Length: 23:46

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Tabula Rasa

  1. Andi_S

    This is a session about letting go or holding on to the baggage from your past. Pain, loss, trauma, etc. These things may weigh on us, keep us anchored in the past and make it that much more difficult to live up to our potential and enjoy life to the fullest. But these experiences have also helped shape us into who we are. If you had the chance would you let go of these experiences and be free of possible negative imprints or would you hold on to them because the lessons you learned from them are important to you?

    In this session Mistress Mia takes you into a beautiful state of trance where she removes the positive and negative experiences and emotions and puts them into boxes one by one until you feel like a blank slate. Personally I love this feeling of emptiness and nothingness. She puts the positive ones back into you. For each negative experience, she gives you an option to either take it back or let her keep it safe store it for you should you want to have it back at a later point.

    Now, you might ask, it is possible to really be rid of negative memories like that? My personal opinion is that they will not simply disappear. You will not listen to this session once and suddenly be free of a trauma or have forgotten about a painful loss you experienced. But Mistress Mia can guide you through an experience where you feel free and disconnected from these memories. This can be very powerful in itself. This can help you reconnect with the beauty that resides within you should that connection be impaired. With repeated listening your subconscious can learn that you are not identical with this negativity. That there is a dimension within you that is completely separate from it. And this can really loosen their grip over you. I used to identify with my shame for example. And it really lost a significant portion of its power over me just because I experienced this dimension within myself where I was free of it.

    One the one hand this session simply feels wonderful and relaxing to listen to. Being this blank slate and then being rebuilt and put back together by your Mistress is an incredible feeling. And it can over time also help you to be more free to live in the present instead of being weighed down by the past so much.

  2. Quiet Joe

    Mistress Mia has crafted a beautiful session for some deep and healing relaxation. I can really hit a state of true bliss-filled calm after this session. I just feel so peacefully at ease when I complete this session with Mistress Mia.

  3. Orella

    Such a lovely relaxing session where Mistress Mia helps me to let go of so many things, both physical and mental, enabling me to achieve a delicious blank calm state. Physical sensations and thoughts cease to have any effect on me anymore, Mistress Mia delves deeply into my memories and disconnects me from negative malignant ones that darken my soul, then safely cares for my pleasant memories as I deepen towards being totally blank adrift in timeless nothingness, freed from everything but Mistress Mia’s words guiding me to drift so free of everything for a while before rebuilding me and leaving me in such a positive state.

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