defences that exist in my mind, allows me to experience a depth of trance that is deeper than I would ever have hoped to experience.

    Even as I type this long overdue review, I feel the effects of her control. I can remember the trance, the experience, the feelings; but they remain forever just out of reach of my ability to remember them clearly enough to write them down. This wonderful, trancey feeling is further proof for me of the incredible skill of Mistress and a practitioner of her art. At the same time, to remember everything and remember nothing, a joyous thing for a trance junkie like myself.

    When I experience the divine, floaty, bliss of total submission and surrender to Mistress Mia, as I become Zero, I fill with the pride of being so fiercely submissive to Mistress. It feels like being welcomed home after being lost for a long time.

    Of all the sessions from THM that I have been so fortunate to listen to , this is my go-to session, stripping things back to the pure basics of an incredible, sexy, dominant hypnotist who takes my mind and moulds it to her whims. It is the culmination of the Zero series of trances, it stands as a testament to true power and the unquestionable skill of Mistress as a manipulator of minds.

    Subspace, bliss, arousal, pleasure, FemDom hypnosis at its purest and at its finest.

    Mistress Mia, I wish I had the words and the means to thank you for the bliss that this session brings to my life.

  4. Robert Clark


  5. Abe

    How was I able to feel pleasure, bliss, relaxation, happiness and calmness from upsolutely nothing? When my mind is empty, I have no thoughts and being completely free from any thought is a wonderful experience I am a true believer of that. This session, the entire series is all about us, our journey into the wonderful world Mistress provides in her realm when we become Zero. It took me almost 2 years to understand how I experience trance while in this state, being totally lost in her world of voice, living for a short period of time, in a web and being trapped and being used however way, only to be brought back into my world in a much better way, a way that is truly satisfying. I can go on and on with my discoveries, I’m sure we all can recall a time when we felt completely lost in Zero. For me, this will never end even if there’s a number 3 that makes it end. For me, Zero never ends, and never begins… it’s just there, always has been

  6. Orella

    Ever since listening to Zero Thoughts and then Zero Mind I have been awaiting this session, the concluding part of a wonderful series, with great anticipation.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is sensational, the words and their expert delivery trigger an instant drift into a mild trance, my mind drifting over the feelings that come from the words falling from the beautiful lips of Goddess Mia. I am drawn into a deep desire to become lost in her voice and find the nothingness that is dangling tantalisingly within the thoughts being woven in my mind by Mistress Mia, whom I trust completely to take control and guide me. You simply have to experience this foreplay introduction for yourself.

    I recall the start of the session, I felt safe and happy to give myself over completely to Mistress Mia, to release all control to my Mistress whom I trust completely. My desire to let go comes from very deep within my core self, to experience trance deeper and deeper and journey into the depths of nothingness has such a strong appeal.
    Listening to Mistress Mia’s voice is so blissful as I float into trance everything fading away except Mistress Mia’s voice. Thoughts breaking down and disappearing from my minds grasp, becoming more and more ephemeral the harder I try to reach them the further away and more of a fading wisp they become.
    I have no idea how to describe the journey into this infinitely deep trance toward a state of absolute nothingness, no matter how hard I try to recall the journey experienced within the session or any feelings that I may have experienced I simply cannot locate them within my mind, it is like a feeling that there is something there that is just out of reach of my awareness.
    After the session I slept so very deeply, dreamless deep sleep where there is nothing and I awoke so very calm, relaxed and happy the following morning.
    This is a session to revisit again and again, will I ever be able to recall anything of the session or will I simply go deeper and deeper into the infinitely deep trance and absolute nothingness.

  7. Andi_S

    How do you review a session you barely remember anything about? Maybe I shouldn’t but I’d still like to document my initial reaction.

    I listened to the session twice now. The first time was the version with Mia’s foreplay and I would definitely recommend this version because her pre-talk actually took me down into a pretty deep trance before the actual session even started.

    When I listen to a session for the first time I usually have a pretty good recollection of what it is about. Of course my conscious mind is curious and wants to know what Mistress Mia has to say, so I listen very intently. Suggestions of remembering to forget and the kind tend to work over a period of time. But this time…I literally remembered zero. The only phrase I remembered from the whole session is repeating the zero mantra. And I know I wasn’t asleep. I know I listened. I remember the sound of Mistress Mia’s voice, the rhythm and melody of her speech. And it still echoes in my mind. There is an imprint. Her voice has left its mark. I feel it.

    After the session ended I kept lying naked in my bed for several minutes, basking in the afterglow. Feeling so content and aroused. So fascinated and excited by this level of letting go. Mistress entered my mind so deeply. Her words penetrated my deepest layers. And I don’t even know what it is that she said. What she might change in there. It doesn’t worry me one single bit. Quite the contrary. This is exactly what I want. To be completely and utterly hers. To experience this freedom of letting go and sink my very being into the care and control of her voice. To experience and to be immersed in this gift of mindlessness. To feel this kind of harmony and deep trust that can only be experienced between a Mind Mistress and her Slave. This makes me so happy.

    I am excited to see what effects this session will have and whether I will remember more of it with continued listening.

    Thank you Mistress Mia for this incredible journey.

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