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ZERO Thoughts

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Length: 32:41
Voice: Mia

Copyright © 2019 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

4 reviews for ZERO Thoughts

  1. Taigh Dupp

    The first few times I tried Zero Thoughts, I found myself drifting off somewhere in the middle and regained awareness in a dreamy kind of way about three quarters of the way through the session.
    I assumed I’d been over tired at the times I’d listened so waited until a time when I was well rested before attempting the session again.
    But it kept happening to me. I’d start listening and then find myself about 20 minutes later lying there listening to Mia’s voice in a dreamy state, not really taking in what she was saying but just enjoying the way her voice made me feel.
    So again I attempted this session. I listened very alertly to Mia’s introduction, I noted there was a kind of challenge in there, like she was daring me to try to avoid loosing control by falling into her woven word spell. I tried very hard to rise to her challenge, to stay in the game. But each time the result was the same. Mia always wins. I always end up on the canvas, pinned under the weight if her trance, my mind led around in circles until it gives up in confusion, submitting to Mia’s intentions. Helpless, silent empty and drifting.
    I’m drawn back to this session, listening again and again. I know I’m no match for Mia’s mesmerising game – but I think I love losing the game more than anything. It feels so arousing to admit defeat and then just enjoy being pinned and to experience the closeness that surrender brings.

  2. Abe

    I´ve been listening to ZERO Thoughts for days and yet it catches me by surprise every single time. It seems to me that with every listen, a negative thought or feeling that I´ve carried with me vanishes and its replaced by newer thoughts and feelings that just makes me feel wonderful and happy. This is something that my mind and soul have been craving. In here, Mia gives you part of her time, for a limited time and invades your mind and empties it from evrything that defines you as a person. You´ll let go of everything; your name, your life, your thoughts, your emotions and installs positivity and reinforcement that we deserve as human beings. At the end, you’re left with NOTHING as beautiful as that. With every listen, this gets even stronger. NOTHING to keep my this mind in over drive, NOTHING to keep this mind worried, just a blank happy boy who is out there enjoying life, safe and happy trancing and a valueable time with his Mistress through this wonderful session. Can’t wait to listen to part 2!

  3. j35715

    I’ve been very depressed lately. And, as is often the case, the problem is ultimately one of overthinking things, of making a bad situation worse by letting my mind get lost in a thick fog of worries swirling around in my brain.

    I felt so deeply grateful after listening to Zero and have listened to it several more times since, each time to greater effect. It soothes my mind so much to enjoy moments of absolute stillness. I’ve never been in a deeper trance than this one. Each time as my thoughts gradually return to me, it is with regret that I bid my peaceful moments farewell.

    Mistress Mia has said that this is the first of a series. I await the next session with great anticipation.

    What I particularly liked about this session was the countdown into trance. The descriptions of each number evoked very clear images in my mind. My favorites were number 6 for Venus and Mia, the Goddesses of Love. I long to feel Mistress Mia totally and completely overwhelm my mind with her strong will and then for her mind to warmly embrace what is left of mine and nurture me, slowly raising my childlike mind until it becomes mature under her care, albeit with a more selfless, obedient, and pliable disposition.

    I can’t recommend this session enough.

    P.S. If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion that I’m sure that other servants have made, whether in this series or in another one, I long for Mistress Mia to implant PERMANENT triggers deep in my mind in a place that only she can reach. Triggers that would BECOME ACTIVATED DURING MY NORMAL DAY-TO-DAY LIFE, maybe whenever I hear a particular word or sound or smell a particular odor. In short, I would thoroughly enjoy it if, at random times throughout the day, my subconscious and Mistress Mia would conspire to totally and completely mute my inner dialogue and replace it with Mia’s strong, yet soothing voice – a voice that would remind me not to struggle against or feel humiliated about following the instructions of my female supervisors because it is an admirable trait for a man to become amiable, obedient, and pliable when in the presence of a strong, smart woman.

  4. Shakara

    The first time Mistress Mia spoke about this session I was not sure if I would enjoy this session.
    As I first listened to the session, I did not went through.
    Now 1.5 month after release, I tried again. Why? Why don’t you ask my subconscious? I would say my subconscious told me that I am ready for this session now.
    Since a couple of days, I listen to this session on a daily basis. Like other boys said, you want to understand how it works, but each time you fall in trance. You lose your train of thoughts, but you do not regret it. You begin to smile. You enjoy the feelings which come to surface.
    And to make things clear, you will come back, because you want to know what happened.

    One last word. Never give up trying and by trying I mean, submit, let go and enjoy.

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10 days 20 hours ago

This session is intriguing. I keep finding myself zoning out in the middle of it. Ive tried several time s to stay alert and find the point in the session where Mia gets the better of me. But every time I try I fail. I don’t know what she does, or when she does it – but there is some trick or phrase or something in there which gets me every time. I know its coming but I cant stop it. Its so confusing.

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